Very large UFO craft shot from the ISS – Oct 17, 2011

It is amazing, how NASA would miss a broadcast in its entirety?

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2 responses to “Very large UFO craft shot from the ISS – Oct 17, 2011

  1. I stay in Jayanagar, Bangalore India. It was around 12:30 AM 18th 0ctober,2011, when I got up and was looking from my window. I noticed Orange Bright and round or say ellipise type of Object moving very slowly over the green trees. First I strangely looked at it and suddenly realized the behaviour of the object as it is illuminating and going slow with out any support. I ran to my Tarrace to see what exactly that object it and it was about say 1 miles distance glowing in bright light but it had no orange shade. And I started browsing about strange lights, and to my surprise I saw many vedios that has the same behaviour of the object. Have I really seen a UFO in Jayanagar, Bangalore, India?


  2. It’s quite possible that you saw a UFO! They are there all the time!