Did that Comet Blow A Hole In The Sun?

A comet discovered by amateur astronomers on Friday, Sept. 30th, disintegrated in spectacular fashion the very next day when it plunged into the sun.

A day later, YT.Moningstone living in the U.S. took a picture of the Sun

The upper right hand corner of the Sun appears to be missing at least momentarily.


Moningstone says he has taken pictures of the sun, or maybe it’s the moon because he has no time reported, at the time of making the picture.

So, this morning,  October 7, 2011, I decided to take ​​a few pictures of the sun, Local time 08.00AM to 08.10AM Jakarta Indonesia. (Ron TTBTS)

Image 1 (click image to enlarge)

Image 2 (click image to enlarge)

Image 3 (click image to enlarge)

It is indeed possible that the Sun has suffered a temporary hole? Referring to the pictures: Image 2 gives an unusually look of the Sun and for all images – a second Sun or Planet?

We would like to hear your opinion about the so-called hole in the sun and the 3 images.

Source and author: BeePeeOilDisaster *  moningstone

9 responses to “Did that Comet Blow A Hole In The Sun?

  1. Wow, it certainly does look as though that comet did some serious damage to the sun, but wouldn’t that have have a really profound on the weather and such here on Earth within a very short period of time?
    I think it would be really helpful to have daily updates (pictures) of the sun for the next few days to see if is still that way, or if it has returned to normal.


  2. Kinda weird. Wouldn’t the sun disinigrate any comments or space debris close to it? So how did this comet get through? Was it even a comet? Just saying.


  3. Wasnt there a piece of news of some ufo plunging into the sun lately…hmm..maybe,,,ahh..nevermind !!


  4. I think the comet hit the Sun on its Eastern side so that would of rotated out of Earths view as it was to the right of the big sunspot 1305 which is now on the opposite side of facing Earth so I guess we will no better next week when it rotates back into to view & will be interesting to see if sunspots 1302 & 1305 have grown as then that would be a concern if we have any CME’s from them.


  5. With everything that has been discussed on this site…
    Could the ‘comet’ have been something…other than a comet?


    • The comet was Nibiru.


    • Also to add. If I am correct and the “comet” was Nibiru and Nibiru is a large mass of ice no great loss. At 12 seconds in, a ship appears and disappears. This supports my claim that alien technology drove Nibiru into the sun to save Earth. There is evidence that Elenin was also blown up. First the Blue Kachina and than the Red Kachina. Fine with me. Anything called the destroyer is better gone.


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