Bizarre phenomena: Invisibility – Cloak – Mirage effect hide objects (videos)

Scientists have created a working cloaking device that not only takes advantage of one of nature’s most bizarre phenomenon, but also boasts unique features; it has an ‘on and off’ switch and is best used underwater.

The researchers, from the University of Texas at Dallas have demonstrated the device’s ability to make objects disappear in a fascinating video shown here:

This novel design, presented today in IOP Publishing’s journal Nanotechnology, makes use of sheets of carbon nanotubes (CNT) – one-molecule-thick sheets of carbon wrapped up into cylindrical tubes. Read more at

The paper is available to download here – 

Other similar phenomena

Aliens ( cloaked UFO )

This video shows how a Pleiadian spacecraft uses the effect to be withdrawing from view. Keep in mind, this is filmed (8mm film) way before the time people ever thought of HD..

U.S. Army ( Invisible soldier )

A video released by Iraqi insurgents capture a U.S. Soldier ( minute 2.05 ) who appears out of thin air!

and Japanese Researchers..

The technology comes from 2003, but it’s developers say the Harry Potter-like invisibility cloak is just the beginning.

The team, led by Dr. Susumu Tachi, from Keio University, is now adapting their findings to help pilots, drivers, doctors and others.   Retro-reflective projection technology uses a computer, a video camera and projector to shine background images onto the front of a subject wearing specialised clothing, creating the illusion of invisibility.

What makes the technology unique is a fabric made of glass beads only 50 microns wide, which can reflect light directly back at the source, much like the screen in a cinema.   Viewed from near the light source, the projection is bright even in broad daylight, and researchers say the material can be applied to almost anything.

In the short term, the team sees usage in car interiors, airplanes and helicopters. They say blind spots could be eliminated and accidents and hard landings avoided by making walls seemingly transparent.   The eventual goal though is to create an “augmented reality” that allows anyone to easily see information on real world objects.

Dr. Susumu Tachi, Keio University: “Looking to the future, instead of glasses, people could wear this and it would act as a navigation system. It could also tell you who someone is, if you meet them around town.” In the few years since the technology’s invention, the price of the material, as well as that of computing, has come down, opening the door for smaller yet more powerful applications.

Whether used to increase safety or to create a whole new form of computer-human interaction, the world is likely to see, or possibly not see, more of this technology in the future.

and a tank…

The company behind a new so-called ‘invisibility cloak’ says it will help protect tanks from heat-seeking missiles.

Source and author: physorg * *  *  *   *   *   (youtube)

6 responses to “Bizarre phenomena: Invisibility – Cloak – Mirage effect hide objects (videos)

  1. Just proves how much more advanced we really are than we actually think & how much our goverments really hide from us!


  2. John Lee Sullivan

    That video with the soldier is incredible. Is there any way that this has been edited?


  3. the third video is only an optical illusion: the soldier comes from the back of tank (not from the side). The red circle in made only to trick the viewer


    • yea i also saw that, also i think that yes he was wearing camo but it was just for the surroundings (ie plants, trees) not adaptive camo like the video claims if it was so adaptive that you couldn’t see him by the wall then why is he clear as day when he jumps onto the tank, there are several different coloration’s in between the tank the wall and the grass…

      i do however think that we are already using troops with this sort of camo in the field, maybe not ass high tech as we think but i think it could be used something similar to the game “Metal Gear solid 4” where the wearers suit matches the surface he leans against or lays on.

      skip to 1:00 in to see what im talking about



      • also skipping to 6.55 you will see what it would be like with full face and body camo, although it doesn’t look too convincing on the player, when you face an enemy with it they look like a wall/rock etc.


  4. No secret technology: The solder wears a uniform with the color of desert fighters which matches the sand colored background. Due to the clearly visible bad quality of the camera, the solder is not visible against the background that has the same color. As soon as the solder appears in front of the dark tank, he gets visible.