UFO Drones over Miami Fl. – Oct 28, 2011

UFO Drones over Miami Fl. – Oct 28, 2011

These orbs are often observed in various colors, green, blue,orange, amber or white.


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3 responses to “UFO Drones over Miami Fl. – Oct 28, 2011

  1. bubbleburster

    STOP! Just STOP IT! You people who keep posting vids of BUGS in the field of vision and chinese lanterns and such and call them “Amazing Evidence” and “Solid Proof” that UFO’s exist need to STOPPPPP. You make yourself look silly and you undermine credibility for people who tape something that really MIGHT be a UFO.

    I’ve lurked here for months and every time I see this kind of crap I just groan out loud and, finally, I can’t take remaining politely silent anymore. QUIT IT ALREADY!!


  2. that thing is microscopic, look at the trees for scaling its smaller than the street lights, it just looks like a laser light or a light bulb on a string lol, or maybe were just wrong in thinking ET may be of similar size to us… either way, this footage wouldnt help the global disclosure case (as the vid claims), it would just have more people calling us crazies for thinking a tiny red ball of light is sign of intelligence from beyond the stars



  3. most likely one of those metal looking balloons you buy at wal mart helium types.