The Real Threat Asteroid 2005 YU55?

Asteroid 2005 YU55 with a 400 meters  in diameter and this Rock  is expected to cross between the orbit of moon and the earth, passing the earth by only 204.502 miles (0.0023 AU) at November 9, 2011 and around the exact same time the Earth is expected to smack into the debris tail of Comet Elenin.

Is there a possibility of an impact on Earth on 11-9-11 or even an impact on the Moon with disastrous consequences for the Earth?

Check out these video analyses, it is close, very close .


The FEMA & FCC NATIONAL Emergency Broadcast on 11/9/11 should not be taken lightly…..

And here is a video of much of whats above on 11/11/11 days after the FEMA Test – 25+ NEO & PDA’s and Venus,Mercury Earth Aligned on 11/11/11

These NEO’s and PDA’s are all over, sharing the same space and such, traveling very fast at different rates of speed, and there appears to be only a few that are ahead of Earth at that point , the rest are still coming? what are the possibilities of collisions and changed trajectories of these objects?

NASA’s Trajectory of Asteroid 2005 YU55 – November 8-9, 2011, but is that 100% correct?

JPL –  2005 UY55;orb=1

NASA says it will hold a news conference at 1 p.m. EDT (6 p.m. GMT) today (Thursday) to reveal near-Earth asteroid findings and implications for future research.

The briefing will take place at NASA Headquarters in Washington.

It remains unclear at this point whether NASA will reveal further information about Astroid 2005 YU55. Read more at

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37 responses to “The Real Threat Asteroid 2005 YU55?

  1. So maybe ELENIN is Eleven Nine (nov 9)…!!!


  2. This is just hype because there was no expected doom from Elenin this is bullshit again just fear mongering bullshit!


  3. there’s no 3 days blackout, nothing behind this crap, sattelite fallin on pacific neither part of meteor or something – uncertified, I don’t believe this crap anymore, post real movements of the planets or asteroids not ms-dos based graphics or crooked adobe circles practiced by noobs tryin to use adobe products, sigh. can’t you post something real? at least once for real?, damn bitches.


    • People need a place to chat about and explore thier concerns.
      A place to ask questions and attempt to figure out mysteries which concern them.
      THIS is that place.
      If for some reason you do not Like this place any more, then might I suggest you shuffle off and find one that suits your…. metality?




  5. Didn’t the Hopi prophecy state that the blue katchina was the harbinger and that the red katchina was the one to bring destruction. It would be quite interesting to see if asteroid 2005 YU55 would fulfill that, unless something else comes into our solar neighborhood at that time.

    There are many possibilities and many assumptions, but only time can tell… So for now as usual, I’ll keep my mind open on this topic as I find it interesting.


  6. Im over the ELENIN topic at the moment, too many date changes; April, July, August, October, November, December… WHICH ONE IS IT!? or are we going to do the old Harold camping… keep guessing the doomsday date until were proved correct, lol🙂

    Im still waiting for some hard evidence on this one, all we’ve got are blurred pictures and 1 guys testimony that he discovered it, other than that the rest is pretty hazy



  7. Yes I agree there is too much of this doom & gloom with NEO’s as we keep getting these predictions, trajectories & allignments but still nothing happens.
    I have to say that these last few days have been very quiet with no bad weather, earthquakes or volcanic activity which suggests that Earth is calming down after the the bad events.
    We are led to believe that all these headlines are truth but they all end up being maybe or guestimation of doom.
    Nothing ever happens does it?
    The dates keep changing!
    Someone miscalculated!
    Another prophecy is announced!
    Another clever faked video appears!
    People make a lot of money out these doomsday theories and yet again we see nothing happen.
    I really think our goverments enjoy seeing the intelligence of the human race on the internet as most are freaked out & influenced by bullshit!


  8. Whoa..easy guys…dont we wish anyway that the worst expected earlier dosent happen..that we can now continue to move forward for the next supposed possible threat to mankind.
    If not for most contributions both of the sticks and hay kind here…then in future there may not be actual preparedness for a REAL and COMING THREAT.
    So many here did do well…the FORT (collective knowledge and wisdom) is being kept tidy and neat to face whatever it is out there or even on the planet itself…CHEERS and Keep On Keeping On.


  9. Ghost comet ,,,,,,,,,,.,.,.,..C/2010 X1 Elenin .last updated on 28-Sep-2011

    10th magnitude and fading- in process of disintegrating. In solar conjunction.
    (((( Is currently NOT visible in SOHO LASCO C3 images.))) Southern Comets Homepage…..


  10. Elenin…so much was hyped up about it, but it is turning out to be actually a wet fart of a cosmic dud. No 3-day of darkness, no meteorite showers, no big earthquakes. You can hardly even see that thing even with a telescope. I also haven’t seen any really good proof of Nibiru yet that can be explained away. I have been squinting at the sun, hoping to see if i could catch a glimpse of it, but so far, nothing. I think that people got carried away with the Y2012 thing, and assumed that Elenin was it because of the timing and few “fishy” characteristics it had.
    Perhaps it is not the right time for the Red/Blue Katchina to come…perhaps that time is not for another five or so years.


    • Not really sure Why poeple ever thought elenin should be associated with earth quakes or 3 days of darkness. (especially the later.)
      We “could” still get the meteor showers, maybe, but they arent likely to be dangerous ones.
      The only Qeustion “I” personally ever had for elenin was weather it might end up being the blue star katchina.


  11. Var, I think that it might have to do with the “quick” cursory glance at information rather than sitting down and reviewing notes.

    It would be easy to misrepresent or misconstrue the “possibilities”. Those that dance from site to site w/o doing their own investigatory work will miss the theory of what is possible…and get certain facts wrong.
    …and then i guess there are those who might post in order to frustrate people from thinking for themselves.


    • many people also misinform enmasse, using lots of factual evidence and twist it to make it sound like it supports their ideas. The blind will follow the man making the most noise….



  12. This post could almost be renamed to “Elenin – The Sequel!” LOL

    Anyway, about Nibiru and not being able to see it. (If it even exists at all, that is.) It was my understanding, that it would (theoretically) be approaching from due south and therefore I don’t think, (unless you’re in Antarctica,) that we would be able to see it approaching. It would be sneaking up on us from below, so to speak. I have heard a multitude of different theories as to where Nibiru is supposed to be, like coming in behind Elenin, and/ or hiding behind the sun etc and it’s really hard to figure out exactly where it is, or isn’t, but the photo that some astronomer supposedly released of it, with it’s planets etc, was taken from the observatory in Antarctica, as I recall. Did I get that wrong?

    Anyway, I’m all doomed out at the moment, so the approach of YU55 just makes me sigh… and smile…. and wonder how many more sequels there will be, before something actually happens. There have been too many dud calls lately for me to be getting in a tizzy about it anyway, which is kind of sad, coz I love being in a tizzy! LOL!!

    Have a nice day, folks! 🙂


  13. There is nothing called as a ‘doomsday’. Because earth will not topple upside down within an hour, no one here talks about it & even science cannot prove it. If one section from our population dies on a particular day, yes it will be a doomsday for them. Rest of the population will survive. It will be series of destruction (natural & man made) leading in to many years in future. There is no start date because we are already in the process of destruction which we have witnessed in the past. Can anyone prove that the japan t’sunami was the last one we had? No more volcanic eruptions, earthquakes & T’sunamis??. So we all basically should focus on the threats sorrounding us & keep ourself informed, for us to take action and stay safe. And stop blaming each other if you felt that a ‘doomsday’ dint take place through a particular theory. It will never happen in that fashion, no one here on earth is above the laws of nature.


  14. Can’t find any NASA announcement for September 29 – what a surprise! More BS from questionable sources…..if anyone actually has real info on the “announcement”, bring it on!


  15. Are people so desperate for mankind to change that they are looking for some cosmic event “elinin, nibiru, etc.” To start things off. I think there are enough problems on this planet that need delt with. I hope that it is along time before we have to deal with a collision from space of any major magnitude. But to spend so much time and energy dwelling on such things. Well what good does it do? Be prepared as best you can and live life to its fullest each and every day. just me 2 cents


  16. ON ELENIN –
    Question 1 – How about the cluster behind Elenin ? and that 2 objects following ? ….
    Comment – NASA watch Elenin 2 hours a day over a week and jus released 5 seconds or less about it ! strange isn’t ? and bad quality picture , and just show a single object . I think Elenin still a mistery , and we can be over about it on octouber 17 , cause suppose someone can finally take a clear picture from what still from the disintegration , …. if really happened . One more important observation is ; Mansur Omerbashich the guy who wrote a paper about planets alignment and earthquakes and connected the dots on Elenin alignments was not expecting earthquake result by the alignment on sept 27 cause according his theory , only long alignments can influence , and Elenin after the perehellion till cross Earth’s orbit plane wold be in over speed to do it , if Elenin still there , the close approach on octouber 17 maybe can show some effect , and the one to worry are the alignment on November 23 , and suppose effects debris on earth and maybe on YU- 55 from nov 2 …and yes could affect YU-55 route if there are debris in the way … be prepared still a smart think to do , in special for deep impact and shock waves .. who knows …!?
    THE REAL THREAT – in my personal view , the Sun still the one that can disrupt the day life of our system any time . Then we have the Canary Islands volcano in high alert , that can cause a devastation in USA East Coast , London , Lisbon , and Brazil coast as well … don’t forget the super volcano in Indonesia that is also coming to life ! ….and then we have also Yellow Stone on the move , strange seismic around Sta Andreas and New Madrid etc … so , BE PREPARED , a doom day scenery it’s just around the corner and about time …..tic toc tic toc


  17. ive run a computer simulation based on the current data on the JPL site regarding NEO scenarios-its own designed software,yu55 is the key player here-the latest behometh suspot situation,elenin and whats behind it-there is sumthing here that is missing,you have a heck of lot of celestial-events-earth events increasing in maginitude-24-7 globally-ever since the arrival of elenin-we seeing events unfold that have never been experience before-yu55 in my opinion wont smack into anything that has a planetary mass in our neighbourhood-what im concerned with the solar flare activity-what is behind elen further back ive stated that there are ufo,s behind elenin so im updating my info,i believe that a mini solar system is further back and that its presence here-in our solar neighbourhood is responsible for events not so much elenin itself-the increase in solar flare activity is mid boggling to any1-however if im wrong so be it-whats behind elenin is affecting everything around it-and that will be in my opinion its magnetic field-which apprently has got a far ring formation,the imaging behind elenin from varios sources in my opinion shows clearly not so much ufo activity,but rather a debris field-ver dense-in formation which could give the impression of there ufos behind it creating the various reports my sources-we could be wrong in our assumptions,overall,in my opinion it isnt elenin which is the threat its the mini solar system further back the hubble telescope imaging of what is percieved to be a headon collision of 2 astroids-the x formation and a single nuclulus fits in with the criteria of a mini-solar system(nihbru)-because that amount of debris in photos would cause possible criteria as there are ufos behind elenin-in my opinion we dealing with a planetary mass approaching from behind the sun-its presumed to come in fast-that would be on its journey back into deep space-its going to blindside the sun an earth meaning that it is already causing massive solar flares possible due to its magnetic field it is no coincidence-that the ufo activity has increased globally-an around the sun-they all have sumthing to do with celestial-earth events


  18. when you look at the hubble imaging of the presumed astroid collision-that imaging says more than it says-it shows the criteria-of the single large nuclusus-and the massive amount of debris-trailing behind it-if im wrong so be it-my opinion is that the hubble imaging is in fact the vast cluster behind elenin and the nuculus is elenin it self-meaning that the assumption of ufo,s following it,is maybe the debris shown in the hubble imaging,because the criteria fits in with the alignments-going into affect-im not sure of the distance of the nuculus on the imaging but that is a mini solar system-and everything around earth is going with earth straight through that debris field 1 way or another-that imaging fits in with the the (Nihbru) criterial-the nuculus is elenin-and the debris field could very well be the mini solar system-as that fits the criteria as ufo,s following elenin-planetary mass-yu55 in my opinion is coming very close to earth in its flyby-the question is its presumed to hit sumwhere in the middle-im of the opinion its going to maybe hit closer in based on the current jpl data available-if im wrong im wrong-i accept that-but these massive solar flares are no coincidence-its a mini solar system-planetary mass with enough debris-magnetic field to upset the natural events in space-and that is in my opinion where the increased awareness globally is focussed-


  19. the images from the gustav site fit in with the criteria of the debris field behind elenin-(astroid collision in the mars-jupiter belt)i put that in my opinion as not what it is presumed-that debris field has enough magnetic energy in it to upset every planetary system in our solar neighbourhood-its that magnetic energy that is messing everything up-and when elenin goes past on its journey back into deepspace-its that debris field behind that im concerned with as well-that in my opinion-is causing a heck of lot of un-explained events on earth-celestial wise-its that debris field- thats the cluster imaging-ive been involved with radio astronomy-electronics for 30 years and im going with a gut feeling that the global community isnt aware of whats coming-when elenin passes earth and that tail(debris field)its going to lock onto our neighbouring planetary system-earth-etc-the distance in AU-of around 8AU-fits in with possibility the hubble imaging-when that mass locks onto the sun its going to have the sun release enough solar flares weve never seen before-im going with a gutfeeling here-and im not the only 1 with that assumption globally


    • You may be right about some of your details mate. But Elenin wont be One of them.
      Nibiru when she finally comes, but Not Elenin.


  20. I find it sort of funny though that people always try to slap a date on events and think they’re so clever for seeing it in plain view: example “ELENIN – ELEven – NINe OMG the connections were right in front of me!”… or if your were in NZ, like me it would have already been the 11th of September 11/09/2011, codes and code ‘crackers’ need to take a break and realize that if the government wanted something hidden they wouldn’t put down details in the title, they’d more likely call it the “fuzzy bunny project” lol.

    Also i cant help but think some of these dates are just put up along the same lines as 12/21/12, they have no relevance (except for very loose ancient ties) but someone has their fifteen seconds of fame and then goes back to being a basement recluse…. get real people, how many more will bet on this dead horse before we realize its still in the starting gate!?



  21. All emotions well and nicely said so far, there is no doubt that there will be elevated events here on planet earth when nibiru arrives whenever…so at least the world knows that much, though it really doesnt help not even those in the bunkers. Well thats becos when the thief in the night nibiru arrives, pole shift occurs leading to “Atlantislike, earth crust displacements as never admitted before which churns up this civilisation till kingdom comes.


  22. Not a bad read………….

    A little old but good to compare it to today’s events.

    Stay safe


  23. New predictions
    Shaul Mofaz (Antichrist) in the 28 October- 2011 Israeli Prime Minister After the earthquake in

    northern Israel(november)- and the dry lake Kinert He is government end of december/ 2012

    And by Imam Mahdi or Jesus will be killed In Jerusalem: 21 december 2012

    Shaul Mofaz maybe to rule in the 28 october 2011 untill 21 december 2012 and probably aim mayans from this two time is to rule anti christ

    On november Saudi Arabia king will be killed – November 6 is the hidden of his death after

    starts War powers

    On October 20-28, 2011 comet Elenin(C/2010 X1) near Earth and Asteroid yu55 hit in East Asia And reverse rotation of the(10/october /2011 »

    Gas Methane
    Perfect Alignment Elenin, Earth, Mercury and Venus. During this alignment the Earth will also pass the route of Elenin so when Elenin has a tail with Debris, all the rocks will hit Earth and it could be raining Fire as the Bible tells us !!! By the way, this stuff is all going to happen when the date is 11-11-11 isn’t that cool !!!

    – The sun will rise from the West and the vast skies will become red(

    America the great volcano in -11 november 2011()

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    2012- march-11

    Jesus in the the


    of 2012 – comes to earth from the sky – to help Imam Mahdi

    theadministration of justice in the earth


  24. Question – Why Space Weather . com show YU-55 size 175 m and Wikipedia and others source say 400 m ?? check this out –


  25. forget about dates concentrate on events ive spoken to some sources its opinion anything can happen to alter any celestial object approaching earth be it space debris larger-medium-smaller-where it collides with what the list is endless-there are to many coincidences happening simutanously 24-7 on a global basis ever since elenins?arrival- and now cover ups-disinformation-the blame game starts-this public relations fiasco instituted by powers that be has blown up in there faces-and now they starting excuses-blaming-whatever they can think of-an event is going to happen-what-when-its information overload at its best-but somewhere is this mess lies the final answer-im still going with that we dealing with a mini solar system which is further back whose magnetic field is affecting every planetary object in our solar neighbourhood-the events are increasing on earth globally-and the disinformation is increasingt-its time for the global think-tank to look at the events vs the arrival of whats happening in our solar neighbourhood.there are to many loose ends here-that mass behind elenin is on its way how we deal with it is the concern not all these blame game tactics.


  26. everyone talks but no one looks up. observe up in the sky at azimuth 292 west on your i phone approximately one hour after sunset you will see a bright yellow star that sets with the sun it is not venus mars mercury etc.. I have been observing this object since july 15 it stays in the same area I suspect it is following our orbit. After observing it through a telescope it has three spikes coming off of it. Any further information on said object would be well received.


    • Milknor….. That will be Antares I notice that about an hour after sunset at first it appears yellow maybe from the sun glare but as it moves to the horizon it appears more red.
      Antares is one the super giants with a radius of approximately 800 times that of the sun, Its visual luminosity is about 10,000 times that of the Sun, but because the star radiates a considerable part of its energy in the infrared part of the spectrum.


  27. Hey guys!

    In a previous comment, I stated that I thought Nibiru would be approaching from due south and this may be nothing, but I was just checking out the Antarctica webcams and I need your help to check out something. There is something odd in the sky down there. I have been watching it for more than an hour and a half and it doesn’t seem to be moving. I have taken some screenshots at half hour intervals. Could you check it out and tell me what you think? I haven’t tried uploading pics before so I hope this works. Here they are:


    • Oh, I forgot! Here’s the link to the webcam. As I write this, it’s still there;

      Anyway, how come my comment just before is awaiting moderation? I’ve been well-behaved, haven’t I? How come I get time outs and “sent to my room” all the time? Totally unfair. 😦

      (Yes, I AM sulking.) LOL