They’re on tour again: UFOs over Istanbul, Australia, Bulgaria, Oregon, Tucson, Texas, Illinois, Auckland NZ

They’re on tour again (they’ve been making the ’rounds).

Composition of the most remarkable UFO sightings from September 22 to September 27, 2011.

In our previous posts we reported: UFOs – Cloaked Object in the sky over Denver – Sep 22, 2011 and Morphing Object filmed over over Greece – Sep 22, 2011

We continue with:

UFO filmed over Oregon on September 22, 2011

Triangle UFO formation over Istanbul – Sep 24, 2011

Witness: My mom saw some weird objects flying.

I had my IPhone with me and captured some footage before they disappeared

Filmed in Adelaide South Australia September 24, 2011.

Started of as 1 single light than until several lights could be seen. This thing was extremly bright when it wasn’t dimming, extremly large and very low to the ground before vanishing.

About 45 minutes later there were a convoy of helicopters a couple planes and a military jet in the area and surrounding area scouring the sky until shortly after sunrise.

UFO Triangle Formation filmed in Sozopol, Bulgaria – Sep 24, 2011

Sozopol (Bulgarian: Созопол) is an ancient seaside town located 35 km south of Burgas on the southern Bulgarian Black Sea Coast.

The first settlement on the site dates back to the Bronze Age. Undersea explorations in the region of the port reveal relics of dwellings, ceramic pottery, stone and bone tools from that era. Many anchors from the second and first millennium BC have been discovered in the town’s bay, a proof of active shipping since ancient times.

More UFO sightings: ( redirected to youtube account )

UFOs over Tucson – September 22, 2011

UFOs over Auckland NZ – September 27, 2011

UFOs over Stickney Illinois – September 27, 2011

UFOs over Hurst, Texas – September 25, 2011

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14 responses to “They’re on tour again: UFOs over Istanbul, Australia, Bulgaria, Oregon, Tucson, Texas, Illinois, Auckland NZ

  1. i saw a strange light moving the night of the 24th (sept) in colorado springs. it appeared to be red and circular, it was suddenly in the north and it seemed to move to the south very quickly, and then it suddenly darted east, and when i expected it to move to the east until it was out of sight it suddenly vanished. never seen anything move like that. i have only 2 explanations, it was nasa’s stupid satellite (atmospheric distortion) or it was a ufo. they claim the satellite couldn’t be seen from my location at the time i saw the light, tho the time was correct according to projected travel path, it was just supposedly too far north. so i dunno. i caught a picture but it’s a REALLY bad picture. tho there’s clearly a light, and with my crappy camera, a light showing up means more than just an airplane. plus, i watched an airplane come from the north soon after. difference was like night and day.


  2. I had a dream two weeks ago about UFOs coming (along with a dream of famine in the US the next night). In the dream, aliens did not appear, but they were able to communicate with us and suddenly all of the color paradigm was flipped and they said that reality was finally being lifted from its distortion of the last several hundred years.


  3. Its starting again!

    to recent members, back in December 2010 there was a major surge in world wide sightings that lasted through until late February early March, climaxing in January with sightings of “Highways in the sky” filled with 200 plus ufo orbs, many vids of these orbs have been taken down from youtube but still alot of them remain:

    I haven’t watched this completely but it does detail alot of the sightings around the world

    These sightings look like phase two is about to begin, back during the first mass sightings Daveyo and I theorized that these guys are probably on a surveying mission and that these craft were “UAV probes” of the UFO sort (Unmanned Arial Vehicle), but now it seems they’re back again… but to what purpose. I thought they were scanning our terrain, resources, population densities etc, but who knows this could even be the start of the false flag initiative.

    these next few weeks will be interesting indeed if these sightings continue



  4. Douglas Gardner

    the Oregon film was so obviously a hoax, it was a pickup truck with some blinking lights attached !


  5. Are you serious! Why would you post or show a video of a Tow Truck and call it a UFO Oregon, 9/22/11, Amazing close up? How stupid can people be and not tell its a Tow Truck at night!


    • agreed that’s definitely a tow truck in that vid, but the NZ one is odd, ive seen one myself similar to it unfortunately i didn’t have my camera on me as i was just coming back from work and don’t like to leave an HD camera in my car in the main city parking lot, shiny stuff attracts low-life’s lol


    • The possibility is that these UFOs did have a lot of time at hand considering non event of 3 days of


  6. somethings going on around .. these stories are soon gonna bring fear around the globe. because the worse is yet to come and is feared… !!!!


  7. better believe these sightings-as sources are indicating an increase in ufo visibility on a global basis with the mount of massive ufo activity around the sun and surrounding regions of space there defnately something cooking here and it aint hoaxes-well not all of it unless you know what to look for ive been in the SETI business long enough-30 years to know whats a hoax image and whats a real ufo images ive seen these blokes in my time-already-in all shapes n sizes-so when i look at these images and others i know whats real an whats fake


  8. It is SO hard to tell anymore with all of the tricky things people can do with cameras and video. Very frustrating. I still say the best ones (most convincing) ever caught on film were the ones in Mexico that spun around and released all of the little ones out of them, and the one (also) from Mexico that looked like a giant flying seed pod from a liquid amber tree that was chasing a car. All of that footage was taken during daylight, and had XLNT points of referrence for comparison.
    Personally, I am really hoping that the giant pyramids over Moscow and China were the real deal , but with so many jokers trying to set us all up, who knows?!


  9. The saying “a camera never lies” unfortunateley has died from what we see in photos & videos posted on the net.
    Many of these are convincing but we all know that our goverments have many space age flying machines that are in our skies at night so we never really know if these are ET’s or just our military flybys.


  10. No matter what occurs in the sky, don’t hold your breath for true “Disclosure” from the US, even though Mexico, France and Argentina have come very close. About as close we come is having a section in the Firemen’s training manual which describes how to handle UFOs and ETs


  11. What would you do if we dint have power anymore? Where would you get you food water and supplies? Do you have a place you can go that has power? If there was ever an EMP attack we would be greatly effected! Be prepared and buy a space in a survival bunker!


  12. two many of these and all ufo videos are obvious fakes involving lights reflected off a pane of glass etc.while filming ,some are lens filters or other trick photography its not worth looking them up any more ,and if you were an alien who wants to be seen it can’t be worth the trouble anymore either. but, i swear if i could get my hands on these a-holes who jiggle and shake and swoosh the camera everywhere BUT where the supposed ufo is – i’d break the d##### camera. it makes you wonder what they are doing with the other hand… i don’t believe in ufos , i know beyond any possible doubt they are real and TRYING to be seen so we will accept the existence of life elsewhere ; so we could get used to the idea. these a-holes make that impossible. one worries though, what will it cost us one day when we lack the tech to save ourselves and have no communication lines set up because of a bunch of low lives who , i think , are just worried about a tech that might make it possible to discover their crimes against humanity. i hope they don’t kill us all with their lies.j.