Four UFOs hovering over Pudong, China – Sep 27, 2011

Four UFOs hovering over Pudong, China – Sep 27, 2011

Note: Russian, Former Soviet Republics, and Chinese authorities have made a co-ordinated effort to understand the UFO topic and that State military organizations, particularly in Russia, have done “considerably more work (than is evident from open sources)” on military applications which have stemmed from their UFO research

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  1. the authors page on youtube has been suspended. strange!!


  2. apophisis99942. April 14th 2029. that s the only date im concerned with, and the fact the sun spot is growing, and the next revolution of the sun there may be 60% chance of x class flares. as for Elenin , Extinction Level Event Nibiru is.Near. what is near? in terms of space near could be 100 a.u. away lol. and what is the n stands for something else? might be a government hoax to put us into another false panic. they could use some type of device to omit a hologram to fool us all. sad thing is no seems to care and are ready for the world to end. at least that s the consensus in the south-east. if something is gonna happen like that then there’s nothing anyone could do about it anyway. so just live your life, and hope Johnson and Johnson don t create a cure for cancer. i hate zombies : P


  3. Predictions for October 2011
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  4. realisticThinker21

    truth is, no one knows what the future holds. Its best not to panic over something we cannot stop. If god wants us to go out the way its planned then so be it. Do not be afraid of whatever the “government” has planned we are the people who have a choice. We’re at eatchothers throats easily when in reality the government doesnt stand a chance against us if we worked together. Do not live in fear, enjoy everyday as if there was no tommorrow.


  5. CGI bullshit & lanterns that are faked by clever people and only ever witnessed by beleivers! I have seen a living fire bteathing dragon on the Indonesian Islands of fire but nobody beleived me but who cares? Maybe soon the dragons will be seen by many but there is more chance of that tham ever seeing an ET!


  6. Ok here is the fire breathing dragon link.