UFO in the night sky over Artesia NM – Oct 29, 2011

I first thought this was a star because it appeared to not move. Spotted it just over the top of my house. I went inside to go the restroom and then saw it was flying directly over me when I got back out.

Started to film then. Except for once when I signaled them, there were several times when everything got brighter. My opinion the brightening of the screen was from the object. I signaled them twice and only twice very quickly and the beam was directed away from it.

The other times the screen brightened is a mystery to me. Was not in space, so not a satellite and it made no sound.


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6 responses to “UFO in the night sky over Artesia NM – Oct 29, 2011

  1. Did you report this sighting to MUFON?


  2. You are like my son. Everything flying over night sky is a UFO. And one more thing, why did you signal them, what is the point of signaling them? To come for a coffee, or tea? Maybe they are looking for service center to fix the strobe light?


  3. What type of camera did you use?


  4. its hard to get a bearing on its position, i know the lens is only focused on it and nothing else, but i just wish we got some sort of point of reference to get an altitude estimate. Other than that its a pretty good capture, looks similar to the one ive seen in my home town.



  5. Wow. Awesome videos..