The Silent Revolution of Truth – UFOs and Prophecies from Outer Space

Now presenting the most controversial UFO / ET case in history. The truth is exposed in this remarkable film about how one man’s meetings with extraterrestrials lead him through dozens of countries, meeting many famous world leaders including Saddam Hussein and later revealing ancient prophecies that would eventually come true.

In 1958 he predicted the Iraq Wars, Global Warming and even the AIDS epidemic. You will be captivated by how “Billy” Eduard Albert Meier became known in his early years as “The Phantom,” (a real life combination of Indian Jones, Han Solo and Larwence of Arabia), who carried a 44 Magnum and apprehended serial killers and mass murderers.

Meier’s life story is an enigmatic journey that ultimately culminates with him becoming the messenger for an advanced race of ET beings know as the Plejaran.

Their message is clear: earth is in trouble, the people have been asleep, and we must make drastic changes or there will be devastating consequences for all of mankind.

In his later years Meier stumped hundreds of skeptics with his clear UFO photographs, film footage and sound recordings of Plejaran “Beam Ships,” all taken and recorded in broad daylight. Exotic metal samples he received from the extraterrestrials according to scientists, remain to this day, irreproducible.

So decide for yourself if it’s all a hoax, and if so, then ask yourself, why has Meier been the target of 21 assassination attempts? Could it be that the message that humanity so desperately needs to hear is not welcome by many of our world leaders?

Discover why this, the most controversial UFO case in history has endured and remained alive in the face of intense skepticism for over 50 years.

The Billy Meier UFO Contacts:

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7 responses to “The Silent Revolution of Truth – UFOs and Prophecies from Outer Space

  1. The man IS Fascinating.


  2. I would like nothing more than to shake this mans hand.


  3. I still haven’t completely made up my mind about Billy. He’ll present you with the most amazing footage one time, and then clearly a hoax the next (see his photos about dinosaurs taken directly off the tv for example).

    Don’t jump on me people. I’m right in the middle on this one.

    Why can’t we ever have a contactee who has solid proof?

    I know, I know, its all the evil forces trying to distract us etc.

    Its all tiring to say the least.


  4. Meier only published his “predictions” after they had already happened…we only have his word that he was told about these events prior to them taking place.


  5. didn’t his wife or ex-wife come forward and admit his claims were a big hoax?. thought i just read that recently somewhere. maybe on this site. it must be true then, right?


  6. I think most of the pictures look fabricated, and I don’t really think Billy, has had contact. BUT! It does seem he has some really good ideas of a perfect society, and I think there is something to be learned here.


  7. It would be good to have the nay sayers try and debunk this. When you have a believer giving the presentation it’s always going to be one sided.