Evidence of Reincarnation and Life after Death

The Afterlife Investigation

Breakthrough scientific evidence for the afterlife. The Scole Experiments. For five years a group of mediums and scientists witnessed more phenomena than in any other experiment in the history of the paranormal, including recorded conversations with the dead, written messages on sealed film, video of spirit faces and even spirit forms materializing.

These experiments may finally convince you there is life after death. The scientific team in change of overseeing these experiments include world renowned Cambridge Scientist – Dr. Rupert Sheldrake, Dr. David Fontana and Researcher Montague Keen who died during the filming of the documentary

Is there Life before Life?

Evidence that we have lived before

1. People who claim to have lived prior lives have always seemed fake to me. Too often they claim to have been someone famous, like an Egyptian Pharaoh, Napoleon or Joan of Ark. Certainly, if reincarnation is real, it is not limited to the rich and famous…Article: Scientific Proof of Reincarnation

2. James Leininger was not yet 2 years old when he began to have terrible nightmares. His parents knew he would outgrow them, but his screams frightened them. When they would come to his bedside, they often found him on his back, kicking his legs in the air and thrashing his arms — as if he were trying to escape from an imaginary box. He would also yell some garbled words that his parents could not understand…Article: Convincing Cases of Past Lives

3. Rabbi Yonassan Gershom is a Hasidic Jew and author of Beyond the Ashes — Cases of Reincarnation from the Holocaust. Hasitism is a branch of Orthodox Judaism that promotes spirituality and joy through Jewish mysticism. This very ancient mystic tradition is based on the Talmud and the teachings of the more recent Kabbala…Article:  What Did Jesus Say?

4. While most people think of reincarnation as a dogma of religion or an interesting philosophy, the Buddhist monks in Tibet have developed it into a science.

This ancient and isolated Himalayan community has a tradition of contemplating and recording the aspects of human consciousness. Buddha, himself, began these thought experiments as a means of understanding human suffering. He discovered that our misery comes from our reluctance to accept change and our emotional attachment to both situations and material objects. Buddha understood that change is an inevitable process with time and he devised a method for detaching oneself, mentally and emotionally, from transient phenomenon…Article:  Tibetan Buddhism: Rebirth v Reincarnation

5. Hinduism is the oldest and most intellectual religion in human history. Great minds contemplated ideas about God, the soul and human existence long before there was a written language to record such things. As such, the religion was mainly an oral tradition. There is no known founder. Yet the ideas about reincarnation, the laws of karma and the abstract nature of the Creator remain the ultimate revelation and source of almost all other faiths. We explore Hinduism, the Bhagavad-gita and Krishna Consciousness in this summary…Article:  Hinduism: The Source of Knowledge

6. “Seeing the light” refers to the personal experience that is reported when one remembers their true identity as something “other than this body.” There are many methods that have been used to achieve this goal. Meditation and good living are important but some ancient cults also used a technique that involved fire or reflected light.

The method, called “phosphenes” is explored and a possible explanation of how it works is given for consideration. We start this journey in Greece, about 3600 years ago, during the Bronze Age. Our focus is part of a secret cult called the Eleusinian Mysteries…Article:  Seeing the Light

7. This is a “true” story of a hypnosis session where an obese patient was receiving therapy for overeating. The hypnotist attempted to suggest that the patient remember how it felt to be thin and began a typical regression procedure. Not being careful on the selection of words, the therapist regressed the patient back to a time “when you were light“. This reference to light apparently brought the patient back to a time between incarnations — only the subsequent life that was recalled was not in the past… This amazing transcript is reproduced, word for word, and describes a life in the future. What do humans look like? How do we live? What mysteries have we solved? Although we cannot vouch for its authenticity, it is certainly a thought provoking and interesting read…Article:  Can We Recall FUTURE Lives?

Source and author: viewzone *  (youtube)

20 responses to “Evidence of Reincarnation and Life after Death

  1. …has not all search for truth been but a urning to re-member…
    future, past…connected by a moment we can not divide
    but by names we give to that we have forgotten…


  2. Não existe reencarnação, tudo isso é conversa boba…!


  3. I believe that all energy is recycled, but is always kept in equilibrium, like all matter goes through the cycle of life an death, energy goes from one form to another, i figuratively don’t think if you were a human you come back as one again, i think there probably are some, but the majority go off to become other forms of energy. After all the universal law for energy; energy is neither created nor destroyed it is merely changed from one form into another.

    and breaking this law is the key to universal free energy…. and youd probably go missing if you managed to do it haha



    • Luke, …what you believe are those things you accept as true…with out knowing… Knowing disolves beliefe…remembering, you will know the truth of this.
      Law : “a binding custom or practice of a community : a rule of conduct or action prescribed or formally recognized as binding or enforced by a controlling authority” (Webster’s)…says nothing about being true..
      The first “law” states total energy of a system is in equalibrium because energy is neither created or distroyed…but is it true? At a quantom level what we observe is just the opposite…every particle popping in and out of existence, being created and distroyed countless times a second…and god forbid a particle should meet an anti-particle…
      The second “law” works pretty well if we cut down a tree and watch it decompose…but if we start off with a gazillion particles and blow them to hell with a really Big Bang…and they then self organize into galaxies and solar systems and planets with rivers and valleys and life forms with ever increasing complexity…and the mona lisa…you see where this is going…
      Consciousness is neg-entropic resolving to ever higher complexity…who are you going to believe, the law or your lieing eyes.
      If you choose the path that now captures your interest, it’s a lawless land…and you may well go missing…but discover the truth…


      • I find this helpful… Any “law” in physics is a bit of a misleading term. The scientific method caters for theories that make testable predictions that can be confirmed or contradicted by observation. Each theory can never be an absolute “law” in-so-much that all possible observations past, present and future have not been made yet, therefore it is not possible to know whether a future observation will contradict a “law”. E.g. Newton’s “laws” of motion were great for a while but later became a special case of Einstein’s theory of general relativity (GR), just as a future “theory of everything” (TOE) that combines GR with quantum mechanics (QM) is expected to make both GR and QM special cases of the new TOE. That’s based on the assumption that GR and QM are not mutually exclusive (i.e. black holes don’t exist and/or the big bang theory is incorrect as GR and QM make different predictions for these two types of event).


      • Good comment. I will stay away from discourse regarding the standard model and it dismil success in the relm of predictability…the mutually exclusive predictions of GR / QM do this well enough for the moment…I would remind however this is no indication either is right.
        In its most basic sense, falsification is a foundation of modern science…that a theory can in principle be disproven (or proven) by observation. We have wondered far from home. The sad state of the standard model is exemplified at its foundation by Big Bang, black holes, dark matter/energy most fo Qm,… none of which is provable or disprovable by observation by design as none is observable. So much for emphirical evidence. This is not science. By defination it fits well with what we call “faith”…blind faith at that. Modern science is so quick to condem religion, metaphisics, and, woo woo magic for no less than precisely the same failings for good reason…or not…


  4. then will i have control over my energy when i die? there are ghosts or some kind of paranormal energy with already dead people so someone give me a bullshit theory because im interested.. this planet is going downhill and will it end by external means or just burn itself out?

    drew looking for answers


    • Here’s one idea… when you have children, you let them play in a sandbox with suitable toys and other kids their own age. You nurture them in an environment where they can learn, have fun and occasionally get the odd bit of sand thrown at them. You don’t arm with with knives and AK-47s so that they cannot harm themselves and others. If you created a Universe or the human race within a Universe, this analogy would suggest that our human lives are a testbed for us to grow through experience both good and bad. As you wouldn’t let the kids out of the sandbox unguided, you wouldn’t let your human race have all the knowledge straight away, you’d want them to have the innocence of being new to it all and all the good and bad experiences that come with life as we know it. Once that life is over, the experiences will enable each soul to experience the next level of existence, perhaps either having another go in the sandbox or being a creator of their own Universe or part of it. One rule of the sandbox Universe we’re in might be that “no one can spoil the happy ending, but there might be hints to give us some faith” and so instead of all the gloom and doom we’re expecting at The End, will actually be an unexpected twist and be a very happy ending. If you’re going to choose a belief system, that’s not a bad one, as they go…


  5. Fascinating stuff.


  6. At the bottom of the post, it says;

    “….Researcher Montague Keen who died during the filming of the documentary.”

    That intrigued me, so I looked him up and what I found out is pretty interesting! Apparently, he swore to do all he could from the “other side” to prove that life goes on after death and it seems that some are convinced that he has done just that! Check this out;


    Also, it’s claimed he gives messages to the living via seances and mediums and so on, and here’s a bit of what he supposedly has had to say;


    ”It’s up to each of you how you live through this Transition”

    “…what humanity is moving towards… is totally different to the prison you now find yourselves in. The moon, which does not belong to nature, and affects the human race, will be removed. You will have two suns. The seasons will not remain as now. Life will be at a much slower pace. Time will no longer figure in the running of the Universe. You will be free to travel, to explore the planet and the Universe, just as was done in ancient times. The evidence is there for all to see.”

    And this one.

    “We have warned you to expect three days in which it seems like everything is switched off. Yes, it will be scary for some. Especially those who have refused to look at all this. It is during this time that many will be UNCREATED. They have done so much damage to the planet that they cannot be allowed to remain. Relax, sleep through it, if possible. Trust in the God of Love and Light. Keep calm. You will not need to eat. If you do, keep it light. Massive changes are happening in your bodies, especially women’s bodies. The next 60 days [ends on 11-11-11… hmmm] are important. You are almost there. Then, all will be as you would have dreamed it could be. We, on this side of life, will be with you to celebrate our great achievement, restoring the light and love to planet Earth.”

    There’s even a site, where you can read the messages he gives.


    Now, how’s THAT for wonder and intrigue, eh? LOL What a great way to start the weekend. 😀


  7. This one, I simply have to share also. In a long message to his wife Veronica, on 30th October, he finishes off by saying;

    “Many more from other planets are amongst you, assisting you through these difficult times. Many of them are working to dismantle the plans of the Cabal. They have been putting things in place in areas which the public do not even know about. They will show themselves when it is safe for them to do so; they have no wish to jeopardize anything. They are with you every step of the way. You will be one big family once more. We will be able to show ourselves soon also. Look on the positive side: it’s just a matter of removing the Cabal’s power structure and restoring human life to its full potential.

    We wish to thank all those, who through their efforts, are restoring the light in your world. Exciting times are ahead, my love, as both sides of life come together to rejoice in the restoration of Light and Truth.

    Your adoring husband, Monty.”

    They’re heeeere! Woot! 😀


    • Blondie, All good posts
      Very positive in a time when it seems most needed. I would encourage everyone posting their “beliefs” to become involved in at the least recall of their own past(s)…nothing like knowing to rid one of those pesky beliefs…

      May your journey be as through the eyes of a child…


  8. Computerwitch

    An interesting article and some thought-provoking comments. I believe that the energy that is our life becomes something else (whatever that is) after our bodies have died. A comforting thought for someone who is not into religion (apologies if I’ve offended anyone, not intended). I seem to recall reading somewhere that Houdini was also a believer in the afterlife and said that he would do whatever he could to prove existence beyond bodily death. Don’t know if there have been any reports of activity that is attributable to him.


  9. It’s great to read so many thought provoking comments and to read comments that show respect and POSITIVE encouragement to others who share their thoughts. Very happy.


  10. What Is Our Earth Life Experience For?

    Earth is a place where everyone gets an opportunity to see themselves for who they truly are. Who do we become when society isn’t looking?

    The society we came from before we were born into earth society, is an immortal society. Earth is a place where we are given a chance to see if we are evolving in a positive or negative direction. When we look around at the world we live in and it is not too difficult to see which direction many of us are going in.

    Earth is a place where we are not allowed to know much (as the old term goes, blind on earth), unless we are prepared to do the work… we then, will no longer have to come to earth again, once we have developed these characteristic traits necessary to live in an immortal society; therefore, the earth experience is no longer required.

    Religion is man’s primitive way to explain their existence and the fact, that our society still has these primitive beliefs should be a hint to those who are astute about where we are as a society.

    Read article in its entirety…


  11. J.S …haveing any luck with your website turning profitable for you ?… I begrudge no one makeing a living…soon to enter your second year, are you not?
    I am somewhat reluctant to comment on you new-bee blend of religion and psych-babble and politics here as I have not done so on your site.
    I will tell you I have little patients for pretentious profiteers who would pray on the fears of those opening their eyes to truth..at any level.
    A parrot at times may call a cracker a cracker…doesn’t earn him a seat at the debate…fish elsewhere dear one…or if you wish, question…or voice your opinion if you decide to practice and or explore those “truths” you spew/ preach…or, if you happen to discover what knowing is…share that here as well…until then… “a computer virus has been detected and placed in quaranteen”
    …………………I am sure you understand the meaning of this…


  12. divineadvancedhumanbeings.com

    Dear One; waveform144

    I stumbled across this site a few days ago and must say I was very impressed with this site as well as the information published. This site has some of the same subject matter as discussed on our site! I was so impressed with this site… that I added their website link on our site, to link back to this site.

    You say you want me to share truth? Tell me… can you handle it and see yourself for who you are or will you further justify your actions? “First”, you attacked the wrong person in your reply to the comment left, using assumptions as you addressed your reply to J.S. J.S. Thompson did not post the comment! J.S. Thompson is an author and someone whose articles we post on our website; therefore, your attack was made and addressed to an innocent person! “Secondly”, you made another assumption of our website trying to turn a profit due to the comment I left with a link to the full article on the subject matter at hand; if you go to our website, you will see that we have no advertisements trying to sell anything, nor a request for donations, etc… Our site is about sharing information…. the same as this site and most blog sites. “Thirdly”, you speak about being somewhat reluctant to comment (reply) and then, go on to spew such negativity, concluding it with a threat! Why would anyone do that over a comment left, even if you don’t agree with it?

    This is illogical but yet, we all do it… that means it must be ok, right? Look around at the world and what do we see… and then we wonder why it is not a place of “Peace”! Everyone just shoots from the hip without self-control… following the status quo into oblivion using emotions and belief systems in place, which is illogical! This behavior is always borne out of fear and insecurities! But because our emotions left us feeling threatened, judgmental, hurt, angry, or whatever the negative feeling we felt at the time…. it must mean it is truth and we respond accordingly,correct? This is the biggest lie we tell ourselves and then, use justifications for our actions in not caring for others because we don’t want to know the truth or see it! These things that affect us in this negative manner, is not about the other person but a lesson we are needing to learn.

    How do I know this to be truth? Because I have done the same thing all my life as well but I am learning…. so believe me, I understand your actions and hope one day you will too! As you said… when you know; you know! By seeing ourselves for who we are, only then can we learn to make the necessary changes a little bit at a time as evolution is a slow process. We can continue to choose to swim downstream with the status quo into oblivion, taking the past of least resistance (blaming everyone for our negative or non-caring actions towards others); or finally wake up and choose to become stronger by evolving and swimming upstream with the most resistance, which makes us stronger!

    Truth is universal and always, always follows a path of “logic”; and not our thoughts, feelings or beliefs. These are the things that J.S. Thompson’s writings have taught me and I hope to share with everyone I can… that is on a journey in search of truth!

    Blessings on your journey….


    • Greetings Dear Divine Advanced Humanbeing,
      Forgive me for assuming you were J.S. Thompson…possibly I should have guessed you were an enthralled student?…The header kind of threw me…
      “J.S. Thompson is a foremost leading authority on the subject of life after death. His purpose and goal is “Universal Unity” to inspire while utilizing logic, not beliefs …”
      If I might take the liberty of a suggestion here, as it is your site and he is but an author (one of many?…or…truth now…the only?…)…possibly you could add a qualifier such as “Thompson claims to be”…or “hopes someday to be”… Or, if that is distasteful, you could resort to supporting testimonials of acknowledgment from a few of the many competent researchers who have dedicated their life to this research in the field.

      …A few excerpts from J.S. Thompson… “What is Truth”
      …”We are the product of her effort to see herself. We are the final product of a journey that God (Arissa) took a long time ago, to discover who she is….However, the process of making another to define yourself… is not as easy as it sounds. Arissa could manipulate space as well as, alter the flow of dense particles here… to put something there under more pressure (electrons). She was capable of forming other machines in natural space, but they were only like teddy bears. Granted, they eventually became extremely advanced teddy bears… ( you will forgive me If I skipped the explanation of how “Arissa” herself is a computer…I will leave that for you to explain or for interested readers to explore…)
      …”Science will eventually advance to a stage of making robots that look like people and talk like people as well as make them do things that people do. They’ll be programmed to do certain things. These robots will be very advanced computers, computers capable of learning and evolving. However, when they have enough information programmed into them, they will figure out how the universe works… what natural space is and most importantly, who God is… but, how will they tell those that created them, what they’ve learned? They will speak a language that their creators no longer understand”.
      … What is truth? Truth is… “There is a God that can be understood through logic and God has an eternal plan”. When we understand the creation, it leads us to the creator. This path follows an evolutionary circuit…it makes sense, it is logical…it is truth!

      (…though I have spent years debunking many of his theories, he was a brilliant and gentle soul…and he has had a tough week, so…I honor him with a quote…) “If we were to assume it would be possible to describe everything scientifically, it would make no sense; it would be without meaning, as if you described a Beethoven symphony as a variation of wave pressure.” – Albert Einstein

      (cont)…”The universe is a machine with purpose, it produces something. It was created by a being which itself, was created from the natural motion of particles in natural space and when this machine had evolved into a being capable of utilizing its full potential… it made others capable of being not unlike itself. The universe is a machine capable of producing a being not unlike God”!

      You present J.S as a “Prophet” (there I go assuming again…actually J.S presents J.S as a prophet) and this again from your site…
      • Stock Market will collapse and the economy will be in turmoil…(given May/2007)
      • Government bail-outs which will result in government control of the economy……(given May/2007)
      • Credit Market will tighten up w/lower limits…Lower income citizens will lose their ability to use credit……(given May/2007)
      • Many bankruptcies will occur & people will lose their homes……(given May/2007)
      • Unemployment to rise……(given May/2007)
      • Many will go to work for the government at least for awhile until the economy recovers and eventually, it will recover……(given May/2007)
      • Oil prices will skyrocket preceding economic collapse……(given May/2007)
      • Value of the dollar will decline significantly……(given May/2007)
      • President Obama is going to create a jobs program that will include government money that will be used to fund green energy projects such as wind power…(given April/2010)…

      …(to readers…there are nine others as well of the same ilk…read if you wish at site…)
      Nowhere is any indication of where or to whom these “Prophecies” were given if in fact they were…also interesting is that all but the last was headlined in multiple publications for many years referencing any number of financial analyst (now if you could show that “J.S.” did make such predictions and never read the paper, watched the news, or had any economic or political conversations…)…then there is the last which wasn’t in the public domain until Obama’s’ campaign in 2007… kind of ran on it…given April 2010 ?…Will you (I mean J.S) next predict the earthquake in Japan last May???
      I am not going to bother with the political drivel you (sorry again…”J.S”) authors that you post…a real one man band…(two person…sorry…)
      Again, I do apologize for my “attack on an innocent person!”…and…(from your post) “Secondly”, you made another assumption of our website trying to turn a profit due to the comment I left with a link to the full article on the subject matter at hand; if you go to our website, you will see that we have no advertisements trying to sell anything”,..
      … If you are quick, you could go to yourown site and take down the “Gallery” section (or at least take the price tags off) before anyone here decides to look… that said, as mentioned in the previous post, I begrudge no one making a living…not the issue here…is it…
      …As to “threats”, I assume (there I go again!) you construe my offer to expose (J.S.’s) political/economic/religious/scientific/new age psycho-babble…and you have come to the right place!… , be clear I speak for no other here. I believe you will find respondents more than proficient at expressing themselves…sometimes with subtlety …sometimes not so much…

      In closing, to your question, yes, I do invite you to share the / your truth here. I mean this from my heart dear one…and I will do my best to handle it in my somewhat limited and occasionally abrupt fashion.
      May you live in interesting times…


  13. J.S. Thompson

    If you want to expose me. Then ask me questions one at a time and allow me to address them. This is the way to have a debate. Open debate is a good way to get information out on the table. Not to do so, is just chicken shit. Do the work! If all you ever do is take the path of least resistance, you’ll never learn anything. Knowledge…don’t leave earth without it!
    J.S. Thompson