X-37B and HTV-2 Falcon: The orbital drones of USAF/NASA, triggering world wide earthquakes?

The X-37B is an American unmanned vertical-takeoff, horizontal-landing(VTHL) spaceplane and the spaceplane’s first orbital mission, USA-212 was launched on 22 April 2010. A second X-37B mission on 5 March 2011.The mission was classified and described by the US military as to test out new space technologies.

The HTV-2 Falcon (Hypersonic Technology Vehicle 2) is an crewless, aircraft developed as part of the DARPA Falcon Project capable of flying at 21,000 km/h (13,000 mph) The Falcon HTV-2 is supposed to fly through the atmosphere at 13,000 mph. That’s 20 times faster than the speed of sound, and fast enough to fly from New York to Los Angeles in 12 minutes.

The first HTV-2  flew on 22 April 2010 and DARPA lost contact with the vehicle nine minutes into the flight. The second HTV-2  flew on 11 August 2011 and again DARPA lost contact with the vehicle and exactly after nine minutes into the flight, like the first flight.

Both flights of the HTV-2 Falcon ended prematurely and till now still missing!!

X-37B and HTV-2 Falcon triggering world wide Earthquakes? The analysis in the following videos may give the answer to this question.

The X-37B

Since I saw the videos of “HAARPWillNOTbeSilent“, where he points the synchronicity between the orbital path of the space drone X-37B, with earthquakes and aftershocks in Japan and Honduras, in March and April, I started to track it down for a couple of months and do my own investigation.

Through online real-time satellites tracker, I’ve collected several data which allowed me to match its flight history with the timing of specific earthquakes all over the world.

I’ve obtained large evidence that this robotic orbital vehicle is a lethal weapon which might be causing artificial EQs in specific coordinates. And after lots of long discussions in forums, about the subject, I finally made up my mind that was time to make this video.


In 24 hrs a M5.3 earthquake struck the Colorado and a M5.8 hit the Virginia and was felt all over the East Coast of USA. While many seismologists have stated that these quakes were very unusual, the American people is very concerned about a correlation between this tectonic activity with the New Madrid Fault.

In the next 24 hrs a M7.0 hit the northeast of Peru and was felt in Brazil and Ecuador.

I have put some data and my own analysis in this video, which might or not help with further researches on the subject.

It sounds crazy and I’m not saying it’s true, but it would be possible that the real nature of the Comet Elenin is HTV-2 Falcon and/or false flags of environmental disasters created by secret military technology with the objective to create a New World Order ( NWO )!?

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  1. “It sounds crazy and I’m not saying it’s true, but it would be possible that the real nature of the Comet Elenin is HTV-2 Falcon and/or false flags of environmental disasters created by secret military technology with the objective to create a New World Order ( NWO )!?” …


  2. There is only one reason for these for it so be classified, its a bit like Dr No “James Bond” to destroy the Earth & keep the Elite!

    Lets just see what happens then here is the live tracking of the X-37B

    What is more of a concern is if this is anywhere near to the UARS re-entry then we have a lot more raining down on us than first thought!


  3. Not buying it. its just another distraction.


  4. John Lee Sullivan

    Don’t you think, the HTV-2 looks very similar in shape, to the UFO spotted flying around the Moon a couple of months back?


  5. Hmm…most interesting indeed !!
    Well, what could be the “specifics” from this as to the most recent 6.9 earthquake in Sikkim..Nepal..Tibet??
    I would rather lean elsewhere though as of yet…
    Morever tectonic/shelf movements have naturally become more rampant due to scientifically proven sun spot cycles peaking and the resultant electomagnetic effect on the earth’s magnetic core itself.


  6. That X37B must have some serious turbine power to be able to VTOL, the harrier jump jet and f35 Joint Strike Fighter VTOL variant struggle to VTOL with a single turbine (the JSF needs two), this thing is huge, Im more interested in what powers this thing to allow it to lift its hulk off the ground. To VTOL a craft needs to create a downward thrust capable of out weighing both gravity and its mass to lift it off the ground, then it needs to be able to maneuver its thrusters into a position to accelerate forward without dropping back to the ground. I seriously think they’re tinkering with some back engineered power source if this thing is capable of a VTOL takeoff…

    the planes im talking about, for those who don’t know them




  7. Rule number one, before jumping to any conspiracy theories, is to always remember that correlation does not imply causation. Even the correlation seems a bit iffy to me. I am just not seeing enough evidence that these planes could cause earthquakes, nor any reason WHY they would do so, or HOW. All in all, there is not a lot to go on, so for now, I am unconvinced the planes’ whereabouts and the earthquakes are in any way connected.


    • agreed, i think this article is one of those ones someone dreams up to get noticed but sometimes they go beyond believable and end up in crazyville