Glowing Triangle UFO hovering over Moscow – Sep 7, 2011

Glowing Triangle UFO hovering over Moscow – Sep 7, 2011

Video 1: Original video

Video 2: Colors improved and gives a clearer picture of the orbs


Source and author: Vladegen *   (youtube)

6 responses to “Glowing Triangle UFO hovering over Moscow – Sep 7, 2011

  1. Cool sighting.


  2. That is really good footage! Makes me wonder, though, if the U.S. is spying on them with the TR3B. ???


  3. Well dont you thinck if they was spying with that plane an amature cqmera man would catch it thepoint of the plane would be under cover.


  4. I’m amazed at the boldness of flying the ships out in the open, over cities etc. The lack of respect is telling.
    Imho, its like a family member driving past your home w/o stopping by. These bastards are showing themselves w/o having the common courtesy to land, shake hands and have some breakfast. Alien or human…poor form.
    Cool vid.


  5. …Or it could be just three lights reflecting off of the glass window he/she is shooting through…


    • disdisinformation

      Gary –

      That would make sense if the glare moved with the camera’s movement; but it didn’t. Drawing a conclusion here, a loose theory atm, but a conclusion nonetheless.

      we have seen the tetrahedron in images of Comet Elenin, and in skies across the world. Perhaps these are signs of intelligently life preparing us for their arrival. I do not see this as a hostile act, but rather a, “We don’t want to scare the crap out of you when we show up” act.