Ancient Aliens – Aliens And The Secret Code

Series Ancient Aliens – Aliens And The Secret Code

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  1. check out the 40:44 of the episode 13.. the lunar moon landing.. the tip of the mountain on the left side.. That’s green sort of like a moss, or grass..


  2. ….we are at the lowest , most materialistic phase or age and so the most insensitive and undeveloped people have incarnated at this time. We are an ellipse and at the top are the most ethereal beings and as we descend downward it becomes more dense. We have been through 3 descending ages and are in the 4th most dense age now but are on the cusp of the new forthcoming 5th age and are now ascending into less dense energy. Our Ancestors in ages gone by were more sensitive to energy vortexes and could feel them. Being in the most materialistic culture at the end of its time and so in corruption ; most people today are insensitive to natural forces caused by living in artificial environments; encased in cemented cities, with cemented left brain tunnel perceptions. As we ascend into the new age those young souls unable to make the grade will be sloughed off the planet and will incarnate on another planet to continue their evolution. The process we are in now is an object lesson on WHAT NOT TO DO and WHY for those of us who remain and can think. So there is nothing to FEAR for any of us. Watch and learn.