Giant V-shaped Cloud forms on Camera in Chile, Similar in England – Oct. 1, 2011

English translate: : This video was recorded on October 1, 2011, on the beach of El Canelo, in Valparaiso, Chile.

I was filming the sunset when suddenly began to “emerge” this kind of arm of “smoke” from the horizon, left diagonally upward, seemed to leave just the sun, but after it “hide” on the horizon, this phenomenon continued to rise and growing.

After some minutes it did a breakthrough tour of about 45 ° to the opposite direction and continued to rise.

At first I thought it was a rocket or something similar, but I couldn’t see the tip or head generating of this smoke or fire trail, just did not have a body.
The phenomenon lasted about 40 minutes, then went vanishing the wake until dark.”

‘Extraño fenómeno en el cielo 1-Oct-2011’

Source and author: Sheilaaliens (youtube)

5 responses to “Giant V-shaped Cloud forms on Camera in Chile, Similar in England – Oct. 1, 2011

  1. More chemtrails more bullshit more natural cloud formations I see this all the time!


  2. wow chemtrails….


  3. It is the the purist form of stealth technology from the US yet. They can actually make things semi transparent now. Seen sciencetist do it with aluminium on the science channel.


  4. this is a formation between a jet stream of hot air in a cold air environment, the hot air is spiraling almost like a lateral tornado and the condensation from the cold air results in this CLOUD formation.



  5. Hi, Greetings from Santiago, Chile. The Giant V-shaped Cloud was a real event. My wife and I went to Vina del Mar town that it’s very near to Valparaiso town in Chile. My wife told me, hey honey the Moon is back, right? I said, Yes. She said so what is that? I looked it and said “Wow”… It was a thing with a glowing effect in the sky. Maybe, a rocket or special airplane or unknown ship, I don’t know. That was real.