Canary Islands Government Relocate Entire El Hierro Population due to an increase of quakes – Cumbra Vieja Volcano

In our previous article Global Earthquake update Sept. 2, 2011 we told you that the number of daily earthquakes recorded on the smallest of the Canary Islands (Spain), El Hierro, has increased considerably.

The total number of tremors recorded during the past five weeks has now exceeded 4200, according to the Instituto Geografico Nacional (IGN). The majority of the earth tremors range between 1 and 3 magnitude. More than 431 earthquakes, including one measuring 3.5 magnitude on the Richter Scale.

Latest news: The government of the Canary Island decided to relocate the entire population of El Hierro due to an increase in seismic activity.

Statement of the government of the Canary Island on September 3, 2011

Translate from Pevolca The Scientific Committee, met this morning at the request of the Ministry of Economy, Finance and Security of the Canary Islands Government, decided to relocate the population of El Hierro directly, the most important conclusions from information gathered by seismic and volcanic National Geographic Institute (IGN) and the Institute of the Canary Islands volcanological (non-tip) on the earthquakes recorded on the island since last July.

For this design a specific communication plan which will include, among others, technicians and scientists from this committee, coordinated by the City Council of El Hierro, the spokesperson continues to assume given the green light situation in pre-alert, of peace for the population.

The pre-alert state is triggered given the time duration of this series and seismic in order to increase coordination between the institutions involved and the level of information to citizens who are beginning to view with concern a situation that qualifies the Scientific Committee “normal” given the volcanic Canary Islands

The Scientific Committee comprises, in addition to the Canary Islands Government, the National Geographic Institute, the Higher Council for Scientific Research (CSIC) and the Meteorological Agency, and the invitation of the Director Plan, on this occasion, the City Council of The Iron, the Cabildo of Tenerife and the Canary Institute of volcanological

Data provided by the seismic monitoring station can be viewed on IGN web ( millenium ark news )

IMAGE: Evolution of the La Palma landslide Tsunami from 2 minutes (A) to 9 Hours (I). A lateral collapse of Cumbre Vieja Volcano could impose a great sequence of waves of 10-25 m height on the shores of the Americans.

The vast majority of the tremors have been recorded in the northwest of the 278.5-square-kilometre island at El Golfo, the location of a massive landslide that created a 100-metre high tsunami almost 50,000 years ago. A giant piece of the island cracked off, crashed down into the ocean and scattered along the seabed. This landslide of more than 300km3 gave rise to the impressive amphitheatre of the El Golfo valley and at the same time caused a tsunami that most likely rose over 100 metres high and probably reached as far as the American coast. Geologists hypothesised that a during a future eruption a similar landslide could potentially generate a “megatsunami” some 2000-3000 ft (650–900 m) high in the region of the islands. The huge wave would radiate out across the Atlantic and inundate the eastern seaboard of North America including the American, Caribbean and northern coasts of South America a mere six to eight hours later.”

Report: Cumbre Vieja Volcano — Potential collapse and tsunami at La Palma, Canary Islands  (PDF)

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19 responses to “Canary Islands Government Relocate Entire El Hierro Population due to an increase of quakes – Cumbra Vieja Volcano

  1. realisticThinker21

    When’s this all suppose to happen?.


  2. HARBINGER ?? ! !


  3. Its a tiny population so its an easy task & probably there going to do further testing around the island.
    i know this area is of great significance but I would but of thought that seismic activity was common there with it being a fault line & volcanic?
    I notice that around the globe certain areas have a week or so of many earthquakes such as the Czech/Germany border but there was no evacuation or panic set there & we see regularly Greece, Northern Italy are having these tremors in similar scale again without concerns so I find it strange that they evacuate here unless they know something is imminent but nothing in the news about this!


  4. Wow…2,000-3,000 ft waves !!!!! Holy crap….


  5. Nothing is impossible.


  6. There is a hell of a lot of activity going on in that area with 2 to 3 Earthquakes happening every hour around Greece, Turkey, Italy and all shallow including a 5.0M today!
    it is clear evidence that those Eurasia and African Plates are slipping now & I think soon something is going to give in..


  7. However those places where the subsequent tsunamis hit should be on standby even from now on, since they are in greater danger from a occurence in the Canary’s.


  8. Really folks. You won’t have any time to save yourselves should the landslide and volcano pops its cork. It will hit the shores in approximately 6 hours. By the time you get the news on it, you will have maybe less than 4 hours to get out of Dodge city.

    Furthermore a wave of 3,000 feet or more it will spill all the way into Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, even Ohio. Pennsylvania will be flooded out as well as New York, Florida wiped out all the way up to Maine. Yes it will go over the Appalachian mountains. If you not believe me, look how far a tiny small tsunami went in Japan. It went past the airport!!!!!!

    One other thing, you will be trapped on the East Coast side when this happens. Chaos, panic by people, cars jamming up the roads, etc and so forth. Typical scenario (unless you just happen to be near some airport) and if not, the best you can do is hug your loved ones and moon your shiny shines at the wave and say the F word as many times you wish. No one will find you cause you will be washed up and sucked back to the ocean. Now if you are near the appalachian mountains go to the highest peak ) making sure your at the top part of it if possible and be on the west side of the mountain and get inside a cave with your provisions and seal the entrance with heavy rocks.. You probably will lose your car but you might survive the water surge passing over you. When its over expect to see nothing but water all over the place but do not go to the East side because that water will be rushing back out to sea. The west side will be very deep. Wait a few days for it to subside and go down. By the way you might see some spiffy Great white sharks looking at you.

    This is only if it happens but the damning question is WHEN????? No one can give any accurate prediction. Just my two cents regarding your odds of survival if the Canary Islands bites the dust.



  9. Daveyo– It says the waves will be 3,000 ft near the island (which means the entire island will be flooded) but will be smaller when it reaches Europe and N. America (15-20 meters or 45-60ft). Still an impressive height, and will definitely reach far into the coastal regions. 6-4 hours is not going to be much time for people to move to higher ground– have you seen traffic in NYC on a typical day? Imagine what it will be like if everyone tried to get out at the same time!


  10. you guys seem to spit out figures without properly thinking them through, everybody is believing these figures of 2000-3000ft waves crashing across the planet, but there are two key facts you have forgotten to add into your equations: 1) a 2000ft wave would require an astronomical amount of water and a huge displacement of crust beneath that ocean to create the motion in the first place. 2) have you actually seen how high 2000feet is?

    this it the tallest building in the world as of 2010 and it stands just above 2000ft, now if you guys are speculating that a wave this big is supposed to be launched off from this volcanic eruption are you seriously suggesting ti could be the size of this building? a 200-300ft wave i could believe maybe even to 500ft but a wave like this coming from a volcanic eruption, im sorry but that will remain science fiction for the moment…

    i do however concede that large waves have occurred in the past namely the north American glacier breaking up and flooding the sea at 60 billion gallons per second and also the Mediterranean land bridge collapse the resulted in the Mediterranean basin filling with salt water. Now the difference between these two and the idea of this volcano creating a wave all has to do with displacement of water.

    When water is displaced it seeks out paths of escape, its almost like electricity, looking for the smoothest path. Think of a Dam if you will, dams have to built to withstand enormous amounts of pressure from the water it is holding back but if any crack if formed it is quickly corroded by the build up in pressure and eventually the dam collapses under stress, this it the same scenario that occurred in the cases i mentioned, a land dam or ice block was holding back water that was being held above sea level thereby displacing it, the pressure of the water eventually overcame the ‘dams’ resulting in huge waves of water flowing out to sea or into valleys.

    enough on displacement…. Another point i would like to explore however is the fact that many of the deserts of our modern times were once thriving seas, Arizona desert, Bonneville salt flats in America, the Sahara, all of these areas were pushed up above sea level and consequently dried out, however this is observed as happening over a period of time which would not have resulted in mega-waves.

    ill try to find some links to these theories and post them later on,



  11. forgot to mention about the 25+ power plants that will melt down


  12. Let us look at it from a different perspective. Our ocean contains 1.3 billion cubic kilometers of water, which is 1300 million cubic kilometers !!!. Now let’s keep those figures aside & take just ONE cubic kilometer, which will be one trillion liters of water. (1,000,000,000,000 liters.). This itself is a mega figure !!!. So if a MAJOR crust displacement or a landslide have to take place anywere on earth, it holds enough water to create destruction beyond our imagination.


    • Raj your forgetting about equilibrium, if you were to have 1trillion litres of water form a wave that means 1trillion litres of water would have been displaced by a sudden uplift of 1trillion cubic km of landmass. This would be unlikely to occur unless there was a major earth crust displacement event (which is entirely possible). But for it to happen in a landslide? this is a ridiculous notion unless you were imagining a landslide impacting with such a force that the ‘mass replacing mass’ equation could be factored out, but then again we are unlikely to see that event occurring due to the fact that a landslide that large could only be achieved by a small continent falling into the ocean on an inclined angle.



  13. Well, you have to read the article properly people. Yes it is very much possible for a wave of 2 to 3 thousand feet generated by the Canary Islands to hit the United States.. Add Landslide and then the volcano push of its explosive properties and a crust shift and earthquake you got yourself a prima dona wave of mega proportions.

    It has happened approximately 50 K years ago based on the sediment it left behind from the cores that were drilled in USA!!!!! At that time the island was much bigger.

    What everybody is forgetting here is the Canary Island is practically a volcanic mountain!!!! It rises thousands of feet from the floor of the ocean. Since it has a volcano it also has a fault line – one moving against the other!!! The people on the top living there is actually on top of the mountain itself. Just like New Zealand and the Philippines and Taiwan and a few others like Guam etc. The crack has split this island in half, right into the volcano itself. Means to say the entire mountain cracked!!!!!!

    Everytime it has an earthquake this crack gets bigger and bigger and eventually something is going to give. You got that magma inside there building up pressure. Example say you have a jar and it has a hairline crack from top to bottom, and now put some water in it and freeze it. How long do you think that crack will keep the water from spilling out??? Same thing but in reverse as you have heated magma having pressure building like a steam kettle and it has to go someplace.

    Last of all you cannot put figures and equations into something of the like as Canary Islands. I threw that to the garbage can because you cannot predict the final outcome of such event of what it can or cannot do. One has to know what the earthquake size is, its depth, the volcano explosion and its effects, the landmass slide and how much, and how much the fault shifts before you can calculate some precise tsunami water figures. By the time you get that answer the wave is saying hello to you with its almighty glory almost on top of you.

    The volcano in Sicily did the same thing and it dumped so much landmass into the water it created a mega size tsunami which buried many islands all the way straight to Jerusalem and Egypt. They have heaps of evidence of what that one did and how many estimated lives were lost on that mega eruption.

    So if anybody says its not possible or attempts to explain it away with figures and numbers, wash your eyes out please and take another look at the potential of what can happen if everything all falls into place.

    Yes I have been in New York and in D.C and all along the coast during my lifetime. I am a traveler you know, albeit a lucky one at that, and have seen traffic jams more horrendous than New York. Try Manila if you will and see how long it takes for you to go just 8 miles. When I was there it took 4 hours!!!!, just to get into the city and another 4 hours just to get the hell out. Sheeeeeeesh.



  14. Hello… cumbre viejo is in La Palma, not in El Hierro.


  15. What about Portuguese islands. Nobody says anything around here.
    Awaiting the worst and hopping for the best.
    Searching a place to hide myself.


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