Sunday Night Football UFOs over New Orleans – Oct 23, 2011

Incredible footage of strange UFO(s), filmed during a football game in New Orleans, last Sunday.

The first UFO at 0:07 going from top right to left. The 2nd UFO at 0:13 on the top left and the last UFO at 0:19 going from top right to bottom left.

Video 1:  Full video – normal speed

Video 2: Still images

Video 3: Proof flow behind building

Source and author:  (youtube)

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24 responses to “Sunday Night Football UFOs over New Orleans – Oct 23, 2011

  1. hmmmm..well, I have seen about three of these phenomena on video, could be whats called a rod, could be a bird, an insect or some pretty large photons hahaha no but seriously, This should be posted on alienexistence me thinks how odd..well done!


  2. I would agree with the ROD notion being birds and insects usually, but that for this time the object is far behind a large building structure and has rather clear scale and size to it that is beyond the mass of any avian life form. Also, the prutruberances, (did i say that right lol) on the object dont mesh with conventional rods.
    Ive not seen any thing like this.
    I want to call it a camera glitch via a normal object, but at regular speed it moves too fast, and moves beind a large structure.
    I wonder what it is…?


  3. Wow. What in the world is That??


  4. Is this the Goodyear Blimp of the future? just joking. Wow, it was huge and going very fast. Did the football announcer say on the video, what was that?


  5. This is exactly what i’ve been saying is going to happen for months now. I linked it on my forum. Check it out over at

    peace ya’ll


  6. Check out my HD version of this event!

    Hope this embed works. If not, here is the YouTube link:


  7. Has anyone else thought about the possibility that this was staged? Im not saying that it was a fake…but staged. We talk about the realm of possibilities right? We talk about rods, about ufo’s, about universal 4D transitions, we look at a 2nd sun through double paned glass and go after it. We look at calendars and hard dates that come and go…we look to the heavens for comets and asteroids that pass us by.
    This was staged.

    Think about it.
    National TV,
    25-35 seconds of being live on the air.
    Clear picture of a Church (crosses included)
    Advertisement on the bottom half of the screen.
    Grimm (some people arent what they seem to be) show.
    1 ufo
    2 ufo
    3 ufo pop.
    Each one allowed to fly by, turn behind and dart across the top 1/2 of the screen. Behind the church…
    Visible to all who are watching the game.
    Too funny.

    What are the odds of a National televised show, live, capturing 1 ufo.
    Add in that half of the screen is blocked by advertisements.
    add a 2nd and 3rd ufo, right where the camera just so happen to be looking during the 25 seconds it went live…while focus on a church.

    Sorry people. Im calling it a “fix”.
    This was meant to happen. “They” need us to see the unknown glowing whatever the hell it is.

    This was planned out.
    I hate being played.

    Whats next…a financial meltdown? a 1 world currency? a NWO? Bush, Clinton, Rockefeller all going to jail? UFO’s landing in the Vatican? The next Pope (Peter) denouncing his religion? War with Israel? 7 yr peace treaty? Aliens kidnapping people because they held the world consciousness back from evolving?



  8. There are actually 5 phenomena. Four are moving from right to left, but there’s another one moving from left to right. Just watch closely. It occurs after the first two. It seems to fantastic to be true that 5 ufo’s occur within 25 seconds.


  9. With the super technological world in which we live EVERYTHING is now open to interpretation. And there to abuse. Was it real? Doesn’t matter. Personal experiences are just too brief to upload or photograph. And so those that know you…believe you. Everybody else? Doesn’t matter.


  10. Actually, there have been times when UFOs have been filmed and shown on TV, especially live news broadcasts. One in Iraq a year or 2 ago was especially impressive – a dark rectangle scudding across the sky behind the Iraqi newscaster.


  11. Actually if you look at the bottom right of the shot just as it switches back to the game, you can see that the the people are moving very fast on the sidewalk. This means that this pan shot is time lapsed. I’d guess that the lights are planes landing.


  12. Now that is very intresting


  13. Guys, I know that these videos are very interesting to the open minded, but in reality these are just planes. It’s not a real time video or live video that was broadcasted. What you’re seeing are long exposure photographs taken and then stitched together to form a time lapse video. To get the movement in the time-lapse, they move the still camera on a motorized dolly built for this purpose. I know, because I shoot the same type of photography, here’s an example – you can even see a few “UFOs” (they’re planes) in my video. :) Peace.


    • Jourdan exhibits a healthy skepticism about this footage, but that doesn’t justify his self-promotion gambit of a link to a supposed debunking of the footage. His time lapse photography doesn’t show any of the phenomenae evident in the snf video. Sorry dude, not impressed.


  14. I found another video of this on youtube, but it has closeups of the UFOs, and it looks like it was sourced directly from the video, not taken from a tv with a camera phone:


  15. to me it just looks like automobile headlights hitting the black wrap around the lens of the camera


  16. Most definitely a time-lapsed shot. In any of the slow-motion close-ups watch the clock on the tower move from 7:45 to 7:50 in a few seconds, real-time. Just a rough guess, but the clock advances about 5 minutes during the short commercial at the bottom of the screen. That would put the video in the neighborhood of 10x speed.


  17. the aliens give a help to the saints. 62 vs 7 isn’t a normal score.


  18. This video was debunked on the Huffington Post. The Cameraman has come forward to explain what happened. It’s a time lapsed video and those are airplanes flying in the background. Good job Randy!


  19. I get that its a time lapsed video, but that doesn’t debunk anything. The angles at which these aircraft are flying- especially since the airport is far enough away for them to be leveled off- are unrealistic for commercial airlines. Also, look at the size of the aircraft compared to the cathedral. Tell me, what “airplane” would fit this scale?


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