Unidentified Flying Objects – UFO in close up and detailed as never seen before

Author: Today, August 25, 2011 I finished a project I have been working on for 10 years. The endresult:
33 minutes of video with close ups of UFO you have never seen elsewhere.

Each time when I present a video of alien lifeforms or UFO I receive lots of not so flattery comments (even insults) from self-proclaimed experts who come up with (semi)scientific explanations why these objects cannot be aliens or UFO.

Well this time it will be different because there is absolutely NO ONE who can explain what I found on NASA TV. Everyone is guessing and seeking for a logical explanation: Well there is NONE! These UFO are real.

At normal speed they look like flashes of coloured light. They move very fast through space and we normally are unable to see them. Sometimes however when they slow down speed we can capture them for a very short period of 0.035 seconds. (~1 frame)

After recording dozens of hours of NASA live transmissions (HD quality when available) I went through these videos frame by frame. Most of these UFO showed up in a single frame (but there are a few exceptions as I will show you). Each time I saw an interesting UFO (they are with millions!) I made a screenshot.

I only took the best photos so here’s only a very small collection of UFO.

I have posted images from this video and lots more detailed ones for download here: signal.forumotion.com

NOTE: If I can capture these UFO, you can too but so can NASA and they of course much better. NASA knows about these UFO as they took a picture
of one of them!

They have all kinds of shapes but I managed to distinct 10 main classes:

green — round, oval or conical shape
green — fishlike with skeleton structure
red — long corkscrew shape with red flash (flash indicating heading?)
red — fishlike with skeleton structure.
blue — fishlike with skeleton structure.
blue — corkscrew with purple skeleton
white — corkscrew with small vins (like “Skyfish”).
white — with orange centre which is emitting light
white — round (very small ones, no details visible)
long with multiple colours — corkscrew type

Before you start asking how I did this: I never could have done this without: (*) Lucis Professional Scientific Image Processing software.
(and a few other forensic programmes)

Please spare me with remarks that these are cosmic rays (read NASA scientist explanation first) or artifacts (Show me just ONE artifact which is as detailed as a blueprint of a rocket or propulsion system on microfilm … you will NOT find one!)

Furthermore, cosmic rays ought to be there always. When it is dark and when it is bright. The curious thing however is that these UFO are nowhere visible in these frames when it is very bright. You will not find any light / dark / or coloured streaks. Ergo: no cosmic rays and no UFO! These UFO clearly (a)void (bright) (day)light.

P.S. My personal view is that these are aliens or alien technology but that’s my view!



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12 responses to “Unidentified Flying Objects – UFO in close up and detailed as never seen before

  1. Interesting & very detailed and seems most of these are like crystals with the various colours so whats to say that there are not crystals and inside them is rocket propulsion technology maybe Solar fueled.
    Its hard to really say as this guy is doing the Donny Gilson colourising imagary but still it shows there is some proof of hi-tec craft there & so close to the Spacestation.
    When you think we debate how am alien spacecraft could get so close to the Sun then if they are shielded inside a crystal structure then it would be a great defense & maybe they have ways of extracting plasma from the Sun to fuel them!


  2. UFO 180°turn over Ueki Japan, 2 points move on a line, forming a light SPECIAL ANALYSIS (HD 1080p)

    1 to 2 points move on a line, forming a light, that could be interpreted
    as an motor potential.


  3. Intuitively I feel these organic life forms are related in some way to the phenomenon of ‘Rods’ – which were also discovered only visible in brief stills of video. Rods even look identical to some of the corkscrew examples in your presentation. Such beautiful images – thank you.
    When I first heard about Rods and saw the footage of them my intuition then was also that they are an organic life form that is common everywhere. They also appeared to have no issue with gravity.
    Rods are also commonly found around caves – and this was how they were discovered if I recall – by folks watching video footage of cave jumping. So Rods are partial to dark places. I am open to the reality that this entire universe is an aquarium of sorts – or aquariums within aquariums – and that space is full of ‘fish’ who operate as comfortably in space as fish do in water. In this respect we humans may be viewed as bottom feeders – which would account for some our species’ behavior.
    We are moving into an age when our definition of ‘life’ is to change from something we assume only exists within our little oxygen bubble, to something that exists everywhere – even in seemingly empty space. Planets and stars are alive. Our sky is likely teaming with life forms that our physically limited sight capacities and consumer technologies consistently miss. And, just as birds mastered flight long before we clumsily lumbered into the air, it is quite possible that there are many life forms who can traverse space and therefore time in a manner that is to us still fantasy. Thank you for all the time it took you to bring us these images. They look prehistorically advanced.


    • Honey.
      Its been proven by experimentation with different camera’s WHAT rods actually are. They are an technical anomaly of the given technology miss representing things that move at high speed.
      Rods are in fact birds and insects. (mostly insects) which visually become stretched and elongated by the faulty visual process. Both on videos and camera’s.
      Rods are captured on average camera’s Never High speed hi def ones.
      Experiments I have seen show a set of several different types of camera’s all trained on the same area, Insects buzzing around etc.
      Most of the camera’s show the insects coming up as rods. I was flabergasted. I was a BIG believer in rods my self.
      The Super expensive camera that could track a bullet in flight showed the true pictures how ever. taken at the exact same moments and over layed onto images from the other camera’s you could see that the camera’s were miss enterpreting the exact same objects at the exact same time and visually turning them into rods. winged or spiral fast flying tube like aperitions.
      I have lost my link to the footage, but I am sure it can be found on the internet some where.

      I hope this helps. I wanted to believe too, but I always leave my self room for discerning whats real and logical fromw what I Most want or hope it to be. Objectivity is KEY.
      Be well.


      • 100% correct VARA. They are artifacts made by consumer-grade video cameras stretching the images of rapidly moving insects (mostly) and small birds. The “rod” is the body of the insect and the “ripples” on the edge of it are just the oscillations of the creatures wings as it is flying. I also wanted to believe in the “rod” phenomena, but found out several years ago it was only a camera distortion.


  4. you have an incredible images of ufo,s sir,which i havent seen before this is real intresting information you have-must congratulate you on these images-excellent


  5. The shapes do not look like fractals like we have in our nature, repeating shapes, like in a snowflake, these are more square,, unmatched shapes, hard to describe, really interesting, can’t wait till we really know, and I have an idea we will before this is over. GREAT JOB on the film, really nice work.


  6. Loved Eric’s vid


  7. Interesting video. I do have a problem with image enhancement software because is seems to introduce artifacts, or enhance artifacts and make them look like things they are not. When looking at the UFO’s the contrast and blockiness is turned up. It not only makes it look like there is structure in the object, but it also makes the dark space around the object look mottled, and make it look like it may have structure also. There is not also a frame of reference for a lot of the images that the enhancement was done on towards the end. The only ones that seems to have any reference were the ones that looked like “corckscrews”. However, the images that had the rainbow colors look similar to the images of UFO’s taken recently in Thailand as well as in Texas over the past few years. These UFO’s in this video seem to be significantly smaller and faster, but have the same string-like rainbow structure to them. It is also hard to determine if the objects in this video are solid, or just types of energy. I can’t see how something that is plasma, or just a type of energy, can have any type of “drive-system” built into it as the author suggests at the end of the video. All of the craft using the Pulse Detonation Engine technology are all physical craft, and not just force-fields and/or plasma/energy.


  8. Hello everyone,

    First of all I am really that you took time to watch the entire video and that you watch it with an open mind. I made a sequel and suggest you take a closer look at this one as well. As I said before: I do not know what we are dealing with here. I know one thing for sure: these objects are not the result of technical camera issues or artifacts.




  9. Fluttering wings? Camera angles? Camera tricks? Whatever. I was taught that there was no air in space. Solar winds but no air. So do any one of you have an explanation as to why on the video’s there looks like spirals or pulse circles? You can get the spirals in an atmosphere and the pulse circles by a pulse engine or shutting down and restarting the engine also in an atmosphere. Whatever they are there is combustion and with combustion you get some sort of smoke, or puff depending on what is combusted during acceleration. Space is cold so you can get condensation with combustion before it freezes.
    So my conclusion is this. The Universe is infinite and there are many Galaxy’s in the Universe and there are many Solar Systems in the Galaxy’s in the Universe. If you think for one minute that we are the only species with intelligence that our limited ability to travel beyond our Moon, “since we went there and back” that no other Species is capable of what we have accomplished thus far or they do not exist, what makes you think that our Government or any other Government will be willing to tell us the truth about anything let alone that we are not alone in this vast expanding Universe.
    The story has merit. The possibilities are endless and the truth will never be told to us peons as we mean nothing to those in power so get use to it and open your mind. The proof is being hidden from all of us.