Infamous Tambora Volcano in Indonesie Rumbling Again – second-highest alert status!

Residents who have spent most of their lives living on the slopes of Indonesia’s infamous Mount Tambora volcano are unfazed by the rumblings they are increasingly feeling from underneath the earth and warnings from the authorities.

The status of Tambora, responsible for by far the deadliest eruption in human history, was raised at 11 a.m. on Tuesday to the second-highest alert status. Located on Sumbawa island just east of Lombok, the volcano first starting showing signs of awakening in April. In early August, it spewed thick, white smoke 20 meters into the sky.

Authorities have not ordered any evacuations and have only warned residents to be on alert. Two villages, Pancasila and Doro Peti, are situated within five kilometers of Tambora’s peak.

The volcano’s April 10, 1815, eruption killed more than 90,000 people, including those who died in the aftermath of the event from famine and disease. It is estimated to have had a Volcanic Explosivity Index value of 7, the only such explosion since the Hatepe eruption in New Zealand in 180 AD and only the fifth in human history.

Classified as a “supercolossal event,” Tambora’s 1815 eruption ejected immense amounts of volcanic dust into the upper atmosphere, significantly impacting the global climate for many years afterward. In Indonesia, the volcano’s roar could be heard more than 800 miles away.

Dust and sulfur emitted by the volcano are thought to be the cause of the “Year Without a Summer” in Europe and the Americas in 1816, which caused massive crop failures and widespread famine.

There is a possibility that an explosion of the same scale could happen again. Despite the magnitude of the 1815 event, though, residents have some cause for optimism. The volcano has erupted three times since 1815, but none of those events achieved a VEI value of more than 2.

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  1. creo que ese volcan nos llevo a la desaparicion de los mamuts debido a la nube que escondio la luz de el sol por algun tiempo. salu2 tolomiro


  2. y esto va unido con el terremoto grado siete en vanuatu !! son las primeras alertas de la aproximamiento de elenin de aqui al fin de septiembre!! alerta humanidad entera esta vez elenin pasara solo a cincuenta millones de kilometros de la tierra y sera alineado con venus y el sol !!! alerta hermanos !!!!!!


    • translate: and this is coupled with the earthquake in Vanuatu seventh grade! are the first alerts about elenin
      from here the end of September! Alert elenin humanity happen this time only fifty million kilometers from Earth
      and will be aligned with Venus and the sun! Alert brothers !!!!!!


  3. snip “showing signs of awakening in April. In early August, it spewed thick, white smoke 20 meters into the sky. ” snip
    Either we have a obvious typo error, or a not too threatening sismic event…..(20 meters = 63 feet approx.) Jon Dee


  4. thanks for share the information,… thats mountain in my country…Thaks probabilty is Nibiru Effect..