Strange phenomenon in Colombia South America – Smoke from the ground – Sep 29, 2011

The phenomenon appeared, paradoxically, with the last downpour when a girl was burned with a piece of land was burning under his feet.

Trying to locate the root of the flames have not found anything, just more fire and more smoke, as Tilve says Antonio, a member of this community.

The area has been cordoned off by authorities while trying to environmental agencies to establish the causes of this strange phenomenon where the earth burns.

The Committee for Prevention and Attention of Disasters, made up of several District agencies on alert at the odd smoke and fire, which remains concerned at least 15 families living in the sector.

If anyone cares to translate the actual words spoken in this video, It would be much appreciated!

We received from our regular reader Mr. space-cakes the following translation:

The Secretary of interior disrticts has revealed details about a series of studies, performed by the Facultad de Química de la Universidad de Cartagena after the apparition of fire and smoke in a part of the highway belonging to the sector of “17 de Mayo”, from the neighborhood of Henequén.

(old man speaks)
“Yesterday, experts and firemen came here to take samples from the ground; samples which diagnosed positive in Phosphorous. There is no explanation to why is there is phosphorous found on the floor, since this area does not belong to the sector in which garbage is stored and treated in their respective facilites. Either someone threw phosphorous or unintentionally leaked it around this area. The recommendation was to make a study of the area of extent in which the phosphorous may reach and its depth as well to be able to proceed to remove the chemicals.”

The people that live near keep on protesting because of the damages this event is causing, not only to their health but also to the earth.

(lady speaks)
“We have to use masks since this smell is so putrid and at the same time acidic, that even the stink reaches our homes and stays impregnated. At least, last night was a night we couldn’t sleep due to the smell.”

At the mean time, the mayor’s office of the town has ordered to move the affected population away until the matter is settled, even though there hasn’t been yet any cases of serious health damage.

(Edgar Arrieta, mayor)
“initially, the experts reccommended to close the affected area from the public, to also not manipulate the affected parts of the earth and finally that the affected area should also be covered with “very dry sand” while the experts run their tests to discover how deep in the ground is the phosphorous.”

And ambulance and a firemen team has been settled in this small neighborhood in case if any emergency comes up.

Thanks Mr. space-cakes


Source and author: dutchsinse (youtube)

6 responses to “Strange phenomenon in Colombia South America – Smoke from the ground – Sep 29, 2011

  1. smoke from the ground well its starting


  2. anyone else think its sort of similar to the Paricutin volcano

    “February 20, 1943, Dionisio Pulido, a farmer in the Mexican state of Michoacán, was readying his fields for spring sowing when the ground nearby opened in a fissure about 150 feet long. “I then felt a thunder,” he recalled later, “the trees trembled, and is was then I saw how, in the hole, the ground swelled and raised it self 2 or 21/2 meters high, and a kind of smoke or fine dust–gray, like ashes–began to rise, with a hiss or whistle, loud and continuous; and there was a smell of sulphur. I then became greatly frightened and tried to help unyoke one of the ox teams.”

    “Virtually under the farmer’s feet, a volcano was being born. Pulido and the handful of other witnesses fled. By the next morning, when he returned, the cone had grown to a height of 30 feet and was “hurling out rocks with great violence.” During the day, the come grew another 120 feet. That night, incandescent bombs blew more than 1,000 feet up into the darkness, and a slaglike mass of lava rolled over Pulido’s cornfields. ”



  3. Makes you wonder if something had been buried there years ago maybe something toxic as the country is known for ecological disasters and as we know toxins will react eventually as the waters drain into the soils & cause reactions.
    Illegal armed groups had deforested large areas of land to plant illegal crops, with an estimated 99,000 hectares used for the cultivation of coca in 2007 while in response the government fumigated these crops using hazardous chemicals. Insurgents have also destroyed oil pipelines creating major ecological disasters>>>


  4. Sadder yet is that the poor effers who live nearby have to exist is such a state of sqalor!


  5. its a guarantee that the poorer corrupt countries will perish from man made ecological disasters, as for the richer countries then just maybe the natural disasters will cleanse them but we are still talking of many years ahead unless we go greener.
    I think the sooner we can live off the solar energy then the better the planet will be as it is the most natural source & if more money was spent in solar research then just maybe when our Sun releases its CME’s then we will have facilities made to make good from them!


  6. Whats do strange about it? There is plenty of hot spots around the planet this is no big deal as its a volcanic country. It is no different to the smoking beaches in in California or the hot springs in Yellowstone Park!