Dark Moon UFOs Align Above Earth

Dark Moon UFOs Align Above Earth – September 14, 2011

Real or Fake what do you think.

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Source and author: Streetcap1 (youtube)

5 responses to “Dark Moon UFOs Align Above Earth

  1. ABC15: UFO – Lights in Phoenix Valley Sky Cause a Stir, Sept 17, 2011

    “GILBERT, AZ – For the second time this week , lights seen moving through the Valley sky prompted much speculation. But it turns out the lights were likely nothing strange at all.
    We began receiving reports from several East Valley residents who saw the set of lights just before 7:30 p.m. Saturday.
    Video footage from ABC15 viewer Nicole Cuellar showed the lights going in a circular motion and streaking through the sky as residents watched below.
    While the sighting caused quite a stir, it turns out the lights were likely nothing strange at all.
    The Gilbert Constitution Fair was held Saturday night, with skydivers scheduled to make an appearance over the event at 7:15 p.m.
    Several viewers reported on the ABC15 Facebook page that the divers were carrying flares as they made their way toward the ground.
    This marks the second time this week that glowing lights in the Arizona sky have sparked curiosity.
    On Wednesday night, residents across the Southwest witnessed a “glowing object” fly across the night sky .
    A NASA scientist said Thursday the brilliant light was most likely a piece of asteroid that entered Earth’s atmosphere.”


  2. Surely it is not inconceivable that there are missions of various kinds to the earth’smoon by other lifeforms who could be akin to masters of the universe by now.
    That at this juncture of earthhood, there may be an increased presence of these totally unknown lifeforms for purposes only known to them, is also not unfathomable, since we earthllings are indeed of finite comprehension thus far.


  3. These images could be showing secret military craft. Until ET turns up on our doorstep I will keep an open mind about whether aliens are actually in our solar system. It would be arrogant to imagine they dont exist but I’m perplexed to why they dont make there presence official.


  4. Looks like a metroid!


  5. the19 /06/2013 i had seen the same object at 22.30 pm with my big téléscope and i have the photo.