A lot of UFO activity in the orbit of the Sun October 16, 2011

In our previous article The clearest Alien Spacecraft near the Sun you ever have seen! we wrote about an amazing  Alien Spacecraft near the Sun recorded by BeePeeOilDisaster.

In the next video recorded from SOHO STEREO EUVI BEHIND 195) by   on October 16, 2011, you can see many unknown unexplained objects near the Sun. Some of the objects are similar or identical to the Alien Spacecraft recorded by BeePee.

We may dismiss these sightings as natural phenomena, processes in space or errors in/from the observation cameras, like the SOHO STEREO EUVI BEHIND 195 or indeed we have to deal with Alien Spaceships!

Although these observations are often dismissed as fake, in China they take these sightings ( alien spaceships) near the Sun seriously, according to a report from a news agency on the Chinese TV.

That is how they do things in China!

Images taken from the video clip myunhauzen74 

Hopefully it will inspire many to want to investigate for themselves!

Source and author:  *  BeePeeOilDisaster (youtube)

7 responses to “A lot of UFO activity in the orbit of the Sun October 16, 2011

  1. Full disclosure is not far off, governments will be forced to admit that the neighborhood around us is full of beings and their advanced technology. The Galactic Federation of Light and citizens of Agartha claim to be defeating the Illuminati bases underground and even detaining their minions. See . the 11.11.11 date seems to be significant.


  2. President Obama visited North Carolina and spent night there on 10/17. Resident were awakened and kept awake by outrageous noise from jets, Osprey helicopters, transports and Harriers -all at one time! It was like a battle overhead. These were eyewitness accounts from ret. Navy man and many others. One person reported lights in one place in the sky without jet noise. Jets were low flying rattling homes and nerves!

    Any ideas about what was happening over central North Carolina early morning 10/18/11?


  3. On Oct 15, Jets and black military helicopters flying very low over Sedona and Coconino Forest. Spotted a red orb that the helicopters were chasing near my home at Rimrock, Arizona.


  4. Perhaps the Sun is not a natural object.


  5. That’s amazing, yet also quite disturbing.

    I’ve heared rumors of such things before but believed them to be fairy tales. IMHO what we are seeing here is a C’tan drawing energy from the sun’s corona.


    Those fools from NASA are probably already trying to communicate with it over the starlight bridge and will eventually draw their attention to earth.

    They will come…
    Be afraid, be very afraid!


  6. jesus and his apostols live there. i know it


  7. I like the idea that these ships could be on standby to beam the honest earthlings up in a “Star Trek-meets-rapture” kind of way.If any impact is imminent there could be some help on hand. We know E.Ts have this technology as many Gray abductees claim to have been teleported out of their beds (and the Grays are far from the most technologically advanced E.Ts). Very interesting times…no matter what happens, I choose to be excited and not fearful as whatever happens will be for the greater good of all !🙂