Military Jet zooms near UFO – Orb in Texas, Oct 20, 2011

MILITARY JET PLANE zooms by near a BRIGHT ORB all captured on video, October 20, 2011

Witness: I have been watching some UFO-ORB activity near my house lately. So I get me camera ready and lo and behold, an ORB shows up and all of a sudden a MILITARY JET PLANE shows up as well! The jet plane had no red or flashing white lights. It was strange to see a JET PLANE fly by night with no lights such as strobes or the common red center flashing light.

Actually there was more than one orb. The MILITARY JET did not just show up for nothing. There was a tree that covered the actions of the jet.

Source and author:  (youtube)

3 responses to “Military Jet zooms near UFO – Orb in Texas, Oct 20, 2011

  1. where was this at? we were driving from oklahoma to dallas fort worth and my son and daughter started yelling from th backseat that they had seen a ufo. I asked her to look at this and she saud that was exactly what she saw from the backseat.


  2. stealth


  3. I read somewhere that the US has twelve planes that work with some for of anti-gravity technology that was reverse engineered from an alien UFO (probably Roswell). I would like to believe that most of these UFOs are alien but the truth is 90% are probably black ops/military. Most sightings happen in the US and UK these days, two strong allies that Im sure share each others technology to a degree….
    We can all speculate..