Comet Elenin And The “Sign In Egypt” Connection!

Comet Elenin has a very unique connection with the “Sign In Egypt” referring to the Great Pyramid Of Giza. If you’ve seen Part 4 of my previous study on Elenin, THIS update will be most remarkable! I have discovered a unique connection with Elenin and the Pyramid of Giza according to Bible Prophecy – Ref: Is 19:19-20.

It seems we’re on the brink of the most amazing event EVER to unfold in the history of mankind!

NOTE: This video may NOT be for everyone… This video was made to encourage those that belief Jesus Christ, our Redeemer is near! It’s bold and UNCUT so be warned…

One note about Pyramids… Most people connects Pyramids with Pagan worship, but just like Satan perverted the purpose of the Stars from Astronomy testifying of the Glory of God and the redemption of Man…. into Astrology… used in fortune telling, so he perverted the Pyramid from a Sign Of Redemption and LIFE to come through Yeshua, to that of Tombs and Grave sites of Pharaohs.

This is NOT my own ideas or opinions, I simply tell you what Scientists are seeing, and what scripture says… I connected the dots.

NOTE about Richard C Hoagland – While I am fully aware of Richard C Hoagland’s new age believes. We only investigate his scientific findings and DO NOT support or condone his New Age believes. We acknowledge his keen astronomy and scientific mind but not his views on religion.

Andre J Hendricks

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  1. hmmm, NOOWWW Imma have to watch this when I wake up. sigh.
    Comment laterz. 😉


  2. There are ones who are brainwashed by Those On Power.
    There are ones who are brainwashed by religions and different preachers.
    And there are those who listen and trust just in intuition and follow it.
    Just fools can refer to the most falsified collection of writings upon this sky which is called Bible!
    And yes! Just listen to the theory of this guy – there are no aliens (conscious beings) in the Universe – just Angels and Demons! So – what about us?! Is it the beginning of one more theory of what the human race is and how does the Universe is built?
    I am tired from this idiocracy what is filling up all the sources of information! And disinformation….


  3. I hadn’t thought of this ‘comet’ Elenin landing on the pyramid….look at the back of a 1 dollar US bill….there is a small pyramid (with an eye) floating about the pyramid….interesting….I don’t agree with his religious conclusions though.


    • Hey girl, that the eye of the pyramid is a sign for Free Masonry, which I believe to be a subset of the Illuminati. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have anything to do with Elenin, but neither does it have ANYTHING to do with America. Why it’s on the $1 dollar bill, I can only guess, but I think it alludes to the Illuminati’s plan to create the New World Order. This is further evidenced by the motto appearing underneath the pyramid: Novus ordo seclorum. This translates to “New Order of the Ages.” But let’s face it, they are referring to the New World Order.

      Just my thoughts🙂


      • I’m aware of that information….the thought of this “comet” landing on the pyramid is a new one to me…very intriguing.


      • I feel like the only way it could LAND on the pyramid would be if it were a spaceship. Comets don’t land, they crash. But, perhaps it IS a spaceship. Guess we’ll see!


      • Also think of it this way. The pyramid with the detached eye in the middle has many meanings. Just my opinion but, Could it be another way of showing all the fallen angels separation from Gods kingdom. Thats why it is not attached to the rest of the pyramid. It also represents them separating themselves from Gods kingdom and basically letting people know even when we dont suspect it. They hide in plain site


  4. Everybody

    I watched this video and its quite intriguing as a message indeed. Right now we got about 9 days before this alignment takes place. Lets try to put this into a better perspective OK. It is very much possible that the Hollywood movies shown to us, which are controlled by the Illuminati, is indeed trying to tell us something in a different way ahead of time. I will never forget the day when Bush spoke about the NWO during his infamous speech right after he got sworn in.

    Hopi are saying two events will take place. One the Blue Kachina and the other the Red Kachina.

    We ourselves have seen two very strong potential events. We see Elenin is approaching and we also know Planet X is coming behind it. Earth will be in view of it in December after Elenin paid us a visit.(if it is indeed there)

    We have the Mayans saying something too about the end as well.

    Ancients have foretold of what is to come from the evidence we have found

    True the pyramids are missing the top on Giza

    Then there is the Bible saying basically the same descriptions of what we are today seeing and experiencing now.

    We have UFO’s appearing more now and they are increasing its intensity. Almost daily in China.

    We also know Elenin has changed its course somewhat too.

    We also know the supernatural beings still have a ongoing dispute believe it or not.

    What Jesus Christ did on earth, Satan will do likewise. They both compete to events around humans on earth.

    I have asked this question before are we seeing friend or foe??? friendly or dangerous???

    We also know about the DUMBS and now just learned 675 underground facilities are now available for the public to see and be aware of.

    Add this knowing the USA Government now has moved all their primary operations (FBI, HSA, CIA, NASA) to name a few to Denver underground.

    We also know at current time the World is in Chaos and people are simply starting to become uneasy of the way things are going. It does not look good.

    Besides USA being almost 15 trillion in debt which is in my opinion absolutely insane and next to impossible to pay off. Its beyond the capability of the American public to pay this off. China has a promissory note from USA in the tune of 3 trillion right now.

    As a person I am looking at both sides of the issues here. You also have to realize many people around the world are oblivious of what is happening in and around the cosmos at present time still trying to survive and make ends meet.

    All in all, we got less than 30 days so to speak from beginning to end of the Blue Kachina. After that we got the Red Kachina bastard to deal with and its really going to royally screw up this planet Earth more than you can ever imagine as no man has ever witnessed or experience such since the beginning of time.

    Luke presented a story awhile ago and much of the format came from me and I give him credit for putting it all together in a nice way. He had a beautiful vision and so did I.

    Eventually we are going to be COMPELLED and FORCED to make a choice inside our own hearts and minds. There is no way to stay neutral in all this as the events are not being controlled by humans and there will be only two choice and we are being put right smack in the middle of the battle. So what side do we pick here.

    I will not speak or add or subtract anything regarding the revelation because there is a warning regarding it.

    If Elenin is a spaceship being controlled by some intelligence it would make sense to me that this is the Good and the Friendly one. Its heading towards us at 265 miles a second at present speed. This is about the same distance from St. Louis Missouri and Chicago Illinois. Some of you might even ask yourselves another different question such as in regards of the Bible and over time etc, how many times was it rewritten and possibly being changed regarding its wordings, but the monks and priests say that nothing was changed and strictly kept word for word. Since we cannot prove either way we basically have to accept the remarks.

    Also some of you might even come up with another question such as in regards to the Vatican, Pope and the Illuminati. Are they connected together?? We also know about the Knights Templar too. We also understand that the Jewish blood lines now control the USA Government regarding their religious affiliations. Assuming about the Forbes Magazine showing the 500 riches people in this planet, how many would you think they belong to the Illuminati???

    In case some of you not understand the Illuminati and who and what they are, it is a cult and a powerful organization (known as the powers that be) highly very much secretive and they run their operations very quietly like the Mafia does, and this group is a type of group that speaks with a fork tongue and most of all extremely very wealthy. Many of you not even know you pay for their services and they make huge profits from you. They show you one side being good but on the other side evil as can be. Example here in Thailand there is a mega shopping store, and one of them is Called Big C (same like Jewels in USA) and the prices they charge they are making 64% profit on every item sold in that store. I was able to infiltrate their secret pricing system. Big C is a company from England, and they themselves are very wealthy corporate wise. Its very much possible Big C is also part of the Illuminati. It would not surprise me that Michael Jackson and Liz Taylor were Illuminati members!!!!!!!

    So I think each and everyone of us has to make a decision very soon. We are approaching our very own D-Day. Even though I am not a religious person per se belonging to some outfit, I still pray and have my beliefs and I can only hope I am one of the saved as well each and everyone of you too. I don’t want to see the tribulation or face its destruction as I have seen plenty in my lifetime and all my struggles up to now, quite frankly I am tired and all worn out and had enough.

    Therefore I do commend the author of this video itself as its very well put together and its certainly an eye catcher indeed. Just seeing it I supposed can be a blessing in disquise for you someway or another and I hope it can touch even a small part of you in some way.

    Take care and have faith and hope I can see all of you on the other side.



  5. Excellent post, Daveyo. I have to say, I am pretty much thoroughly freaked out. I have a 21 month old son who I want to see grow up. It’s a helpless feeling just trying to piece things together on the internet, tv shows and personal research. My wedding anniversary is Oct 16. I wonder if it’s going to be one to remember….I mean, if I’m even alive for the next one…


    • Hi Erin, i feel the same but try to look at it with a different perspective. My son is 9 months and i’ve waited to be a mum for so long. What though i have to remember is that these are our human experiences and maybe our souls have already been together before in another time/place. Its hard with all the negativity to stay positive, but we all have to be strong and help one anouther through this shift🙂


      • I understand those feelings, but I am 32 years old, and after trying to be a mom for many years, I feel like I’m now being robbed of the future I was hoping for (which of course was never guaranteed). I want another baby, but I’m afraid to bring another soul into the world now. I feel like I’m kind of living in fear of 2012 and what may come. I really just want the next year to pass quickly, but I feel like I should enjoy every day. It’s a crazy world in my head, and it’s all out of whack now😉


    • Erin and Becky,
      Do not lose hope.

      Many, many, MANY prophesy makers have spoken dates and times recently…and have failed. I have read many dates about Earthquakes happening…that dont. Recently in fact (w/in the last few weeks). Meanwhile…the dreaded 5th night of the Mayan calender came…and went. It was suppose to be a spiraled, potent and destructive 18 day period…that came…and went. I have paid particular attention and have written many on my calendar…that have an X thru them…nothing happened.
      Do not lose hope…nor sleep.
      Enjoy your family, smile more, laugh more, and relax more.

      The information on Elenin is crazy…and the fact that I have to trust NASA or China or Russia or some site for the details…has allowed me to sit back and smile a bit. It is part of the reason that I search for the “Earth” truths. The information shared is “allowed”…and (like in the video) I am reading more words like “maybe” or “possibly” or “what if” or what might happen is…”. What do you trust in?

      Last thing, there is nothing wrong with stocking up on food, water, batteries and a survival kit etc. There is nothing wrong with being ready for the “just in case”.
      On that note, as a Christian…Im not stressing about the stuff “coming” our way…comets or the Cabal…or w/e. When(if) I die, Im golden…just as my family is. The soul will live forever. But I am still preparing for a hellish battle to stay alive when and if it comes down to it. Stocked up and ready for the family members to come running over.

      Do not lose hope.


      • @RB You said:

        “Recently in fact (w/in the last few weeks). Meanwhile…the dreaded 5th night of the Mayan calender came…and went. It was suppose to be a spiraled, potent and destructive 18 day period…that came…and went. I have paid particular attention and have written many on my calendar…that have an X thru them…nothing happened.”

        I beg to differ! It has indeed been a spiraled, potent and destructive period, probably more than most people are aware of, but anyone following what’s going on at Fukushima knows that we’re in deeper trouble than anyone could possibly imagine.

        “Historically, 5th Nights in the Mayan calendar’s waves are periods of disintegration of an old civilization and the creation of a bridge to a new one. According to Mayan tradition, 5th Nights are ruled by the energy of Tezcatlipoca, the deity of darkness. To the Maya such deities were symbolic of certain eras that followed one after the other in a large scale cosmic plan.”

        The Mayan Calendar’s 5th Night of the 9th wave starts as of August 18th 2011, right? (to September 4th.) Okay, now check out the dates in this article below, about the nuclear power plant. On the 19th it went back into re-criticality and it’s gotten worse since then. Much worse.

        […] Dr. Yoyo Hinuma of the University of California San Diego said,] “I think there was a recriticality in which the melted fuel started a chain reaction again in one of the reactors at Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant, and that the largest amount of radioactive materials since April was released from the plant. It may have happened twice. The first was between July 28 and 31. The second was between August 19 and 21. That the large amount of radioactive materials were released can be clearly seen in the radiation survey data in Tokyo and Yokohama City, where it is suspected that the announced radiation levels are lower than the actual levels. So it’s a scientific fact.” […]

        “Further analyzing the data, we find that August saw a more definite rise than July. It may have been caused by the so-called “prompt criticality” which is bigger and lasts longer. The large amount of radioactive cesium and radioactive iodine released as the result may have reached the Tokyo Metropolitan area, raising the air radiation level”, says Dr. Hinuma. […]

        We’d have to admit that there is a high possibility that the recriticality happened this summer at Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant, at least twice, and fresh radioactive materials are being released. […]

        Add to that all the terrible news about Fukushima that have escalated since then and is getting worse by the day. They are even talking of evacuating Tokyo now, because of the high levels of radioactivity!

        And now to top it off, a huge typhoon is headed for Japan:
        Strong typhoon headed for leaking nuke plant — Over 1 million Japanese told to evacuate — Due at Fukushima in 48 hours

        Just go through the headlines the last month. It has indeed been the most dangerous, potent and destructive time humans have ever encountered and there’s no end in sight. Here are a few headlines… just from the last 24-48 hours! And it’s not just in Japan these death plants are popping their gaskets, so to speak;

        Experts: Possibility of evacuating parts of Tokyo can no longer be ignored — Fukushima ‘worse’ than Chernobyl
        Japan lawmaker: Plutonium certainly went deep within basement of Reactor No. 3 — Anyone’s guess where it’s at now
        Emergency declared at Michigan nuke plant: Reactor shut down after leak exceeded plant’s technical specifications — Cooling system spews more than 10 gallons a minute
        USA Today on quake-hit Virginia nuke plant: “A lot of people think they’ve hid stuff from us” — “Even if they’re not good to go, they won’t tell us” — “I was and am still worried”
        Both cesium-134 and cesium-137 increase in latest San Francisco Bay Area milk sample (CHART)
        Report: St. Louis rainwater shows radiation dose at 13.3 microsieverts per hour — 130+ times background
        French Report: Radioactivity 10 times normal in Avignon — Cause of “anomalous increase” could be directly linked to explosion at Marcoule (CHART)

        Now THAT is the truth behind the scenes! LOL You might wanna erase a few of those calendar X’s, eh? Just saying….😉


      • Blondie, I hear you.
        As to my understanding of the 5th night, what was to occur was going to be so dramatic and climactic that the world would all see, feel, live the final 5th night of destruction. It was to be monumental as the FINAL 5th night! Iit was to be magnificent and world wide…greater than the Dark Ages and World War II combined. It was set up to be the destruction of all destruction’s.
        I was directed to the Nuclear plant leakage and the prevailing issues that are very destructive…maybe I expected more. With all of the banter about the Myans and their prophesies…what was to be…just didnt match up with the expectations from all of the hype…or talk. WE are talking about the Mayan calendar over how many years? I dont know…I was also told that this final “5th” night was to be an internal destruction when the world didnt crash.

        Blondie, there are many views on what in fact happened with Fukushima ranging from Israel destroying the site (Israel comp was set as the security for the plant) and setting off a nuke in the trenches all of the way to Haarp causing the earthquake/destruction. Additionally, there are many that believe in a major battle for the worlds banking system with an evil Nazi cabal fighting against the unified world of the White Dragon…and that the earthquake/tsunami was a direct action against Japan.

        With so many differing theories, it makes sense for me to read up on as much as I can and test everything. And when something is under/over stated…someone somewhere might be misled or misleading others.

        In conclusion, I will say that I stand corrected. I stated that “nothing happened” when in fact there was a lot of activity going on and yes, a lot of destruction.
        Blondie, I enjoy reading your posts. Thank you for helping me out.


  6. Hey Daveyo, good post.

    I feel like there are a lot of illuminati members in the music and movie industry, but I don’t think Michael Jackson was one of them. He tried to warn us about the Illuminati, and that’s why he was killed (my opinion) just like Tupac and some others who tried to speak the truth.

    Think about it, Michael Jackson was NEVER convicted of raping a child. There was no evidence, yet everyone still thinks MJ is a child molester. The media destroyed him in every way possible. THEN, they sit there and try to say that MJ killed him via overdose. REALLY? Why now? Why did he kill himself right before going on an amazing tour that sold out in minutes at some venues.

    It doesn’t add up. MJ was killed because I think he was going to try to use his tour to spread the truth. I think the Illuminati intentionally destroyed his reputation with the child molestation charges for which he was never convicted.

    Watch this music video. Michael Jackson: They Don’t Care About Us

    This is the banned version of the Prison Music Video:

    You watch this and then wonder whether the Illuminati were threatened by his influence over the people of the world. I’m sure this movie pissed off the powers that be.

    Sorry for my outburst. I just love him and think he was completely wronged. He died because of the evils that govern this world.


    • I’m a big MJ fan! I really hope that’s not true😦


    • Thanks a Whole bunch Nate ! I had not seen that version of that : They Don’t Really Care About Us ( Banned Version) You are very Right indeed. Anybody of that Stature that can Influence so many people ( can’t think of anyone else, btw) will run into most serious opposition and even Death if they try to de-rail the system ! Anyway, the Big Message from MiChaEL was that THIS IS IT !!!!!!!


  7. So the approach of Elenin is close, a 7-tonne NASA satellite is falling uncontrollably toward Earth and Obama will be at Denver International Airport (ie. bunker complex) around the same time, Sept 24-27, during which there will be a DefCon One military exercise taking place in the US.
    Meanwhile, Jeb Bush has set up his own disaster response company ready to make mega-bucks from any impending chaos.
    Just a bunch of coincidences?
    Let’s hope so.


  8. Even as earthlings, ponder debate and wonder, at least quake magnitudes are rising, the latest unusual being in the mountainous north eastern Indian state of Sikkim with tremors felt as far as Dacca Bangladesh


  9. I can’t help but think of the Stargate movie where a giant pyramid-shaped mothership lands right on top of a Egyptian pyramid. Well, I’m just gonna wait and see what happens.
    Religion…phfftt. People think that they know everything, and that the 3,000+ year old manuscripts written by unwashed bearded old men sitting in a cave with almost no education tells us everything we need to know. There is so much more to God, life, and the universe than we can imagine.


  10. Satan didn’t pervert anything…Christianity has its roots in ancient pagan religions. This is the Catholic Church’s dirty little secret, that its been trying to hide for the last 2000 years. Christianity is based on the resurrection, and resurrection comes from the ancient Egyptian sun cults and the story of Horus. The Catholic church simply changed Horus’s name to Jesus and claimed him as their own. After that, they took the Mother Goddess and called her Mary. Ever since then they’ve been trying to distance themselves from their true pagan heritage.
    Whenever the Christians want to scare people away from something, they always use this big bad Satan. They’ve have convinced us that the occult and the Illuminati are evil and worshipers of Satan. But the truth is, the only people who believe in the devil are Christians.
    I ask you this, how many millions of people were tortured and murdered over the last 2000 years simply because they didn’t agree with Christianity? The number of people killed in the name of the Christian idol is staggering and yet people refuse to see this organization for what it is… the true face of evil that plagues our planet.
    Christianity is about as far from God as one can get. It was invented to control, brainwash and manipulate. It believes in keeping it followers poor and uneducated, because the desperate and ignorant won’t ask too many questions of a religion that crumbles under the weight of its own lies when exposed to the light of day. Look at Christian based America. It is ranked one of the most uneducated countries in the world…and its elite rulers, who pretend to be Christians, wouldn’t have it any other way.


    • I couldn’t agree more. I was raised Catholic, even TAUGHT CCD for a while, but I was always skeptical. I remember the story of Fatima, and thinking it was an alien encounter. I was only a kid when I was taught that.
      Anyway. Religion is the problem with this planet, and it needs to go. The only way for that to happen is for something HUGE to happen…and I am just hoping that THAT is the way we are going…


    • Accurate and Well Said.
      ~ V.


    • Dawn, this post is amazing.


    • Personally, I disagree with grouping and “universalizing” people under one banner as though each person equals the whole or vise versa. It comes across as ignorant, arrogant and judgmental.
      Christianity does not equal the Catholic Church. The Catholic Church is not Christianity…although I get what you are trying to say…many have come before you saying the same thing. Its all good.

      Over the last 9 months or so…it has become a request and understanding that this site is not one to argue about religion. Respecting those many, I will not go toe to toe. I know, Im the hater. Figure that its the pearls before swine thought process.

      Regardless, in this time of “Mankind” with comets crashing down on us, UFO’s flying high, Hollywood making movies with aliens in them, pyramids w/o tops!…and Obama hiding in his bunker…should we be so hateful? Shouldn’t we be kind and open hearted?
      Shouldn’t we be looking and searching for the bits of truth that are out there about the great tricks that are happening around us?
      Shouldn’t we all work together to solve the puzzle that is driving us? Isnt that why we frequent sites like this one?

      Can’t we all just get along?

      Being offended and upset over a video I get, acting on such emotions…eh.


  11. There is a very good presentation here made by a Chinese scientist who is totaly neutral on the subject of Elenin.

    This is reccommended for all to see as very accurate & scientific but made simple & brief.
    Select “English” unless you are Chinese🙂


  12. Something else beem noticed thats a little freaky have you seen 2012 the movie. They show John Cusak lying on a couch then they pan to his watch guess what time…. 9:27 and whos in Denver… and what date is Elenin alignment 9/27/2011.
    Predictive or cooincidental huh?


  13. The truth will set you free. Peace,Love and Light.


  14. Watched the video from beginning to the ending. Very interesting. What he did not mention is that some people have theorized that the “three days of darkness” can happen when Elenin come between the earth and the sun, and its dust cloud obstructs the sunlight. Also, that time also happen to fall upon the date for “Feast of Trumpets”.
    Also. one thing that bothers me is that the Pyramid is 4-sided (with a square base) while a tetrahedron has a triangular base…they don’t match.
    Anyway, the only thing to do is wait and see. I have already made my peace with God long time ago and accepted Christ as the Messiah. I simply don’t care much for religion or churches which tend to distort the truth, but I live by the Spirit. So if aliens (or angels…whatever) come and say they’re here to take us to safety, I’ll go. If not, and the world goes kabooley, doesn’t matter because I know where I’ll be going after my body is gone. Ya…it is nice to know the truth and be free.


  15. Comet Elenin.I can not buy into this.There is more going on thin jast a Comet! I have not seen this posted in THE TRUTH BEHIND THE SCENES ,by the way grat site,,,,,,,This is what i see the is come up,,The Maya Calendar ends at 11:11 GMT on December 21, 2012..Mayan called the Great Cycle” equates with 5125.36 years long count .
    1,The earth aligning itself with the center of the galaxy,passing through the Alignment of the Galactic Plane .This only happens once every 26,000 years.
    Timeline To 2012 (Part 9 of 16) Mayan Calendar and Prophecy

    2.Earth Precession or wobbling very slowly on its axis

    Earth goes through one such complete precessional cycle in a period of approximately 26000 years,and this is in 2012,
    The next time this will HAPPEN IS in the year 7137 + or – a day lol .THE ENDTimeline To 2012 (Part 9 of 16) Mayan Calendar and Prophecy AND THE BEINg.



    • TC-2012 timeline is part of the pipeline but there’s still some precious little time left to learn about Comet Elenin and or Planet Nibiru.
      good luck and day.


  16. this is BS documentary… lol


  17. Alastair Macdonald

    Couple of glaring mistakes that make this whole doco B.S. one is that we, (Christians) know that Jerusalem is the centre of the earth not the Giza pyramid and two the Giza pyramid is a four sided structure where as Eienin is a three sided structure, both pyramids but vastly differing!!


  18. hahaha…sorry , but now Jesus are pilot ! and are inside Elenin coming toward earth to save those who are waiting for a ride in space to some planet paradise !! ….. that’s why the Bible are loosing respect last decades cause a bulshit associate with God, Jesus and others subjects inside the bible , I feel sorry for those poor souls who accept this lunatics Bible speech …. people suppose to be looking for a safe local far from the sea , buing their supplies , etc , and what this Jesus faked lunatic followers do is to wash people brain and wait for the lord Jesus is what they say , and nobody who believe their phantasy talk will prepare for future events as a War , Solar Flare and NEO , they will be waiting …waiting and die without food , wather etc . Jesus are not going take no one from earth …. this is a disinformation toke from Bible and mixed with actual events , but this last one toke the crow of ridiculous !


    • And just how far from the sea is anyone sayin it should be….?
      And would not the supposed “pole shift” and “earth crust movements” make everything far from the sea also like as if you are in the sea..!!


  19. Elenin is a tetrahedron. Look at a dollar. The pyramid is square. The cap is a triangle. Looks square but isn’t. Look at it again.

    Elenin is a weapon, sent by God and his Son to protect Earth(make war with) whats coming. It WILL land on the pyramid(temple) or it WILL rebuild the temple(pyramid), foretold in the Bible. The Bible says the temple will be rebuilt then the SHTF. Maybe rebuild means land on. It will be powered by the intense lighteneng that’s coming. The lightening that’s coming will also dis-able earth’s ability to make war with Elenin. Beware when rain clouds come to Egypt.

    The Blue Kachina is the ISS(dwelling place in the sky) that will fall to the earth with a great crash. Read the hopi prophesy.

    Look at Egypt. The three pyramids are huge, the sphynx is big, and it’s head(a woman’s) is small. Elenin was in Orion for many thousands of years, in Leo for a few thousand years, and in Virgo for a few months. Coincidence? NOT!

    Precession is not earth wobbling, It is the solar system moving up and down, through the galaxy core, every 26000 yrs. It passes the plane twice each 26000 yrs. Every 13000 years the earth gets hammered by this galaxy’s core(gravity pulse).

    Elenin is not hammering earth. It is helping earth by settling earth’s plates gradually. It seems bad but one huge quake would be much worse than the many small ones we’re having.

    This the illuminated know. They appear evil because they know these things. They don’t discuss this openly because the masses see MANY people dying as evil. EVERYONE dying would be worse, right? This knowledge has been handed down ever since this happened 13000 years ago, by the survivors, the illuminated.

    How did they survive? Because 13000 years ago humans were EXACTLY as evolved as we are now! Cars, computers, telescopes, planes, rockets, etc. 13000 years of evolution. They saw it coming too. They secretly sent their messiah(tetrahedron) to do battle to save earth too. They didn’t tell their masses either. Many will die, Some will live. History repeats itself…

    If you are invited to leave this planet, don’t even go back home to get your coat… They will be gone when you get back. GO GO GO. Ask God, before it’s too late, that you may hear the call when it comes. The further you are drunken with sin, the harder it will be to hear the call.

    The enemy comes. It is at the gate. He who hesitetes is lost.


    Sorry guys.


    • Wow, thats Quite the “opinion”. The “Theory”.
      The “Cojecture.”
      But next time, please DO remember to state that That is what it is, rather than provable established fact.
      If it cannot be backed up vs any scrutiny or question, then it is Conjecture.
      So, I’ll just go ahead and ask…
      Can you provide any proof, hell, even any remote evidence to back these claims?
      ~ VARAKIENEN. 😡


      • Did you look at a dollar?


      • thelazydentist
        Sure Did.
        Nice iluminatti symbol with the pyramid and eye etc.
        Now, whats that got to do with ANY thing you said in conjunction to What you said. etc etc.
        I know the illumintait exists and has control over most every thing. that doesnt actually support the specific things You are claiming.
        What Else you got?


    • Lazydentist

      You know it is interesting that you mentioned that 13,000 years ago they had cars and computers etc like we have today. However I am not sure if its 13,000 years or older. Furthermore I think they had more knowledge and technology like moving huge 100 ton granite stones miles from one mountain to another etc and so forth even machining granite stone to a near absolute perfection which is the biggest mystery of all. This part we don’t have as of yet. However when you look at the Egyptian evidence of pictographs on the walls, they even have such shown!!!!!!!! So in a sense its almost looks unbelieveable yet its there and its quite clear that they must have had this technology. They drew what they saw and knew!!!!!

      In regards to planes we do see ancient airports in Egypt one of them being at least minimum 6,000 years old even having a terminal and a tarmac!!!!!! However we have yet found any cars or planes, and I wonder why such had to be totally wiped out. If they left evidence of such in the past why not leave such evidence of this??? They left the stone as proof but no tools.

      If they do arrive they will give us enough time to decide. But you are right if you go back they will leave unless its legit. Depends on what is considered legit to them.

      Not sure if its going to happen now on the 27th or when it makes its closest approach. As of this writing we got 8 days left and the countdown is not going to stop either.

      As much as I dislike having to probably see this and witness this or go thru this there is nothing I can do and its obviously put all my plans on hold which in a sense upsets me but we all are in this ride like it or not.

      There is one thing I am pretty sure of and I will place some of my sweet peas on the prediction. As we know the 27th is the jewish feast day of the Trumpets. What God did over 2,000 years ago, Lucifer or known as Satan will obviously copy cat the same scenario because they compete against each other in certain terms. Satan has to have his anti-christ doing the almost same scenario with some of such being a bit different towards the climax point.

      Why did I mention this part???? Because I suspect the Antichrist will be born on the 27th. or the other possiblity is when the anti-christ starts having the power because the Red Kachina is behind Elenin. Not sure as this can be worked all around to different scenarios.

      So anyway, soon the shit will begin to hit the fan. Possible yes or no??? Again we live in perilous times and mass confusion which reigns.



  20. Amazing theories, and I rather listen to these people on History Channel’s Ancient Aliens series…than to the bunch of Rapist priest.


    • If they had 13050 yrs and we had 13000 they would be able to ….
      Anything less than 13000+/- is from our era. If airport looks 6000 yo, it’s really 13000 or a fake. Carbon dating is not accurate. It gives several possibilities and scientists gess what they think fits.
      Neither cars nor planes nor tools last 13000 yrs, only rocks.
      They might not wait to see if what you grab is legit.
      Don’t put plans on hold, live life with chin up. Birth pangs may take more time than you think.
      See that you are not deceived. TPTB have ways to make people think they see and hear things. They will fake God. They are 50+ years ahead of anything we can imagine. Antichrist is here. He is saying exactly what Hitler said only he is not screaming.
      I can’t tell if they know 90% will die or if they want 90% to die. There is a war going on btw TPTB and illuminated. Don’t get a vaccine. Die before you take the chip.
      This crap, all of it, could be the product of TPTB, ALL OF IT!
      What if HSC made a black hole, went to the core, is eating the earth, TPTB are covering it up with elenin and haarp? Sounds stupid…but…


      • no need to be very I was just basing literally between listening to this documentary and the HSC’s Ancient Aliens series.. At least HSC did good in misinforming the public rather than this lame christ piloting the elenin ship..

        Maybe Riddick is God saving us from the Purifier… (^^,)


      • I said HSC. I meant LHC. OOPS!


  21. Forgot…

    Earth rotates the direction it does, because of which hemisphere of the galactic plane it is in. As it moves through the rift it will change the direction it rotates. Like the direction water going down a drain differs with which hemisphere it is in. This is the hammering I referred to previously.


    • This one I might entertain as potentially believable.
      ~ V.


    • Hope anti-christ doesn’t start talking about everybody “paying their fair share”


    • VARA NO!!!

      The Earth’s rotational direction is pretty stable and VERY hard to change. I highly doubt that the Earth would change direction in its rotation. This just doesn’t seem physically feasible. Think about how much energy it would take just to STOP the Earth’s rotation, then add more force as it starts to spin in the opposite direction. NO way, Jose.

      Also, the water going down the drain idea is a myth. The Coriolis Effect isn’t strong enough to determine rotation of a draining toilet. There are many stronger factors which make the Coriolis Effect negligible.

      What do you mean “as it moves through the rift?” What rift? Galactic plane? I don’t buy it for a second.


      • haha. I guess text doesnt always relay mild sarcasm as well as my facial expression nate. Did you read my Other post to this guy? If you did, then came across this one, you might get the sarcasm feel.


      • You are right. Earth can’t stop. But the north pole going to where the south pole is wouldn’t stop the earth rotation, would it. It would necessarily change from counterclockwise to clockwise without stopping, though.

        I didn’t say a draining toilet. That would be a myth. Talk to a plumber. Toilets are engineered to drain a certain direction. Sinks, on the other hand are necessarily swayed by the coriolis effect. Galaxies on the otherhand are about a zillion times stronger, necessarily,

        Is there a rift other than the galactic one that pertains to the galaxy and this conversation?



      • My point in saying “What rift?” was to point out how irrelevant it is to the Earth’s rotation. The galactic rift or dark rift have nothing to do with Earth’s rotation, hence: WHAT RIFT?

        Also, how do you envision the Earth flipping 180 degrees? I still think that is not feasible.

        Even with sinks, you are overestimating the power of the Coriolis effect. There are many closer-to-home factors that influence the rotation of draining which are exponentially stronger than this effect.

        Galaxies are stronger? Are you referring to the Coriolis effect? If so, the galaxy’s rotation does not effect Earth. This theoretical galactic Coriolis effect wouldn’t have any effect, just as the earth revolving around the Sun has no effect in regards to a Coriolis phenomenon…. necessarily.


    • What about Venus? It is right next to the Earth and rotates in the opposite direction that the Earth does. Earth and Venus are on the same galactic plane, no?


      • I am not saying it’s impossible for retrograde rotation to occur in general, but I am saying that it would take a massive amount of force to change the direction of the Earth’s rotation OR to flip its poles by 180 degrees.
        Also, Venus is an anomaly and (I believe) it is the only planet alongside Uranus with retrograde rotation, at least in our solar system. Uranus is already strange because it’s pole it shifted a little over 90 degrees, making it’s axis of rotation almost parallel to the plane of our solar system.

        Each planet is locked in their own relative stable rate of rotation. Each planet has it’s own “starting point” from which another object could alter it’s rate of rotation. Thus, using Venus as an example is somewhat irrelevant.

        It’s totally possible, but I need to know WHAT could cause such a drastic change in Earth’s rotation of pole shift. Let’s say Nibiru came flying by, I still think that the magnitude of changing the direction of Earth’s rotation is way to high for a mass that is 4 Jupiter Masses.


      • ANY planet whose rotation is not in the plane of the sun’s plane HAS already shifted, for whatever reason, so don’t assume axes don’t shift. The galaxy is a HUGE motor/generator like engine. It affects anything near it. It’s a huge magnet. Earth is a small magnet. Magnets moving into the vacinity of other magnets effect each other, especially when they move from the area of one pole to the area of the other pole.


  22. @Asansaw , Great found ! 2012 the movie 9:27 + Denver ! and the Elenin link is the mostly complete I saw yet , I advise everyone to check this out !
    @Josh , the Best place far from the Sea I have notice are ; 100km from the coast and 1.500 km Over sea Level – The second option , no less 60km from the coast and be over 600meters over Sea level with some option to go higher if need … Important – be 100 km from any Volcano , 600+km from Super Volcano …. – Be over any DAM in your way , a big quake can break it and flood all around river side . – Most have a Cave or Tuner near by the place you choose . Tunnel for Shock Wave , Solar Flare class X 20 + , and Meteor Shower , and a plane place to deal with Earth Quake . The easy way to find a good place are ; Google Map on iPhone or better on IPAD . Till 2012 December , this place can be your safe heaven , a option and chance to survive any unwelcome EVENT , Nuclear , Asteroid , Tsunami etc …. watch the last documentary from History Channel ; …..I forgot the name ….:( something like Harmagedon after match , I think …. the interesting in this documentary is the fiction wife’s name in the plot ….. Hellen !! …… the documentary focus on Eletrecity fall out ! End of wather and food , Riots and violence in the big cities , thousand to die …. at the end the advice it’s clear … get out from city ! And if you notice it’s coming a solar flare class X 10 + park you car on underground parking and disconnect the battery ….. every car with electronic injection have a risk to burn out the electronic system on X 10 + the mega Solar Flare NASA warning suppose to be X 40 !! that means class Y , the killer one .


  23. @thelazydentist. . . . . Im willing to agree to your theories provided if you can indicate some time frame, for pyramid construction ect. If not a particular day month and year will do.


    • No one knows the day or the hour, only the father knows. Maybe some Seers, but nobody will believe them. When the ISS crashes to the ground, then you know something’s wrong. Planes fall, power goes out, cars won’t start, northern lights turn the sky red…everywhere. Air gets real hot, eyeballs melt.

      Bible says trumpet sounds(lightning between elenin and earth?) great(worldwide) earthquake, Trumpet, Mountain burning with fire(canary volcano?) falls into the sea. Trumpet, Star falls into river(power plants melt?), makes water bitter. Trumpet, trumpet, trumpet…, bowl, bowl,bowl…,vial, vial, vial… Are these all from God… or man…?


  24. I still like to debunk the Mayan date if 12/21/2012 because since they phrophecised that our calender has changed at least 2 times under Ceasar then Gregory so dates have seriously been blown away & if calculated from research then it would be approxiamately 12 months earlier but that can be argued because if nothing does happen this year then its another 12 months of conspiracies!


    • Correct.


    • I read that the “date” was adjusted to October 28th, 2011 once they took in to account all of the changes.


      • RB
        that is harold campings NEW DOOMSDAY DATE prediction, i think its going to go the same way as his june 2011(cant remember exact date) prediction



      • Hey Luke, I hope that all is well.
        Over the last 6 months or so, many of the Mayan followers shared how Oct 28th was in fact the date once it was adjusted for the different calendar shifts. below is one of the links depicting the same.

        Harold Campings new DOOMSDAY DATE is Oct 21st…and then he will change it again, I am sure.

        Anyways, I have been reading up on different factions of the Mayan followers and they all seem to be following the 10-28-11 date.



  25. My personal belief about ancient technology is that the alien let us borrow their amazing technology to build the pyramids. Yes, humans built them, but the architectural designs and the advanced tools that were used belonged to the Annunaki/ETs. I don’t think humans ever had the technology we had today, at least they didn’t discover it on their own. THEY HAD HELP! The Ancient Astronauts helped them build the amazing ancient cities of legend, but many “unexplanable” ancient megaliths and monuments. Their direct involvement in projects with the humans gave the people more reason to worship them!

    Thelazydentist: Get it together. Nothing you have said makes any sense. Please do some research and then get back to us. Rephrase: Please do some CREDIBLE research. It takes a certain person, like Vara, to have the sense to sift through the rubble to find the treasure.


    • agree.


      • First, sorry Erin. That last post didn’t have enough words in it and contained too much speculation, I fell off the planet. I never said I new the future.

        It’s more logical that the canary island underwater mountain that is cracked will slide into the ocean and cause a tsunami than an asteroid falling from the sky. A star falling onto all the rivers making all of them bitter, named wormwood is not very likely either. Some nuclear power plants melting down is a real possibility as it’s already happened.

        A teeny comet causing Japan’s earthquake is not likely. Jupiter and Saturn on both sides of the sun causing gravity problems makes more sense, and was actually the case.

        Occam’s razor is still really sharp. This makes more sense. Lots of people think Elenin is a harbinger, not the actual cause. It may just be a clock.

        I don’t believe in space aliens from another world built pyramids and stonehenge.. More like an advanced race from our world from a long time ago makes more sense, thats now gone because of earthquake, solar flare, flood. Something that could actually happen.

        I’m not saying that an advanced race millions of years ahead of us couldn’t come here. I just don’t think they would. If they did, they probably would see all of us drinking rocket fuel (hydrogen, oxygen) and high tail it outta here. Easier to go conquor people drinking sand or something, somewhere else.


    • I 2nd that nate..


  26. Watch the heavens, watch the sky, watch as the days go passing by. “It” will come this I know because a watcher told me so. Now I know what I must do for I have become a watcher too. When you know the end is near, watch and wait for “it” to appear. The watchers know things not of this world. They have been watching man since they were put on this earth. Watch “it’s” coming, will be here soon. Now you’ve been told the watchers are here, watch and wait because this all you can do unless you become a watcher to. 

    Remember the watchers are watching you!!!


  27. in response to Dawn

    For some reason it wont let me reply but i can post new comments

    Christianity was created to keep people under control, keeping the poor man under the thumb of society heads, it was based on simple principles: you be good your guaranteed a place in heaven, you do bad stuff your off to hell to pay for your sins in the eternal fires of damnation(of which nearly everything was a sin). But this has always been the way of everything…

    back during the time of the Caesars Christianity found its root in Rome and segregated the populace between those who believed in the roman gods and those who believed in the ONE god. Eventually these splits found their way right up to the heart of Rome and the rest is history…

    It is my opinion that we are seeing this exact same thing happening again except today the Christians started with the power and called it democracy. today the ideal of democracy is a failed ploy, it was supposed to give the little man the power but the loopholes in it were exploited by the big man to the point where the ideal became reminiscent of a myth. Now today we see the world as it is… a ruin of its former self, full of poverty, greed, corruption, malice the list goes on…. And yet countries maintain they follow the Christian ideals about life…. i dont know about you but I think most of the ten commandments prohibit a lot of this stuff. Its sad really that the world is going the way of the roman empire, and it is no longer a possibility it is a certainty; countries a collapsing bankrupt, jobless numbers a climbing, aid organizations are falling through, people are falling below the breadline meanwhile there is a 10% range of people still living the dream life on millions-billions of dollars per year…. sounds alot like the king and queen presiding over the peasants doesn’t it?

    overral its a sad state of affairs but the fact is its just history repeating itself once again, the stupid thing is we should have seen it coming and done something sooner, but now its simply too late

    ahh writing this makes me feel really low but its hard to stay optimistic about the world when you see the true face of it. I mean it even hitting NZ, new zealand has always been known for its clean green image, now we’ve got 3 oil rigs being towed from America to begin deep well drilling oil operations off the west coast, weve got china being leased conservation land for coal mining operations (of which NZ only sees royalty fees, around 1% per tonne of coal) and fracking is now going on all over the place after the governments scientific team gave it the all clear (i think some money exchange may have swayed their figures).

    im pretty sure NZ isnt the only one to have this happen recently, who else has some stories on local issues involving big money companies muscling the local council or government?



    • Jesus just said: Don’t steal, Don’t murder, Don’t covet, Love the one who created everything, Don’t worship a rock, worship the one who created the rock. etc. etc. If you do, stop. there’s still hope/time.

      Religion just made it expensive.

      Remember, America is a republic. Washington is a democracy. Our founding fathers tried to keep the democracy out of the republic. A majority rule, by ignorant people, never works. Even though it is a majority. We let it happen. Capitalism didn’t fail. Socialism invaded it and that’s why it failed. Government isn’t supposed to support the people. It’s too inefficient, too easily corrupt.

      All our industry went overseas while Government accepted bribes to let it go. They knew there wouldn’t be revenue to fund the thing but they didn’t care. They got their suitcases full of cash. Now we buy junk from overseas. The whole world is corrupt. We will keep sinking in junk until we get our industry back.


      • actually capitalism is the root of the problem, capitalism is set up so that those who have power, keep the power and have governance over the lesser, peasants if you will. Socialism is an ideal that involves free healthcare, free basic necessities, reduced prices on healthy foods and more power to the general populace… i don’t know if your just misinformed but capitalism is the worst thing to happen to the world, socialism gives people the power and gives them a voice in what goes on, personally id prefer to be one of the shepherds than part of a flock



      • I agree with Luke 100%!! I live in Sweden and along with Denmark and Norway, we’re probably the most “socialist” nations on Earth! Because of that, we are also among the most advanced, prosperous, healthy, educated, productive and not to mention HAPPY people on the planet! Just look at the despair and poverty that is now gripping the nations, who let greed, unbridled capitalism and neo-liberalism rob them of everything. The people in those countries are in debt and despair up to their eyeballs! Capitalists want more for themselves and less for everyone else and they put profit above people. That is just a sad fact. I feel sad for people who have to live under such cruel conditions. I am so glad and fortunate to be living in a compassionate, social democratic society and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Don’t let the capitalist propagandists fill your heads with childish horror stories of how bad socialism is. Scandinavia is the proof, that their tales are just that. Fairy tales meant to scare people into submitting to their oligarchical and greedy ways. The proof in the pudding, as they say. 😉

        Anyway, this isn’t a political site, so I will leave it at that and just say in closing, that I have visited other western countries and seen people begging, yes begging! outside of Walmarts and on the streets and people who don’t even have a roof over their heads! It’s true! It broke my heart to see that, because it is so unnecessary and I would not be able to live and be happy in such places where I would have to witness that kind of despair, let alone live it! Whenever someone tries to demonize socialism, please just turn your eyes to the Scandinavian countries and ask yourselves if what the fear mongers are telling you about socialism is actually true and you will find, that it isn’t. Not by a long shot.

        Long live “socialism”! (Or “social democracy” as we properly call it here) 😉

        Okay, that was all I wanted to say and now I’m off to look at UFO videos. Laters, people! 😀


  28. Wow….There are some extreme “theories”, and wild imaginations here. Too bad there are only a couple of things that I would agree with. It really rubs me the wrong way to read “as we all know” or “since it is well known” about Planet X or many other things which no one actually has any proof of. Some of you people are scaring the crap out of some of the readers who mistakenly believe everything they read. Just stick to the facts and not a bunch of personal “theories” that you dreamed about last night.


  29. time pass so fast …. next week Mercury Sun Elenin Moon Earth alignment …. it’s just next door ! what we gonna be talking next week ?! …….. if still Internet ?! hahaha


  30. Everyone in my area and surrounds received a local emergency action plan. It covers everything from fire through to severe storms. Hope you all get one too!

    Some of you research until you just can no longer see the words on a page. Some of you read sites like this one relying on those that have done research. Some of you can feel a change. Some of you see it. All in all there is an uneasy feeling world over. All anyone can do is stay alert and have an open mind.

    Each and every one of you is allowed to have an opinion. It’s how you put your opinion across that matters.

    Most of our history has been lost to us. You can do your head in trying to research everything in the past but ask yourself this…. Why are you doing this? What’s the reason behind all this research? Have you a gut feeling that something is up? Well if so shouldn’t you be trying to help yourself and others to be safe?

    Don’t see with closed eyes.

    Stay safe


  31. Thank you josh.But i have been all over this comet elenin,and Planet Nibiru to the Sumerians and Nasa and out to the galactic year,
    one of the web site i go to is Southern Comets Homepage
    .One of the only places on earth that can see comet elenin,.The last update was on the September 2011 WITH A NEW PHOTO.
    They have a small window of time see this now,,,What i am finding interesting is this Maya long count.
    Galactic Plane , ,The Earth enters a new Ice age every 102,520 years [~ 4x 25.800 or every 180 degrees of the Polaris orbit]
    The Earth passes the Galactic equator every 25,630 years [4 x 5,126 years or every 72 degrees of the Polaris orbit]
    …according to Plato, the last great flood occurred around 12.000 years ago. [25,630 / 2 or every 36 degrees of the Polaris orbit]
    The Mayan calendar restarts/shifts to a new cycle every 5,126 years [25,630 / 4 or every 18 degrees of the Polaris orbit]
    What is there at every 9 degree point (~2563 years)?
    What is there at multiples of the Polaris orbit?
    thank you all have a good day or night,,:),


  32. I have a problem the the author proclaiming that the Illuminati are showing all the truths…Why would they show us all the “truth’s” and fearful things that are too happen ? Surely this would inspire all mankind to rush to Jesus with open arms ? How do the Illuminati know when Jesus is coming as the video says ? I was broguth up as a Christian to believe that “not even the angels in heaven will know the day of the second coming…” Yet, the evil ones are said to know all about it ??? Sorry guys, Im not sold. I do believe that Jesus Christ is real but the fact that he now has to turn intot a physical being in a comet-like craft in order to save his followers is a bit suspect…All of us have been told by Christians not to belive in aliens and space ships but are now being fed a story that would win a Star Trek writer an award.
    WHAT IF….the illuminati put these films out there to odeceive mankind ? HOW ?..Show films depicting angels (with wings ofcourse for authenticity) coming down in a comet-like craft to carry all Chrisians to a blissful planet….when in reality mankind could be getting duped into walking out side with open, welcoming arms when ELENIN arrives…only to be beamed up by evil aliens, who have no intention other than to capture as many men, women and children as possible….in order to enslave then for their own eveil purposes.
    The illuminati would not show movies that will guide mankind into the light…unless their intention was to make the “beaming up process” of helpless , clueless humans a simpler one.
    Yes, Jesue may be coming, but not in a physical craft…Thye only way the illuminati would know about Christs second coming would be if God told one of his Archangels. The Bible says this is HIS secret.
    Sorry Mr Hendricks..there are some interesting facts you have shared, but the basis of the story is flawed.


    • Shakes head at Believer.
      Stop thinking like a paranoid holly wood programmed human please.
      THATS what the Iluminatti Really want. it would help thier false flag alien invasion scenario for you to spread such enslavement garbage and alien paranoia.
      Lets help you out with that.
      Aliens whom have Been around for hundreds of thousands of years visiting us, whom have interstellar capability, Freee energy, energy on stagering levels, tellepathic, interdimensional etc etc. who know thier physics. If you know your physics and can generate free near infinite energy, then you can take raw materials from gass giants and stars and create Any and every thing you need. metals oxygen, etc. We are all star stuff remember. every thing on This planet is from stars.
      Why would you capture a race of twits like us when you have ALL the raw working materials you could possibly want or need, and creat robots or clones or geneticly altered life forms that are picture “perfect” and mindless workers etc for what ever job you could possibly want a slave for? Enslaving or eradicating humans is a rediculous notion for races so advanced. Its not even cost effective.
      Next. Races that have lived So long, learned So much have little need for the petty-ness’s that we still cling to. Tellepathic races would even have difficulty hiding things from one another. so why bother. whats to hide at this level any way?
      One last thing. IF such an advanced race Did want to defeat us etc, we wouldnt get thew chance to raise a finger in resistance.
      There would be no ground assault fighting aliens in streets with guns or lazers, no ship to ship exchanges.
      They would hit us with advancements that we could not even comprehend at a distance, and we would Never see the face of the enemy.
      Biological weapons that attack parts of the human brain only. Nanites.
      Radiations like frequency specific electromagnetism which can shut you down into sleep mode like an off switch and more.
      Hell WE already have the technology to use such frequencies to put people to sleep. why wouldnt They?
      There will be no invasion for destruction and enslavement purposes.
      There is Nothing on this world that they did not put here, and tinker with for eons, that they do not already have access to out there.
      These notions are fears we generate. which Illuminatti propogate for thier own agenda’s.
      Lets not feed into them.


    • Christians taste better.


    • Christians taste better, less preservatives, more tender.


    • Dear Believer- to those who bellieve and even as it is written to be shared to all, that when Jesus comes back, even all those who pierced Him will see Him, coming back clothed in full majesty and honour ..which means they will recognise His Personhood as He was then but also more so that He has come to finish what was even said then.
      Comet Elenin in its whatever form of structure is just that, meaning it is a formation of physics which we are still comprehending at the moment and if indeed formated then it has a purpose even for mankind in this moment of infinite time-hood.


  33. The sign of the Son of man in heaven will only appear after
    1) The tribulation has started
    2) the sun is darkened, and
    3) the moon doesn’t give her light anymore, and
    4) the stars have fallen from heaven, and
    5) the powers of the heavens have been shaken.
    Matthew 24 29:30
    If this theory is true these 5 things are imminent very soon!!!


  34. Do you guys know about the hidden symbolism and messages from the illuminati given through the video game called call of duty: black ops made by treyark. On sep 22 the last of the four extensions for zombies is released called rezurrection. The four extensions include; First Strike, Ascension, Escalation and Rezurrection. Each having there own zombie map. In each map there are hidden secrets to achieve. What I’m trying to get at if your not familiar is that on the zombie map from escalation called shangri-la when trying to achieve the secrets in the gameplay there is a solar eclipse then meteor lands on top of the temple shaped like an aztec pyramid. The newest zombie map will take place on the Moon.I will keep an open mind to any reply. I would like you guys to look into that info to see if there truly is any significance. Thank you Peace,Love and Light.


  35. My mistake the first of four are first strike containing ascension. Second is escalation with call of the dead. Third is annihilation having shangri-la. Fourth is rezurrection containing moon. I also mispelled treyark it is treyarch. Peace, Love and Light.


  36. We saw pyramid on a US dollar bill. Now take a look at the swiss franc note, there is a clear message on this one about elenin !!!


    • sorry raj but that has been proven to be the path of halleys comet, note the number of planets and the fact it moves between several planets, if you look up the path of halleys comet you’ll see what i mean, its a exact match



  37. Coincidence isent


  38. You sure it’s elenin? Doesn’t look like an orbit thats thousands of years long or hyperbolic. Does look like September 26 or 27 though. Maybe YU55.

    You know? Comet elenin might be a symbol for something that happens on November 9, but not by elenin itself. Doesn’t YU55 or honda or vega or pinto come real close to earth or to another comet exactly on 11/9?

    Maybe elenin hits pinto and saves us.

    Any thoughts?


    • There is a shit load of comets/asteroids classed as NEO Near Earth Objects in fact almost 100 between now & Dec 26th so there could be some serious collisions going on but I am not going to work out all the trajectorys & orbits etc but you can see the list here & work out


  39. Comet Elenin has alternatively supposed to ” Eleven Nine or 11 November, though the more popular one is “ELevated Event Nibiru is Near”.
    it could possibly mean that after the close fly by of “whatever body” in late October 2011, the next elevated event is November 9 when Nibiru is Near.
    One can only imagine though so far at least.


  40. im sorry guys
    but the bank note depicts the path of “Halleys Comet”

    compare this to the banknote image

    case closed on this one, the elliptical patterns match and the path through the planets are almost identical if not changed for artistic design.



  41. Hi All, i am from Australia and have an aboriginal friend who received a phone call from his sister on the 18th sept, after conversing with the elders of their extended family, told my friend in these exact words ” Get Away From The Coast,…….NOW “. She then told him that they feel something was going to happen around the 28th, but unsure as to what, and the whole extended family were on their way to meet in the Kimberly Ranges 2000kms away on the other side of Australia. He has since packed his car with what he could fit in and just left the rest where it lay, he gave me a large sum of money saying ” i won’t be needing that after this week “, and he left, just like that—-Gone!. I tell you………it has really freaked me out.
    Good luck to you all……. Shitting myself.


    • hmmmm as odd as it might sound this is not an isolated event, in NZ there has been a person going around claiming that a ‘great wave and flooding’ will occur on 28th of September, at first i thought this may be just another looney but its odd that this has happened across the ditch too… im trying to find a link to it but cant atm


      • Yes well, i am sure these aren’t the only two cases. I can’t help myself but i want to know more. My family and i will be heading to the hills on tuesday 27th for a couple of days, i hope 400 – 500 metres above sea level will be enough as it is the best we can do on such short notice. Funny thing is, any other comet or astral body that is or has passed us by, has been all over the news as in eg: (if you go outside at 7:45pm and look to the east at X degrees you will see a bright star etc etc) But we have had nothing at all said about it. NOTHING ! …….Strange!!!!!!!!
        I did not even know it existed until my friend told me on the 18th, wtf
        it’s freaking me out, again.!


  42. And if nothing happens, well, we have had a few days off work which we deserve anyway.


  43. Thanks for the warning, Grant! The 28th is just a week from today. I can’t get to higher ground here in Sweden, as we don’t have any high ground! I am as high as I can get and that ain’t much. Just 150-200 meters ASL depending on which GPS’er I use. I can only hope nothing bad will happen way up here in the North, but I am not counting on it. If the shit hits the fan, I think there’s a chance the fan will be big enough to effect everyone, everywhere. If anything happens and I don’t check back in on this site after the 28th, then it’s been really nice knowing you all. It really has. It’s been both fun and enlightening. Stay safe, people!

    And now I’m going to frantically email everyone I know about this warning. Geeez!


  44. Ok from swiss franc lets move on to the next topic, which is about astronomer leonid elenin himself. (by the way we still can’t close the swiss franc topic unless and until we cross the 27 sept date).


  45. The current flow in the air is that If there is an Elenin allignment bet one of these days (Sept25-28) with the Earth and the Sun and what not, then possibly there might be an earthquake which could be large which could trigger a tsunami and more, someplace somewhere. This however could be isolated as when in Japan in March 2011 though the waves did reach the other side of the North Pacific past Hawaii but was milder unlike in Japan.
    Now(sept) though Elenin would be much closer (0.421au) to Earth as compared to as during the March2011 incident (2.099au), it still might not be worldwide. A pole shift or earth crust displacement is possible during
    a close fly , estimated to be later next month(lateOct) where the distance is even closer(0.24au) where 1.0 au is the distance between Earth- Sun.


  46. Whoa everybody, please put your pants back on and settle down OK. My lordy indeed. No one knows what the hell is going to happen next week. However I would expect some king size earthquakes due to such alignment.

    This is not the big one YET!!!!!!! The big one is next year, when your friendly Nibiru decides to say hello. In regards to Elenin, whatever final distance Elenin is being the closest to Earth, the same for Nibiru.

    Nate Nibiru can flip Earth completely 180 degrees. Why, take a look at Saturn again OK. It tilted -45 to +45 degrees. This totals a 90 degree tilt in a rather short time and if it can do that to Saturn which is the 2nd largest planet here in our solar system, sheeeeeeeeeeh, Earth is ripe for the plucking.

    You have mentioned the amount of energy that will be needed to flip earth upside down. Nibiru has that kind of energy to do such and it will grab the South Pole itself (magnetically and its gravity is opposite of earths and flip us like doing a hamburger or flipping pancakes. Whatever meal is to your taste.

    In the religious circles if you read the pages properly, it has described how Jesus went up to the sky, and the chariots and horses about and its brightness etc. If one was to translate this to todays terms and language this indicates a ship was above them and he was beamed up to that ship.Ok

    Elenin appears (from many sources) to be of intelligent control and yes it did change course. Sooooooooo…………………. lets assume for just a moment that this Elenin by appearance looks like a asteroid, cause we know its not a comet, and actually is a ship!!!! perhaps maybe Archangel Michael and crew and Jesus himself. It might sound far fetch to many of you here, but this sound plausible as one of the logical answers that can be surmised per se.

    I however find it quite intriguing that some amateur russian with a flimsy telescope can spot Elenin way out at Plutos distance with all the negatives regarding telescopes. That is why they put these telescopes up high on mountains to get away from low level ground distortions etc. Also what bothers me too here is NASA knew of this Nibiru a good 50 plus years ago.

    Now we go to American Indians right, they speak of the Blue and Red Kachina’s. The Blue is supposed to be the good guys, and the Red is the evil one known as the Destroyer.

    Somebody here mentioned the Anti-Christ is already here. No its not true cause right now we have worldwide problems. If the Anti-Christ was around, all the problems would be getting solved and at the same token will also so signs up in the sky. The one we have now here is Lucifer, aka Satan. Yes this one is here but cannot appear because its in a spiritual form. As I mentioned before if one scene was done such has to be copied from another. Jesus was here over 2K years ago. Ok. Now Satan also will do the very same thing. However 2 witnesses will appear before all this, and they too will have power to alter the weather and cause havoc and problems all around the world and it will cause the Nations to get so angry at them to hunt them down and have them executed.

    This part is just mere speculation Ok, that I suspect next week the evil Anti-christ will be born. There is going to be no grand announcement on this one. It will be a quiet event, but Earth will definitely do a bunny hop of some kind. If this happens to be true, then we have I think 12 years before this one has and receives the power. 2011 + 12 makes is what guys??? 2023 OK> In my opinion I think right now we are already at 2016 which I have done is corrected the yearly calendar to the proper dates HAVING A ZERO. Zero is a year believe it or not. OK. We have 1700, 1800, 1900, 2000 and these are known as zero years.

    So…………… 2016 +12 makes it officially 2028, OK and add 3.5 years to this makes it 2031. This is the exact same time period when Jesus was crucified!!!!! and also will be the year when the abomination of desolation of the temple will take place. Ahhhhh, now the Tribulation begins and the rest of the signs will follow in short order.

    Oooooooooops did I tell everybody a secret here. Yes is my answer to the doggone dimwit calendar. However the years given is mere hypothectical at most. I don’t know when all this will take place. Even Jesus said he does not know but only his Father. BUT I wonder how so??? Both of them have been competing since the beginning of time. If this happens then, I will be dead already and won’t see it at all. Also we have a rainbow that appears after a rain storm. This is there for a reason. Its the covenant and promise from God that Earth will not go thru another flood again. If you read the prophecies correctly this time around the Destruction will be by FIRE. Now if all of you were to use your imagination for just a moment, this Fire Destruction has to be rapid and be done globally. So what can do this????? Give it some thought.

    Right now the world is on the verge of a major economic collapse. We already know the Illuminati are running out of cash and they have been pretty much neutralized, lost 2 underground cities by courtesy of the Pentagon nuking it up, plus other things. Yes a change is coming soon.

    I don’t know the exact timeline order of all of this, cause its complicated to say the least.

    Regardless right now we await the Blue Kachina. We need to take each step one at a time OK. I also understand many of you are on the verge of hitting the panic button, but alas hold your ground and your sanity OK. The Blue is not the danger, but the RED is.

    If they do come down to spirit away the people, don’t gnash your teeth and don’t turn around to go back to fetch something unless its absolutely legit, (but I don’t know what is legit to them) but they will give you time to choose etc, otherwise such actions will basically say to them it means to say you refused. It will get so bad in these perilous times even the elect will be deceived. If you do go, I have no idea where they will take you.

    However again something else comes into play. We do know this asteroid is a hyperbolic one. Means to say this passing is a ONE TIME DEAL, and it will be gone and leave this solar system never to return. Soooooooooooooooo with this in mind, what about Nibiru??? Soooooooo many questions when one stops to think here about this and about that etc., ehhhhhhhhhhhhh.

    That is why I said hold your ground and hang on to your sanity and use common sense OK Granted on the things I have said here in this post looks like a puzzle all crossed up, but like I said I am not sure on how the timeline will fall into place. If you can fit all this together in a nice timeline, post it so I can see it myself.

    Good Luck to all.



    • Dear Daveyo- Jesus did say though that when it was times- up times, those who are His sheep should not have difficulty knowing / deep sensing that it is so. Well, it is past harbinger stage now….
      Also on the matter of Anti Christ being just born around now/next week? …well..that very possibly NOT as he is very likely already onto the world stage.
      All said, yet ONLY the FATHER KNOW WHEN exactly yet the sensing is there now!


    • Ooooh Daveyo.
      You are Lucky you write such long Looonnng LONG winded posts.
      I sit at my desk with a pencil and pad when reading posts and jot down little things that I read in a post that need correcting or debunking or a retort of some sort. This makes it easier to keep track of them so I dont miss any when I start writing.
      But I get to the second or 3rd paragraph of your posts and I have so many notes joted down that I start laughing.
      Buy the end of the post I have SO many things that need to be or Should be commented on or correwcted etc, that I literally feel daunted by the task.
      Then I think to my self, is this guy just NOT going to see sense and debate each point for the next 13 posts back and forth just for the sake of NEEDing to be right weather or not he is or isnt? Then I think of the work ahead of me should I decide to undertake that task.
      Dont even get me started about when you go off on a tangent about things that have nothing to do with any thing like they needed addressing.😉
      In the end, I just scrunch up the paper of near 20 points that need addressing and toss it into the Daveyo waste bin BESIDE the normal garbage can beside my desk. lolol.
      So, I throw my hands up in the air, and revert to my old reliable established system of a one word comment.
      Hhaha. good to have ye back ol boy. any chance you could shrink those comments down to a readable addressable size. I start to breeze out about half way through.


      • i wish this comment had a like button attached to it, but alas it does not. im in total agreeance with you vara, so daveyo could you please listen to reason instead of following every bread crumb trail thrown before you? it’d be nice to have some meaningful debating again instead of 1 or 2 people sticking to their disproved points like they’re gospel readings



      • I third that.

        Ditto. Ditto. Ditto.

        Can I get an amen?


  47. Next week will surely be interesting.
    Var, Luke, Nate and a few others have mentioned before that we should watch for the “elite”…and keep an eye out for them going underground etc.

    With Obama going under on 9-27, plus the fact that he is “testing” the ‘cocked pistol’ (going to DEFCOM 1) on the 27th
    …coupled with the issue of the elenin/earth/sun alignment…;orb=1;cov=0;log=0;cad=0#orb
    …next week should in fact be interesting to say the least.
    Watching those that know might better help us prepare. That makes sense.
    Can we all agree on that?
    It might also help to see where any major conferences might be going on around the world. This would give us a better idea of where the worlds “elite” might feel safest.

    Secondly, there is nothing wrong with being prepared for possible floods/earthquakes/etc…so please, get prepared. Not in a panic mindset…but just get what you need for a month to help your family.


  48. Good post,,,,you all have a good day,,,1000 Suns


  49. Upcoming events:

    2011 Annual Meetings of the World Bank Group and the International Monetary Fund
    Washington, D.C – September 23-25, 2011

    And I picked this up on GLP:

    Operation Mountain Guardian Emergency Exercise
    Sept 23, 2011

    full scale emergency exercise
    take place in 10 different locations in the Denver metro area on Friday Sept 23, 2011
    involve first responders from 81 (9×9) agencies
    loud noises
    simulated weapons
    emergency vehicles
    other equipment that will be audible and visible throughout the day.

    On a side note, Daveyo said this:

    “If they do come down to spirit away the people, don’t gnash your teeth and don’t turn around to go back to fetch something unless its absolutely legit, ” […]

    And I was thinking about that and about being prepared and such and then later I came across this pic and it made me laugh. I hope it’s okay to add a little comic relief to this thread. All this doom stuff gets a little heavy sometimes, so here’s something to lighten the load. I hope that’s okay. 🙂


    • Emergency space travel poncho Blondie?
      Thats Priceless. hahaha Thax!
      ~ V.


      • LOL! Yes! When the aliens come to get us, just look for the crazy blonde wearing a bright yellow poncho with a cat under one arm and a six-pack of beer under the other (totally legit things to bring along btw) and you’ll know it’s me!! LOL 😀

        I’m glad it made you smile, Vara. Thank you. 😉


  50. Here’s a link about Operation Mountain Guardian;

    One of the secondary places this exercise will take place is at…. wait for it…. Denver International Airport! LOL


    • More than just a little suspiscious.
      If it was nation wide it would be Very scary.
      One wonders whats being covered up in the Denver area.
      ~ V.


  51. Ever heard of earth overshoot day??? Also check the date !!!


  52. The name of the exercise got me wondering. “Mountain Guardian”. I seem to recall having read or heard something about that the underground tunnels under the airport were connected to some mountain facility somewhere which has a bunker inside? Was it named Yucca Mountain? I can’t remember and for the life of me I can’t even remember where I heard or read about it. Does anyone have any info about an underground connection between the airport and a mountain?


    • its not breaking news yet, they still have to retest it and re do the figures to make sure they don’t repeat their fumble in 07′ when they thought they broke it but in fact had a huge percentage of error. heres to hoping though, a breakthrough in physics would be a major discovery after decades of quiet



        We already knew some elements can move faster than light. Tachyons for example.
        A law of physics is Only a Law till some one either disproves it or out right breaks it.
        Life is but a Dream.


      • yes i agree vara it is but a law, and like all laws, must be tested. Nothing is set in stone… The SURPRISE behind it is the fact that it has been PROVEN with only a 10 nano second error (or so they think) meaning that it has been ratified. until anything passes this stage its pure speculation and theory… long gone are the days when you could test it yourself and get a result that could be published, nowadays they have to wait years while other facilities carry out their tests and re-run the numbers to cross check errors in calculation.

        yes Einstein was limited by his mathematical thinking on this occasion but he was (and i believe would be) open to the concepts of science fiction, there were several other projects he began to delve into which he never followed up on, especially after defecting to the US and finding his atomic bomb being used to kill innocents. The unified field theorem was one such which i have a great interest, it involved the idea that all matter was locked into interconnecting fields and that we could tap into these fields and use the energy from them as a power source or even to travel inter dimensionally, unfortunately Einstein stopped this endeavor and burnt his notes after seeing the damage his research had done and no one else has come close to where we believe that he was up to.



    • They were claiming to break the light in 2000:

      This article is all over the internet, yet is no longer active on it’s original site.

      And Einstein only thought the speed of light could not be exceeded because his mathematical formulas use c as a constant. Acknowledging that the speed of light could be broken would have shattered many, if not all, of his theories. Mathematics was the reason for his fame (E=mc^2 and all that jazz), but it is also his biggest weakness. Mathematics leaves no room for the concept of infinity, yet we live in an infinite universe.

      Time is not a boundary and never has been. Ironically, it’s all about relativity. If you were traveling the speed of light, YOU would still feel like time were passing “normally.”

      The term time dilation is relative because you need two points in time from which to compare it. Your observer would notice a change in time while observing you. Also, you would notice a change in time while looking at the observer, but your friend next to you would feel time pass at the same rate as you.

      The idea of time stopping is just dumb in my opinion.



  53. More earthquakes/volcanic stirring quite possibly expected now that more large CMEs already observed directed Earth’s way now.
    This with the closing in, of Comet Elenin which quite possibly is causing the above in the first place, does add this all up.


  54. I watched this video and I have to say that I am disturbed by it. I’m not saying that it’s completely preposterous…but I AM saying that Jesus warns us there will be those who come saying that Jesus is Christ and because they mix that truth with a little bit of lie…many will be deceived by “strong delusion” 2nd Thessalonians 2:11 Be prayerful about this people. Study the scripture and fast and pray. Here’s some to start out with: Gen 6:9, 10:8, Psalm 78:49, Isaiah10:3,13:26, Daniel 2:43, 7:23, Habbakuk 1:5-8, Matthew 24, Luke 17:2, Ephesians 6:12, Thessalonians 2:11, 5, Revelations 6:3, 9:7-11, 16:2.


  55. Real facts about comet Elenin
    Published on September 26, 2011
    Written by: Leonid Elenin

    At this moment the comet disintegrated into a large number of small fragments, which we may be able to see with the large telescope at the early October;

    The fragments of the comet did not change it path and will be flying by orbit of the comet, i.e., not will come to the Earth closer than 35 000 000 km;

    Currently the comet Elenin is not visible on the images from the SOHO and STEREO spacecrafts;

    Comet visible on images from the spacecraft STEREO-B (HI-1 camera) is comet 45P / (Honda-Mrkos-Pajdusakova);

    Comet Elenin, even if not disintegrated, do not eclipse the Sun, the density of a comet’s gas envelopes (coma) is negligible and earthly observer would not have noticed this event;

    The Earth will not pass through the tail of the comet, because at now it does not exist;

    The comet will not cause and couldn’t do any harm to us and our planet.
    today is the “day” of the alignment.