Sakurajima Volcano Japan back on line again – Large Lava Eruption!

Sakurajima, also romanized as Sakurashima or Sakura-jima, is an active composite volcano (stratovolcano) and a former island (now connected to the mainland) of the same name in Kagoshima Prefecture in Kyūshū, Japan.

Sakurajima is a composite mountain. Its summit is split into three peaks, Kitadake (northern peak), Nakadake (central peak) and Minamidake (southern peak) which is active now.

Sakurajima is located in the Aira caldera, formed in an enormous eruption 22,000 years ago. Several hundred cubic kilometres of ash and pumice were ejected, causing the magma chamber underneath the erupting vents to collapse.

1914 eruption was the most powerful in twentieth-century Japan. Lava flows filled the narrow strait between the island and the mainland, turning it into a peninsula.

Credit photo: Spaarnestad Photo, SFA022814227Refugees from the island Sakoeragima / Sakurajima look across the strait from the city of Kagoshima to the volcanic eruption on their island. Japan, 1914.

The 1914 eruption began on January 11. Almost all residents had left the island in the previous days, in response to several large earthquakes that warned them that an eruption was imminent. Initially, the eruption was very explosive, generating eruption columns and pyroclastic flows, but after a very large earthquake on January 13, 1914 which killed 35 people, it became effusive, generating a large lava flow. Lava flows are rare in Japan—the high silica content of the magmas there mean that explosive eruptions are far more common —but the lava flows at Sakurajima continued for months.

Sakurajima’s activity became more prominent in 1955, and the volcano has been erupting almost constantly ever since. The Sakurajima Volcano Observatory was set up in 1960 to monitor these eruptions.

After watching Sakurajima Volcano erupt daily for months on end, we noticed last week (October 11, 2011 a NEW spot erupting smoke/steam on the back side of the mountain… this has now progressed into a full blown large venting — possibly the formation of a new caldera, or a second smaller cone.

After being offline for 2 days… Sakurajima is back on line … we see a large eruption of lava on October 15, 2011, literally covering the entire mountainside… the second plume appears to still be steaming.

Besides the continuous activity of Sakurajima Volcano,  UFOs / Orbs are often spotted on the site. The unexplained activities are recorded by the live web cams. Three videos of assumed UFOs/Orbs

March 2011

April 2011

September 2011

Is there an explanation for the UFO sightings above Sakurajima Volcano and what can we expect from this volcano since the eruptions rapidly persist.

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7 responses to “Sakurajima Volcano Japan back on line again – Large Lava Eruption!

  1. Could it be that this activity is the RESULT of the orbs doing something to trigger these events; especially that huge bright white glowing light that seemed to trigger some activity on the upper slope of the cone?

    Veddy itereshting?


  2. This is truely some mind boggling footage! At first I thought that the “orbs” might just be ejected cinders, but I definately changed my mind after watching them hover, and blink off and on. And then there is the massive and intensely bright blob of light at the base of the mountain! If it were part of the mountain burning due to the intense heat of flowing lava or superheated gases, then it would not have just blinked out at the end of the vid segment! I will be very interested to hear how this all progresses. And I certainly feel for the Japanese people, as they have been pounded by one major disaster after another! Could it be that someone more powerful than we humans is ragingly pissed at the Japanese for refusing to cease and desist in the slaughter of whales? But then, why punish a whole country for the heinous actions of a small group? Hard to say.


    • My goodness Deb, surely not because of the whales….yes the whales are beautiful creatures though, but this is something of a much more greater proportion affecting not just Japan but the planet with all its inhabitants..whales included.


    • FYI…..that footage is only almost a year old . It is most interesting though all the same. I don’t know why people post old news and use others stories. It’s very dis-lightning.


  3. East has been a target area for ample of disasters so far. The major blow or a trigger point seems focused around indonesia this time. Give and take 2011/2012 will be the year when everything will go wrong or will go right as far as earth changes are concerned. Along with galactic alignments Planet X or Nibiru also plays a lead role participating in earth changes. Here is a link which describes this scenario better than me. . . .