Second big satellite ‘ROSAT’ is headed earthward

Even if NASA’s 6-tonne UARS satellite does not cause any injury or damage when it re-enters the Earth’s atmosphere today, there is more space junk headed our way next month. A defunct German space telescope called ROSAT  ( 2,4-tonne ) is set to hit the planet at the end of October – and it even is more likely than UARS to cause injury or damage ( 1 in 2000 chance of injury ) in populated areas.


ROSAT Website

Source and author: newscientist

2 responses to “Second big satellite ‘ROSAT’ is headed earthward

  1. i like this site,for many reasons.There are many people who that i don’t like.they know who they R!…anyways,yesterday i was wondering why R cheap news feed did not warn us about the solar flare kickin out ,let alone a not dumb,..


  2. Ha ha i remember watching the news about this they said to make sure you wear helmets what’s that going to do lol. never the less i think it will probably burn into smaller pieces as it enters the atmosphere but its still going to hurt :s