What would happen if Asteroid 2005 YU55 Hit Earth?

Meteorite/Asteroid impacts are more common than is popularly appreciated, but what happens when the meteorite/asteroid hits?

In this video a demonstration with a program created by Purdue University what would happen if Asteroid 2005 YU55 hit the earth.

In this video a demonstration just how close YU55 gets to earth and if it were to hit earth which side of the planet would be in danger

Seeking to better understand the level of death and destruction that would result from a large meteorite striking the Earth, Princeton University researchers have developed a new model that can not only more accurately simulate the seismic fallout of such an impact, but also help reveal new information about the surface and interior of planets based on past collisions.. Read full article Impact study: Princeton model shows fallout of a giant meteorite strike

If you want to try the program itself..

Link – program Impact Earth: www.purdue.edu/IMPACTEARTH

Link – program Eyes On The Solar System: http://solarsystem.nasa.gov/eyes/

Source and author: physorg.com *  (youtube)

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  1. It may be that there is not a gloobal damage when an asteroid of YU55-size hits the Earth. We can be sure, it’d be a huge tsunami if it hits the water, or a total destruction if it hits a major city like NY.
    I think the major effect of such a hit would be not physical but psychlogical.
    The people will think, it can happen again, and the governments will not warn again. This re-thinking will cause lots of trouble.


  2. Here we go again……Comet Elenin missed us and disappointed all the doomsayers, so now it’s about asteroid YU55 hitting Earth. It’s a no-brainer to say that if any significant size asteroid hit the Earth we would have a significant problem (tsunami, dust cloud, etc.). It’s obvious that these problems would be greatly increased in or near a metropolitan area. If the government did warn you, what would you do? Grab a shovel and start digging? Run for the hills? If you lived in a metropolitan area (in the United States at least), you would need a permit to do some kind of significant digging and construction on your property anyway. You wouldn’t have time to dig or construct anything if you had such a short notice. More important than YU55 is going to be asteroid 99942 Apophis, which has a good probability of hitting Earth sometime in April of 2036. However, considering that these same people can’t predict where a defunct satellite is going to land on Earth, I’m not real convinced about their accuracy with Apophis either. That being said, we have 25 years to prepare for the possibility of impact. Also, according to the video the impact of YU55 is calculated at 90 degrees. This is highly unlikely to happen because a 90 degree hit would be a dead-on bull’s-eye broadside of the Earth which is difficult to achieve, especially since YU55 is supposed to pass behind Earth’s orbital path and between us and the Moon on November 9th 2011 (or 9/11/11, in international date format. I’m sure plenty can be read into that date also). FEMA is also issuing a nationwide “test” of their Emergency Broadcast System on November 9th, 2011. Is that a coincidence? If it is not, then FEMA and NASA have given us the warning of this date for a long time, it’s just that no one really listened or did anything about it for the general public. In the end, everyone dies. Maybe it is better to die in the tsunami or fireball or whatever instead of being slowly killed by the lack of infrastructure, food, electricity, and resources that are bound to happen after as significant catastrophic event. Our modern electronic consumption-based society is not prepared for an event like this. Only the people who currently live off the land and those in less developed countries will survive, because that is how they survive already.

    On a more interesting and less deadly note…there has been some strange chatter about Asteroid YU55. I have heard that this particular asteroid is almost perfectly spherical (which is almost impossible for an asteroid to be), and that it has an exceptionally slow rotation of once every 24 Earth hours. These two characteristics would make it seem more like some kind of ancient (probably) space probe instead of an actual steroid. There are several asteroids and moons in our solar system that do not have the characteristics of “normal” asteroids or moons. One of these asteroids is 2867 Steins, is a rare E-Class asteroid. The Rosetta probe has sent back pictures that reveal that his asteroid actually has a specific structure as well as a very bright and reflective coating on it. Because of its highly reflective nature it seems to be an “emergency beacon”, or “warning beacon” of some kind instead of a naturally formed asteroid. Several other solar system bodies, like the moons of Mars, Phobos and Deimos, Saturn’s moon Iapetus, and even our own Moon show signs of artificial structure and that they were more likely built, instead of being naturally formed. This may also be the case with asteroid YU55. It seems a likely scenario considering the ancient ruins that have been found on Mars and our own Moon, as well as the ancient structures here on Earth that are far older than our moderns scientists can rationalize. If mainstream scientists agree that modern cities and civilizations began with the Sumerians approximately 6,500 years ago, and they also agree that modern dating methods are generally accurate, why do they not accept the fact that many of these ancient sites date to 8,000, 10,000, or even 15,000 years old? Many of these ancient sites are more technologically advanced than either the Sumerians or Egyptians. How is this possible? How can a society advance for 8,000 – 10,000 years, but lose technology and knowledge instead of improving it? Well, it can’t, unless that earlier society is destroyed somehow and the knowledge and technology they knew had to be re-invented by the next significant civilization. There is a significant amount of this evidence in our solar system and on our own planet. We should be figuring out how these societies were destroyed and focus our efforts on our own preservation, and the preservation of planet Earth instead of killing each other and engaging in needless wars and the destruction of our own planet. History repeats itself. Let’s try to break the cycle and finally advance.


  3. I’m still waiting for the fleet of ufos behind elenin..


    • Don’t be a wuss! Learn to hunt, gather food, and survive. I’ll never understand how you eastern city boys can be so prissy you’d rather die than learn to survive.


  4. There is nothing in this asteroid and it is hardly a big asteroid at 200metres so even if there was some possibility of it changing course then any countries nukes could destroy it before it actually impacted so there is no fear of this mere asteroid also, FEMA’s nationwide “test” of their Emergency Broadcast System is on the day after YU55 passes us so its a red herring.
    To be honest after this event there is nothing else to announce as all the fear and dooms have vanished and if there was something to be announced then other countries would be doing something similar in a broadcasting event so I can only assume this FEMA “test” is exactly what it is a “test”


  5. Oh what a relief. . . . We all are safe till 2036 and beyond. Elenin is dead. Nibiru will take a U turn and go back. But there will be some minor EQ here & there with some tiny solar winds. tsunamis will be in a smaller scale only some beaches will get washed & cleaned. UF0 should not be a problem because these are just illusions. Crop circles? They are 100% man made. We humans are the only ones in this universe who can control earth and other planets. Some of us can even control the sun. No one can beat us. Ok lets all celebrate this news !!


  6. YU55 won’t hit Earth. The vast number of starships from the Galactic Federation of Light that are in the neighborhood for the Disclosure and Ascension events coming can brush it aside. They have command ships that are many kilometers in size, YU55 is a ping-pong ball by comparison. Further, this silly model from Purdue U is built on far too many dogmatic assumptions, starting with the flimsy theory of a solid-core Earth. Like so many dogmatic imaginings from the Hallowed Science Gang, such as Darwinian evolution, Einstein’s relativity, CO2 role in global climate, HIV=AIDS, Pasteur’s Germ Theory, Pyramid of Giza built 5500 years ago in 20 years, Plate Tectonics etc. they are all based on weak circular thinking and speculation. Einstein died in 1955 and they still have his brain on ice, Willhelm Reich died in 1957, in prison, after his books were burned by the US Gov’t. His fantastic brain should have been saved, a greater genius was he.


  7. I wonder if Buzz Lightyear is in this “galactic alliance”


  8. If a larger unknown body was coming into our solar system or is in our solar system wouldn’t it change the course of this asteroid?


  9. Jay:

    Why? Do you realize the scale of space? Lets make a true to scale model of the solar system. The sun will be the size of a basket ball. The earth then is the size of a peppercorn and is 27 meters (88 ft) from the basket ball. Jupiter is is size of a ping-pong ball and is 140 meters (460 ft) from the sun-ball. The orbit of Pluto is 1070 meters (2/3 mile) from the basketball sun. The nearest star in this model is Proxima Centauri , 7400 km (4600 miles) away. The asteroid is but a speck of dust in this model. The diameter of our local galaxy, the Milky Way, in this same scale model is 170 million kilometers. That is just around the corner compared to other galaxies. It is really a good thing that the alien starships have antigravity technology so that they can make a 40 light year trip on a month or so, which is around 300-500 times the speed of light.


    • zuvrick:

      you display this scaling but fail to realize that the little speck of dust, that is an asteroid, can be perturbed by a light breeze (gravity field of celestial body).


  10. another round for everybody, and this one’s on me. hic.


  11. I am not concerned about any asteroid or comet impacting earth.
    What I want to know is how something like this asteroid could possibly change it’s course with out a collision scenario.

    Now seeing that you know a lot about certain things could you be so kind as to answer my question with out rambling on about how big space is.
    Don’t put me into the loony bin folder just yet. You should never jump in feet first.

    pass me the whole bottle! This gal has had a bad day!

    Stay safe


  12. What are the chances of it hitting the uk as if it does we are so small we would all be gone. I am really worrying about this especially with FEMA doing that test on 9th


  13. Well, I dont even want to get into visions I have had of a comet/meteor/asteroid hitting earth…

    Seek forgiveness for the rapture is near!


  14. Will YU55 passing so close and being so large maybe disturb our gravity or create earthquakes or bad weather?


  15. I’m not worried about this asteroid. Comets and asteroids pass us all the time. it will take something a lot bigger than this to disturb our planets weather ect.

    Stay safe


  16. Paul Felix Schott

    The time will come soon when all on Earth will look to the Heavens above.


    This will be a very close call i pray it is only that. Discovered on December 28, 2005 by Robert McMillan of the Spacewatch Program A potentially hazardous Asteroid known as 2005 YU55.

    This Asteroid some what Large 400 meter-sized type – C, will pass by the Earth right between our moon and Earth. On November 8, 2011.

    The people on Earth have not seen a Asteroid of this size in advance. One this big Has not impacted Earth in over at least 4 thousand years.

    Most Objects that have a diameters over 45 meters or 147.637 ft strike the Earth approximately once every thousand years or so. Lying flat everything for hundreds of miles.

    Like the TUNGUSKA 1908 SIBERIA, RUSSIA CRASH OR Tunguska Explosion. This one did not even hit the Earth with its full Impact, it burst high in the air above the ground plowing it apart into many smaller parts. Making thousands of very deep holes in the Russian forests. Many of them in dense forest far from any roads or towns.

    One 400 Meters 1,312.3 ft in diameter like this one YU55 weighing millions of tons would if impacted Earth on land would darken all of the Earth not for just days but much longer.

    It would change the weather not seen on Earth in over thousands of years a massive climate change to say the least.

    Asteroids in our Asteroid Belt that is between the orbits of Jupiter and Mars do have collisions and some do turn into meteoroids many in the past thousands of years have come into the Earth’s Atmosphere. Many of thousands of them make it into Meteorites the signs are all over the Earth, craters of all sizes.

    Now Earth going through a Debris Field or Tail of a Comet or large Asteroid at almost the same time as Asteroid YU55 near Earth Miss? Debris fields some times are very Large to say the least.

    The World and NASA will watch Outer Space very closely the next 30 days.
    Most likely more Earthquakes and the Oceans Tide will be strongly affected just from a near miss. The Gravitational Effects from outer space will most likely effect Earth for days.

    Let us all pray
    this is just a near Earth miss or NEO (Near Earth Object) or Near Earth Orbit.

    Judgment Day will come soon enough.

    Please Look at this site it is NASA’s Near Earth Object Program.



    Then go to

    (2005 YU55) NOV 8, 2011
    (2005 XB1) NOV 8, 2011
    (2011 TP6) NOV 2011
    (2000 YA) DEC 26, 2011

    Add a asteroid about a mile wide into this Equation and ???
    Object ( 20011LC19 ) it to will be going by Earth around Oct 28, 2011 tru
    Nov 4, 2011. It is 1.2km or 3,937Ft wide.

    May The Lord GOD our Father in Heaven Watch over and Guide you.
    GOD Bless
    Read the Bible
    John 8:12-31

    The Lord’s Little Helper
    Paul Felix Schott


  17. I love all these people who know nothing about something that is probably passing us by…

    i ask how big is it?:
    “its really big/ 400m diameter/ 400ft diameter/ the diameter of the earth”
    ok… how heavy is it?:
    “really heavy/ really dense/ its millions of tonnes”
    well… when is it gonna hit?:
    “november 2011/ 2012!/ december 2011”

    does anyone actually have any clue as to this thing at all, anything? a piece of paper with the NASA logo on top would do? nope? well then i think we should probably be focused more on gathering info rather than making sensationalist claims that have a tendency to scare some people, and they do, some people do get scared when you say an earth sized object is gonna kill us all. So please doomsdayers think about it before posting, and do a little research, like leaving a link with your post or just outright saying “I THINK” or “in my opinion”.

    thanking you kindly



    • I just wanted to share a conspiracy that I read with you guys. Supposedly Comet YU55 stands for Yosemite Underground 55. This means that NASA has predicted the location where it’s gonna land and it’s gonna be Yosemite National Park. This could cause the Volcano to explode and wipe out 2/3 of our country.

      Do I believe it? No and I hope nothing happens. It’s just something I kinda found interesting though and I wanted to share


  18. This should explain more about the possibilities.


  19. A good video!! Shows you how and when to see 2005 YU 55!!!! http://youtu.be/D_GRqGBUsCY


  20. Oh god when i think of that it’s really horrible and i wanna know if asteriod 2005 yu55 hit the earth, which surface it would be hitting i.e western north south or eastern..