El Hierro, Canary Islands Earthquakes-Eruptions updates, closer to To Cumbre Vieja – Oct 15, 2011

UPDATE: El Hierro, Canary Islands Earthquakes-Eruptions closer to To Cumbre Vieja – Oct 15, 2011

After the two volcanic eruptions off the coast of El Hierro, there seems to be some worrying developments.

A new earthquake has been detected, this time to the north-east of the island! Tremors continue on El Hierro, see latest chart

Two underwater eruptions 

The specialists and researchers working from the La Restinga area of El Hierro have confirmed that there is clear evidence of two underwater eruptions which have pushed magma up to the surface of the water and  Residents of El Hierro have been observing the formation of ‘green patches’ on the sea surface, some 1 and a half miles from land, which appear to be growing in size at a rapid pace.

Translate: Scientists at the IGN-CSIC stated that “the stain, light green with tan areas, could be associated with emission fumaroliana depth greater than 150meters.”

Following the analysis of the situation, scientists have taken water samples which will be analyzed to confirm the existence of magmatic gases, as well as samples from fish that have been found dead and black coral from the area of the eruption. Carmen Lopez stressed that at present we have a single eruption with two points of underwater emission which at this point do not require additional preventive measures to the population of El Hierro, However, you can not rule out other points but insisted that the tremor signal has stabilized.

Meanwhile evacuation continues as well as 50 tourists were evacuated off La Restinga

Full report at canariesnews.com

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10 responses to “El Hierro, Canary Islands Earthquakes-Eruptions updates, closer to To Cumbre Vieja – Oct 15, 2011

  1. Mr. space-cakes

    The only good thing you can get out of this, really, are the claims of local scientists that these underwater eruptions will cleanse and fertilize the area. Lets hope that there will be no 500km2 of land sliding into the Atlantic…….


  2. watch out¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡


  3. i am not sure that this would fertilize the land I think it would kill all plant & animal life if its sulphuric and it will spread far through the ocean too so a major effect on sealife.
    I still surpised they are low on data though with this in todays technology or is it a cover up here as there is going to major effect for tourism around the Canary Isles which is a popular winter getway for Europeans this time of year.


  4. Maybe the whole island is preparing to be blown sky-high.


  5. Possibly that this situation is evolving and the current measures include evacuation of tourist and population but subject to more alert on wider surrounding areas as time passes. Really an unknown danger here.


  6. Atleast people have had warning and were able to move to a safer location.
    If only I could find more data on the undersea volcanoes around the world.

    Once pressure builds again there will be more eruptions.
    Lets just hope that they keep venting.

    Stay safe


  7. This is exactly what is happening……


  8. Also not nice but not noticed, there is already a huge vulkan erruption in russia:


  9. Update to the vulcanic explosion in russia/kamchakta. There is one more website which writes about it…but i do not find much more..very strange for such a huge erruption…here is the link:


  10. 11-10-2011 I understood that water filling volcanoes is a worse case scenario.