Krakatau Volcano Indonesie: Volcanic tremors increased from 200 to 7200 per day – Oct 4, 2011

Authorities are warning tourists and fishermen to stay more than a mile (two kilometers) from a smoking Indonesian volcano known as ‘Child of Krakatoa.’

The volcano in the Sunda Strait, 80 miles (130 kilometers) west of the capital, Jakarta, was created by the same tectonic forces that led to the 1883 Krakatoa eruption that killed tens of thousands of people.

Its “child,” growing five yards (meters) a year, is now 1,320 feet (400 meters) tall. The ash plume reached an altitude of 700 meters on October 4, 2011

Gede Suantika of the Center for Volcanology says the mountain’s alert level was raised to the second-highest level last week after the number of volcanic tremors soared from 200 a day to 7,200.

Suantika said Tuesday that he worries a powerful burst could shoot incandescent rocks down its slopes and far into the ocean.

A video of the Anak Krakatau taken by a tourist several weeks  ago

A total of six volcanoes in Indonesia are on alert status and being closely watched by the Volcanology and Geological Disaster Mitigation Center (PVMBG).

1. Anak Krakatau / 2. Tambora / 3. Papandayan / 4. Anak Ranakan / 5. Lokon 6. Karangetang.

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4 responses to “Krakatau Volcano Indonesie: Volcanic tremors increased from 200 to 7200 per day – Oct 4, 2011

  1. Well, this is Anak Krakatau is still young and unlikely to cause such mischief as its elder did in 1883. However, it is surrounded by sea and makes an interesting object of study. The one to watch is Tambora, this one caused much more far-reaching effects than Krakatau when it blew in 1815, the largest volcanic eruption in recorded history, causing the year without a summer and possibly the defeat of Napoleon. Scientists say that such a large eruption from Tambora is unlikely, but remember that when Pinatubo blew in 1991 they didn’t even know it was a volcano, as it had been dormant for a long time and the last large-scale eruption was 35000 hears ago. One can never be sure of volcanoes since each one has a different “personality” and very different physiology. The fact that magma is so vastly different is another element of proof that the magma originates only relatively near the surface (50-150 km?) and does not come from a molten core, since there is no molten core, but rather a vast hollow center of earth, the evidence of which is so overwhelming, yet science is locked in a rigid dogmatic embrace refusing to believe that the honeymoon is over. The relatively local source of magma is probably heated by chemical reactions of deposits such as sodium reacting with water, since water is abundant throughout the honeycombed subterranian crust down to the inner surface where large oceans make up 1/4 of the inner earth’s area.


  2. I ahve always said its good that the volcanoes are venting because its natural for them to release the pressure from the Earths crusts.
    If these volcanoes did not vent then I think we would have much larger & widespread earthquakes so let these volcanoes vent.
    I think the biggest threat is still maybe around the Canary Islands and Greek Islands as the plate there is shaking more often now and seems tremors are filtering as far as Eastern Europe & France where is not much volcanic activity.


  3. The plumage looks like an angry “god” , mouth agape and ARM outstretched!


  4. Great Infamy is attached to the Krakatau name so even its child will be watched with great interest no matter its age..even now warnings are out as displayed in world media.