Millions of Fish found Dead in China’s Minjiang River!

Millions of dead fish were recently discovered floating in China’s Minjiang River, in the Shuikou Township section of East China’s Fujian province.

Some 9,000 tanks of fish, including about 8,000 in Shuikou town and some 1,000 in Huangtian town, were reported dead. One tank usually holds 3,500 to 5,000 fish. Read more at

Two days before the massive 9.0+ magnitude earthquake struck off the coast of Japan, millions of dead fish were found mysteriously blanketing waters at King Harbor Marina in Redondo Beach, Calif. naturalnews

Just a coincidence, or a sign of worse things to come?

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7 responses to “Millions of Fish found Dead in China’s Minjiang River!

  1. Lets see, i am no expert when it comes to “seisemic” matters but then again, if i were to just postulate like as if some “rookie detective”, then this is how it goes:

    “days prior to Fukushima, jAPAN, there was this mass fish dying incident right across parallel the North Pacific Ocean, at the Harbour Marina California.

    and now, there is this similar mass fish dying incident in Fujian Province East China, geographically, just below Japan but above Taiwan and the when taken parallel across the North Pacific Ocean, would be placed somewhere around Lower California or Baja California with San Diego, Los Angeles and Sans Fransisco cities being just above north.
    As is said it is a POSTULATION !!
    …of course there could be a definite analysis, if anyone can.

    ps. another important point is that these fujian fish deaths occured in a river while the prior to Fukushima occured in a harbour…so it MIGHT NOT be a good comparison though one can be wrong here.


  2. This is so sad😦 .Sea creatures have been dying since January 2011. Not a good sign


  3. I heard recently of a huge contaminate spilled into that river and may be responsible for this phenomenon. Boring video and only three pics. We could of just read bible hour. As there is no pertinence or solidity to your findings. Let me remind you Jesus will arrive like a thief in the night. No one will know when he comes not even the POPE.


  4. I think its only natural that fish would be killed in the millions from that earthquake as it would of poisoned the ocean from gas, sulphides & heat.
    possibly many fish were sucked in then thrown back out during the tsunami & slowly drifted to that area or maybe when they were sucked in they have gradually surfaced through under sea caves that lead to that area.
    the other possibility is radiation from the water that is suddenly effecting certain fish but am sure they would find levels of radiation in those fish to confirm that!


  5. Who knows, with what the Chinese dump into their rivers and lakes.


  6. i think that fish thing is amazing & i know somethings not right there.
    where is that elenin comet as of today ?
    very interesting times lol