Multiple UFOs move across the Moon on October 12, 2011

Again there is activity observed  and recorded of unknown objects hovering near the surface of the Moon.

Witness: The other night when the moon was full I thought I would film it.

Mostly to get a closer look but when I watched the video later I found 3 object that moved across the moon.

I’m not sure what they are so I call them UFO’s. I numbered the areas where the objects are and then used edge detection.

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7 responses to “Multiple UFOs move across the Moon on October 12, 2011

  1. John Lee Sullivan

    Was this filmed with a camcorder?
    People, if this WAS shot with a camcorder, then we can all see this stuff with just our eyes!
    Are authorities just blatantly ignoring this, and denying that there is anything going on at the Moon?
    Are we now guilty of not pushing the evidence hard enough at the people that count. I have tried on numerous occassions to bring evidence like this to the attention of the BBC, but if I am the only one doing it, then they are not going to pay me on my own much attention.
    As long as it can be verified, and proven that it has not been photoshopped, then video’s such as this are complete proof of activity on the Moon, wether it be human in origin or Extra-terrestrial.
    I think this is real, and therefore great evidence, but what do you all say?
    Lets open the debate…


  2. I think that is pretty amazing. Clueless as to what it could be, but open to ideas


  3. Buy a better scope please🙂 Cool video, awful quality. I ordered a $3K telescope will attach to my Canon 5d Mark 2 , with 21 mega pixel, so hope soon I can see something like this.


  4. Someone filmed a very similar thing in Romania on October 5th, 2011. I will post the link below. There is a secret space program that the U.S. engages in on a regular basis. It is also reported that we have permanent bases on the Moon as well as Mars. Gary McKinnon “stumbled” into a NASA computer and found evidence of this secret space program. Ever since the U.S. has been trying to extradite him and prosecute him on American soil. I have also given a link to an interview with McKinnon below. The quality is terrible, but you get the point of what happened to him.


  5. Unknown objects around the Moon:

    Interview with Gary McKinnon about the American Secret Space Program:


  6. BTW, if you want to hear more people speak about the American Secret Space Program, look up Ed Grimsley, Richard Dolan, Timothy Good, Richard C. Hoagland, and John Lear. Very interesting stuff!


  7. Sometime I think … things are not as for away or as large as we’ve been told …