Huge UFO Craft filmed over San Antonio, Tx. – Sep 14, 2011

A huge UFO craft was filmed over San Antonio, Tx. on September 14, 2011

Witness: As I was facing west I notice this huge glowing object traveling east.I could clearly see this object was no aircraft .No FAA navigational light’s were visible.

So I quickly crabbed my camcorder for a closer observation. As I began filming this huge unknown object multiply lights could be seen. This UFO appears to be a solid craft.

On the video you can see this object to be emiting some kind of glowing energy. While I was filming unknown, the lights configuration began to change. When zooming in multiply lights were diff were shape.

I did not see any FAA lights/hear any noise coming from this unknown object. In my opinion Clearly an UNIDENTIFED FLYING OBJECT. This was an awesome sighting due to as it appears to be One solid object and the size of this object seemed to be enormous.

This huge glowing object was clearly no aircraft or satellite.

Source and author:  (youtube)

8 responses to “Huge UFO Craft filmed over San Antonio, Tx. – Sep 14, 2011

  1. That IS really strange, the object seems to morph into different configurations. Very exciting catch!


  2. this is to low res to even think that hes looking on into the sky, this could be a torch light behind a bush for all we know and the bush is changing the light patterns

    too inconclusive



  3. What more you want Luke?? This person provides a video of seeing a UFO, but you also claimed to see a UFO but could not produce a snapshot or a video. So with this in mind, I suggest you quit being a doubter so much as you have belittled this persons efforts.

    Can you prove its a bush with lights or a torch light as you say Luke?? Do ask the filmer that question and tell us his answer and we will double check to verify it too.



    • Daveyo
      i make observations on what i see and what is provided to me.

      It is common knowledge that the general public want, no… will NEED some damming proof to actually believe any of this, i even stated in my description of events that i was unable to prove to anybody the validity of my claims from what i saw but gave streets and directions etc and am currently working on a couple of snapshots in Photoshop to depict the event (will forward to you when done).

      My style of research is to be a quiet optimist, looking for that one damming element of proof, im sorry but even you would have to admit video clips like this aren’t going to get us anywhere… i don’t think being realistic is a crime, its not debunking and its not doubting, i merely say what the general public, who aren’t ardent believers in phenomenon outside our planet, would say about this type of thing, nothing more, nothing less.

      im sorry if it seems that my posts of late are always of a debunkers nature but im yet to see anything rivaling the activity we saw early in 2011, when i first joined this site and was constantly fascinated by videos of the triangle orb configuration in countries from around the world. I can remember when they left all of a sudden we were left thinking we are in phase two of the ‘contact’ scheme… but as of yet i haven’t seen any signs of anything bubbling over.

      All we have at the moment is lots of articles detailing NWO, elenin and a few small time UFO sightings… im waiting for the BIG days to come, because until that happens there is no chance of the few of us who believe to ever educate the blind masses in the induced coma of the TV signal.

      I would also like to apologize for my outbursts at you and other members at certain past times, im rather edgy lately for reasons i cannot disclose on here and id like to leave it at that…



  4. i have pictures of the same craft over pflugerville tx on sep 10 20 miles north of austin


  5. ill try and post the pics from my cell


  6. Watching all these orbs around our planet does remind me more of the movie “The Day the Earth Stood Still” and now all the BS goverment cover ups & prophecy codes etc take us into the movie “Knowing” haha strange how are minds are programmed as we are reminded by fiction that seems to actually be happening all over the planet!