Very Strange Sightings From The ISS

Very Strange Sightings From The ISS !

BeePee: What is going on? Have you watched the live camera lately? Some of the cloud formations look more like pyroclastic clouds! Some are massive and they cover very large areas, it doesnt even look like earth! Its as if the sun is not burning off the clouds like they normally do. It has been dark where I live for a few days now with morning looking like night… There also seems to be like a blue tint to everything and no reflections from the sun…

myunhauzen74: The object has a very specific outline clear! Shooting with the ISS. This is not a reflection of the sun and glare at the camera! It’s obvious! Such outbreaks in the atmosphere and in space all the time, but we do not pay attention to it because of their tremendous speed …

myunhauzen74: Pay attention to the movement and geometry, as well as the coordinates of the ISS at the end of the video. +ZOOM! There is no island!

Here is a link to the live feed;

Here is a link to the site where you can see in real time exactly where the ISS is located while you are watching the live camera feed;

What is your opinion on this?

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8 responses to “Very Strange Sightings From The ISS

  1. Much to do about nothing: Some flying dots and a usual cloud.


  2. frank dracman

    BeePee is a fraud i dont trust any of his posts


  3. Some of the objects may be satellites. The background patterns are generated harmonicly. These can be a result of ionispheric heaters or a proximity effect of either a gravitational drive disturbance or hyper-diminsional interaction. If you are not familliar, research “Chladni plates”
    and the modal phenomena “cymatics”. As we approach 2012 this phenomenia will continue to increase observationally as consciousness itself becomes” vibrationally sympathetic” with the harmonics of the galactic ecliptic plane we pass through. The seperation between diminsions becomes less clear. Interesting times. Some will be devistated, some will achieve higher levels of consciousness. Time is not linear as you have been led to believe,…it is cyclical. The “ancients” who left you this knowledge were none other than you. We left clues to ourselves knowing we would again loose our memories in the second half of the cycle.


  4. More optical illusions playing tricks on minds & the imaginative minds then trying to manipulate others minds.
    There is nothing there its just clouds and we all know clouds can create unusual shapes or patterns.
    This BeePee guy is now becoming another Donny Gilson although sometimes he does find anomalies worth debating but most times its bullshit.


  5. waveform144… did we know we were to lose our memories? Why would we?


  6. Wow, nice clouds!….. oh wait, there’s spose to be ufos?



  7. ok beepee could you post from what camera on the ISS-this foto is taken from-as it will be intresting to follow up from what angle-versus what camera?in relation to the surrounding region around the ISS at the spesific time-as regards your close up of your ufo fotos-they are huge ufo,s which do comply with the constructional details of ufo,s in general,to know what you looking at-relax the mind-and let your eyes absorb the informatiom you observing over time-you will be able to see various features you woudnt see at 1st glance-ive downloaded many of beepees videos-he has an incredible collection-of various interesting subjects,as regards sources i cannot disclose sources without there permission-


  8. as regards the sun im in south africa-some days the sun appears to be lacking its useal brightness-its like something is bewtween earth and the sun-blocking i estimate about 20% of its brightness-cloudness sky-weather photos dont detect upper-lower atmsphere clouds-im running a Custom-built weather sat reviever via a QFH antenna and using apt software-even there there isnt any clouds-weather related abnormalities present-the sun heat-brightness being blocked by something but what it is i dont have any answers