Alert – Submarine Eruption and 4.3 Earthquake Hits El Hierro, Canary Islands – Oct 8-10, 2011

4.3 Earthquake Hits El Hierro, Canary Islands and possible Submarine Eruption

Translate: A 4.3 magnitude earthquake struck El Hierro, the smallest of The Canary Islands, late on Saturday night ( Oct. 8, 2011). It was the strongest earthquake to be recorded on the Spanish island since an unprecedented earthquake swarm commenced during the summer and has been felt throughout the island

This earthquake has not produced injury but there have been landslides on the road to La Restinga Tacorón, which has been partially blocked, and the outer slopes of Los Roquille tunnel.

The Instituto Geografico Nacional (IGN) has reported an increase in the intensity of earthquakes recorded on El Hierro, the smallest of The Canary Islands, during the last 48 hours. The number of earthquakes recorded since July 17 , 2011 on El Hierro has now reached 10,000, figures from the IGN confirm.

The agency confirmed on Friday that 886 earthquakes, most of them located in the sea to the SW of the island, have been recorded in the 7 days since 02 October, 2011.  During this period, 71 earthquakes were felt by the island’s estimated 10,000 residents.

El Cabildo de El Hierro  is producing a small submarine eruption at 500 meters deep and seven kilometers from the coast, particularly south of La Restinga. So far no official source has confirmed this, but according to testimony from citizens and residents of La Restinga, helicopters flying over the area where the rash is supposedly going underwater to confirm this fact. In addition, the coastal radio has asked all vessels to return to port and away from the above area, not to interfere in the work of scientists testing.

Maria del Carmen Morales, said in the media that this submarine eruption is occurring because “the earthquake of 4.3 occurred on Saturday afternoon caused a fissure, which is where energy is being released. Scientists do not know if it is a gas emission or lava, they will continue with the analysis of parameters”.

They confirmed that earthquakes continue to occur on the island although less frequently than in previous days.

According to John Moore, in a recent interview with Dr. Bill Deagle on the Nutrimedical Report, there is an increased possibility of a super mega-tsunami coming from the Canary Islands in the coming weeks.

El Hierro Volcano: Is one of the smallest of the Canary Islands, the origins of the island date back some 100 million years when the ocean floor shifted with the movement of the Earth’s mantle. The crust cracked into a three pointed star releasing flows of magma. After 3 eruptions, the island emerged from the ocean as an imposing volcano more than 2,000 meters high. It has now been over 200 years since the last eruption but El Hierro. Although being the smallest island, it has the largest number of volcanoes with over 500 open sky cones and another 300 covered by the most recent outflows. There has been uncertainty surrounding reports of a historical eruption taking place in 1793.

Meanwhile, scientific research is predicting that an eruption of the Cumbre Vieja volcano, at La Palma in the Canary Islands would result in a massive mega-tsunami that would reach the East Coast of America.

Geological evidence suggests that during a future eruption, Cumbre Vieja Volcano on the Island of La Palma may experience a catastrophic failure of its west flank, dropping 150 to 500 km3 of rock into the sea.

Using a geologically reasonable estimate of landslide motion, we model tsunami waves produced by such a collapse. Waves generated by the run-out of a 500 km3 (150 km3) slide block at 100 m/s could transit the entire Atlantic Basin and arrive on the coasts of the Americas with 10-25 m (3-8 m) height.

Lateral collapses of oceanic island volcanoes rank amongst the most spectacular natural events on Earth. Although no such lateral collapse punctuates the historical past, residual debris found on the seafloor evidence their abundance in recent geological time.

Moore (1964) first identified the remains of lateral collapses off the flanks of Hawaii. Since then, dozens have been recognized adjacent to island volcanoes in nearly every ocean (Moore et al. 1994; Keating and McGuire, 2000). These observations constrain not only the geography and frequency of lateral collapses, but also their magnitude (up to 5000 km3 of material), extent (to 300 km length) and ferocity (underwater speeds to 140 m/s).

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7 responses to “Alert – Submarine Eruption and 4.3 Earthquake Hits El Hierro, Canary Islands – Oct 8-10, 2011

  1. Another worst case scenario animated movie which there is obvious proof and its just specualtion.
    I accept this is a real threat but i doubt very much that a wave of that size would happen from a sudden landslide & I think the main activity is not happening at La Palma it is ont the Western Isle of El Herrio which is much smaller so even if there was an eruption there it would only cause gradualy erosion across to La Palma.
    I also read that around La Palma the sea is not so deep there as there has been rock formations puushing up from the sea bed creating a shallower coastline but they mention that here.
    At least another doom is now debunked as Comet Elenin is dead as in this link which is good reading basically sums it up!


  2. This happened here today in the UK.. maybe a mini event of the above!

    North Cliffs Failure – Amazing Cliff Collapse caught on Camera!


  3. Was someone or something on the cliff that went over? There is something black and moving. My son and DIL went to the St. Thomas area on a cruise and just got back 2 weeks ago. So glad they are back!


  4. If you look at volcanic islands, (Hawaii for example) they are in series. The crust moves, but the magma plume under there stays the same and erupts, making a new island after the older one had moved. Perhaps that is what is happening here– a new island is in the process of forming south of El Hierro.


  5. I think there is a cover up going on with this as almost 24 hours there has not been any recorded quakes in that area on the main monitoring sites hich is very strange so,are they doing this to take the fear away or are the goverments wanting it to happen without the people knowing or having any warnings!


  6. This afternoon has all changed: Now it is a “red alert”

    Residents of La Restinga were told that they needed to evacuate as a precaution because further eruptions could not be ruled out.
    An URGENT communication from the Canarian Government was sent to the residents of La Restinga informing them that they needed to be evacuated as a matter of urgency.
    At 15.30 there was a further URGENT communication from the Canarian Government saying that the alert level had been raised to RED as they feared further eruptions closer to the Island were expected.
    Shortly after the National Geographic Institute (IGN) said that they were EXPECTING further earthquakes exceeding 4 – 5 degrees as the magma searches for ways to escape.
    By 18.00 almost 600 residents had been evacuated from their homes in La Restinga and there were reports that some residents were not allowed to return to their homes.

    I think something big is about to happen but I really suspect that maybe a new island will be formed but hopefully the seismic pressures will not spread far enough to La Palma to cause the animated landslide so fingers crossed this maybe the next big event!