Volcano / Earthquake / El Hierro Watch Nov 12-15, 2011

Volcano / Earthquake report

Targeting the remnants of a filament eruption in the Southern Hemisphere. After analysis I have isolated 30° (+- 2°) N Latitude with solar symmetry to earth. Best fit regions for a possible 7+ Magnitude Earthquake are: Kermadec Islands-New Zealand Region, Easter Islands Region, Santiago del Estero-Argentina, San Juan-Argentina or the Coquimbo-Chile Region. Time frame for this event suggests Nov 13-14.

Second region for the Southern Hemisphere is mapped at 9° (+- 2°) Latitude. Best mapped regions with solar symmetry to earth are:
Solomon Islands or Santa Cruz Islands Region with a time frame Nov 12-13.

A strong magnetic filament in the Northern Hemisphere extending well over the north eastern limb of the solar corona indicates the likelihood of a strong earthquake. Targeting a coronal depression adjacent to active regions located 28-34° N Latitude. Best fit regions with solar symmetry to earth are:
The South Japan Islands (Bonin Islands-Izu Islands-Ruyukyu Islands or Kyushu), Gulf Of California-Mexico, Baha California-Mexico or the Southern California Region. Possible magnitude 6.8.Time frame suggest towards the end of the watch (Nov 15)

OLR anomalies are this week located : Luzon Philippines, Carlsberg Ridge, Gulf Of Aden, China, Atlantic Ocean, Azores Islands, France and Spain.

Ionospheric anomalies continue to show the South America region and the South Pacific Islands regions with large concentrations.

El Hierro – Canary Islands 

11-11-11: Scientists prepare for a new eruption, possibly to the north of El Hierro. After a period of calm came a 4.6 degree earthquake this morning, at 00:20 located to the north-west of El Hierro. This is the strongest quake to hit the island so far. Scientists are expecting a new eruption to take place and claim that data points towards a new eruption off the coast of Frontera, to the north-west of the island as this is where all the lastest earthquakes are being detected. So far today there have been 23 earthquakes over 1.5 degrees on the island, three of these have been felt by the islands population…continue reading daily updates at canariesnews

Source and author:  *  canariesnews * TheEarthReporter (youtube)

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