Alien Human Abductions and Implants

Many of you have heard of cattle and horse mutilations. How many of you have heard of Alien Human Abductions and Alien Human Implants?

It is said that the government of the United States did make contact with Grey Aliens (EBE’s) and came to an agreement for the exchange of technology. The agreement would allow the Grey Aliens to continue their abductions and experiments on both humans and animals.

The “deal” was in exchange for technology that they would provide to us we would ignore the abductions that were going on. The EBE’s assured us that these abductions are merely ongoing monitoring of developing civilizations, but in fact these abductions have been for at least 3 purposes:

1. Insertion of a tiny probe about 3 millimeters in size into the brain for monitoring and programming purposes;

2. Post hypnotic suggestion concerning an important event that will occur in the next 2 to 5 years and giving the subject someplace to go and something to perform at that time; under our best hypnotic techniques we were unable to find out when or where or what this event is, and

3. Genetic crossbreeding between the EBE’s and humans. In many of the abductee hypnotic regressions of women with unusual terminated pregnancies they have been shown these “cross-breeds“, usually frail tiny beings with comparatively large heads, thin skin, very thin arms and legs… continue reading

Famous Cases of Human Mutilations:

Warning: These articles ( Cases 1,2,3) contain highly graphic images of human mutilations. TTBTS, Crowdedskies,, Think-aboutit sites are not responsible for any kind of stress cause by pictures. Do not proceed if you are not ready for these graphic images.

Case nr. 1 – Case nr. 2 – Case nr. 3

Aliens Implants

There have been many claims that the aliens have implanted small objects into people’s noses, legs and other body parts. Sometimes these are thought to be tracking devices or instruments for measuring body functions or recording other useful data from their victims. More scary is the idea that they are control devices, used by the aliens to manipulate brain chemical levels or neural functioning. However it is hard to find out what they really are since the aliens are apparently not very keen on having their devices removed, X-rayed or scanned… continue reading

Who is responsible for the abduction tens of thousands of citizens each year, people who have been reported missing but never found.


Could Humans Do this?

Could agencies within the government abduct us? Given what we know about the intelligence apparatus over the US. government?

The better question is, do these agencies have the technology to do so, and do they have the technology to extract body matter in such a systematic and effective way? If they really made an agreement with Extraterrestrials?

Could Extraterrestrials Do this?

As far fetched as that might be, it is conceivable that there could be organized race of (robotic) intelligences who have interstellar capability. It’s at least a consideration given the fact that whoever committed this systematic extraction has not even a remote extent of human feeling… continue reading

If  indeed Extraterrestrial visitors already engaging the planet and if abduction is part of the alien /secret agencies agenda then it is not a stretch to make this conclusion.

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10 responses to “Alien Human Abductions and Implants

  1. Ihave to admit, I have heard Rumors of human mutalations with similarities to cattle mutilations, but have never come across a story or evidence of any till this. and I am WELL researched.
    The notion of any form of cruelty or imoral inhumane activities accompanied with abduction has always bothered me greatly. it Completely and Utterly contradicts my beliefs and suspiscions of advanced cultural morals and behaviors.
    I force my self to believe that Most cultures and aliens out there are Not inhamane or imoral in thier beliefs and or activities. that they are spiritually emotionally and intellectually more experienced having learned from thier own mistakes and histories surely Well before becomming so techinologicly advanced, and thus are beyond most of the pettiness and low thinking of less advanced cultures.
    Isnt that what WE aspire to?
    I cannot deny that these activities are happening how ever.
    To an extent though I must admit that I am curious as to weather or not it is Aliens or, our own miss use of confiscated alien technologies.
    Certainly WE are capable of such sick and depraved behaviors.
    History of Nazi death camps and experiments are enough to confirm that.
    But here is the part that actually Really bothers me.
    Finding evidence of the cruelties at all.
    If a race is so Technologicly and intellectually advanced and harbors malice, why would they leave any evidence to be found at All?
    for starters, couldnt they, Wouldnt they just toss a body out into space or towards the sun, or dissintagrate it them selves or some other means of disposal?
    Why make such a visible and Easily found display of thier activities and works? My only conclusion to that is Not because they do not care or concider its impact upon us, it is rather the oposite.
    The Impact upon us would have to be Part of the project.
    watching our reactions, etc.
    But to what end really?
    This is part of why I wonder if it is actually aliens doing this.
    Spreading fear of potential alien propoganda is some thing WE would do. Especially if we intended to use it later as evidence of a sort that we should not, cannot trust aliens.
    I could certainly fit That into the adgenda of a shadow government.

    But still, what if it Is factions of aliens which have no moral conscience?
    Certainly aliens can be falible and indeviduals among them, or even certain organisations, perhaps even entire species may not be as morally developed and prone to poor choice as we humans are.
    It just boggles me that it may be possible to be born or created into such an advanced society and turn away from the lessons inhierantly learned through history as to what such activities will foster.

    Could I my SELF actually be more morally and spiritually advanced than some Aliens? Now THAT saddens me to no end.

    My firm and fondest hope and belief is still, that we are being groomed for further advancement and eventually future integration into a higher minded galactic community. that the time is comming soon for these changes and transitions to begin.
    ~ Varakienen. :/


  2. Rocky mcgilicutty

    I have one big problem with this case.The photos clearly show that the victim was bound with cord.At wrist ankel and legs.Why would a alien race
    need to do this?Even in our procedures they are straped down.This looks more to me like a drug cartel torture victim.With a hole saw and a shop vac.Don’t get me wrong I have no doubt in my mind that we are being and have been visited for thousands of years by someone or something.I just don’t trust this case.


  3. I read (on Project Camelot, I believe) that some people who have had such implants have had doctors surgically remove them, but when they attempt to remove them the implants move to another place, they are motile. They are not electronic like chips but are more biological in the way that they are made and function.

    It has been reported by whistleblowers who have worked on top secret projects that we have had contact with at least 40 different races of ETs, most of whom are benevolent and are here in fact to watch and protect their relatives (us), since human DNA shows evidence of tampering by 10-15 different ETs long ago (millions or hundreds of thousands of years ago, but also perhaps as recently as the end of the Atlantean era 13000 years ago). Despite the classic greys, both big and small, most ETs look very humanoid and some are absolutely indistinguishable from us earthlings. They are us and we are them.

    Even the more sinister ones may not compare with the ruthlessness of humans in our historic past. For example, the Spanish under Columbus committed genocide against the Caribbean island natives in the most cruel and inhumane ways, and that was just a short time ago, on the geologic time scale. When dissimilar cultures interact, conflicts and misunderstandings occur. In the near future, let’s hope that our ET cousins are better than we have been in making contact.


  4. yes i,ve been implanted


  5. There is so many different races out there. I know of one that I would gladly stand between them and the man holding the gun.
    Yes we are being protected but to what extent you will never know.
    Why you ask aren’t they here where we can see them? They are.

    Some things they can help us with but others have to naturally happen.

    Stay safe


  6. Aliens don’t need to experiment on us because they created us / we all are ‘half gods’.


  7. I think there are different factions of aliens, some who are allied with the forces of good and some that are allied with the forces of the darkness. Think of angels and demons…why would aliens not be any different? There are some that help people and beings like us, and then there are some that wish to destroy or enslave us. They all have free will like we do,


    • My problem here is that I have difficulty with an older more experienced race or culture that has Not yet learned from petty mistakes. it doesnt really add for me.


  8. Fragile earth, Fragile human.

    Think about it. We hurt easily. We die easily. It wouldn’t take much at all to wipe out the human population. You could do it with disease and sit back watch and suffer the scene until you yourself can no longer stand, begging to die.
    There are many ways that we can be exposed of.
    We need to be protected. We need to watch not those up there but those here on earth. They are out for themselves and themselves only.

    Treaties, agreements what ever you want to call it have happened. It’s a human fault to make petty mistakes. Some beings can’t be told but have to learn by these mistakes.

    There is a lot of anguish and frustration being felt out there above us.
    Frustration of not being able to help more. Anguish of seeing people die with out need. Treaties or agreements hold them back.
    They have already crossed the line. Helping some become familiar with them. Showing some people things of truth. They are not supposed to interfere and have but only out of desperation to save lives. They don’t want to cause panic either. if they showed themselves now how many nuclear weapons would be pointed towards them? Not only do these weapons hurt us but them as well. They don’t want this. This one race does not want to hurt anyone. They want us to live.

    Of course they have taken some people for different types of scientific purposes. They need to know what’s in our bodies, disease, pollution, drug and chemical wise. They also study brain function. They need to know everything about us but the race I know do not harm any human by doing this. How can they help us if they do not know what’s going on inside our bodies? Everything around us is polluted by something. If something doesn’t change soon what will become of our planet and all those that inhabit it. We do need help. We are dying already. Killing ourselves slowly.

    I truly hope one day soon you can meet them.

    Stay safe


  9. bullshit!