Mysterious Interstellar Spaceship Discovered in the Kuiper Belt?

A bizarre, hourglass-shaped Kuiper belt object, like an gigantic interstellar spaceship.(Object 2001QG298) spins round like a propeller as it orbits the Sun. They noticed that 2001QG298’s apparent brightness periodically tripled every 7 hours or so. “The object is so distant that they cannot resolve its shape. “It was impossible to tell from the original observations if the rotation and the orbital plane of 2001QG298 were aligned or perpendicular i.e. whether the object spun round horizontally like the blades on a helicopter or rotated vertically like the propeller of an aeroplane. The changes to the lightcurve variation show that it must be approximately vertical. .. full article at

This video shows an artistic rendering of the strange contact-binary Kuiper belt object 2001QG298 as seen from earth between 2003 and 2020. It shows how the observing angle and the lightcurve change as the object moves in its orbit along the sun.

The black line on the surface of 2001QG298 marks its equator. 2001QG298 is a contact binary which was first identified between 2003 and 2004 by Scott Sheppard and David Jewitt. Its extreme shape was inferred from the large brightness oscilations (larger than 1.1 magnitudes, equivalent to a brightness variation of 3 to 1) produced as the object spins.The lightcurve (brightness variation with rotation) observed in 2003/2004 is shown in red.

In 2010 the object was re-observed by Pedro Lacerda who found that the variation had decreased. The 2010 lightcurve is shown as white circles. The two sets of data imply that 2001QG298 is tilted by almost 90 degrees with respect to the plane of its orbit, as shown by the model on the left. The lightcurve produced by the model is shown as a yellow line overplotted on the red and white data points.

The model lightcurve varies with time as the object moves along its orbit around the sun. The black line on the surface of 2001QG298 marks the equator and the orbital plane is considered to be horizontal. More information on this object can be found here:

2001QG298: A gigantic interstellar spaceship?

Let’s look at strange and unexplained similar events of recent years

The Martian Phobos

Mars has two Moons: Phobos and Deimos. Discovered in 1877 by U.S. astronomer Asaph Hall.  Both moons are rather strange, especially Phobos.

Astrophysicist Dr. Iosif Samuilovich Shklovsky studied the tidal, gravitic and magnetic forces of the two moons. The orbital plane was wrong and too close to Mars and the origin and the small sizes of both moons raised questions.

Finally Shklovsky calculated the orbital motion of Martian satellite Phobos and came to the conclusion that the orbit was so peculiar that Phobos must be of artificial  origin.

Russian 2011 mission to Phobos

“The unmanned Phobos-Grunt craft was successfully launched by a Zenit-2 booster rocket just after midnight Moscow time Wednesday, November 9  (2016 GMT Tuesday) from the Russian-leased Baikonur cosmodrome in Kazakhstan. It separated from the booster about 11 minutes later and was to fire its engines twice to set out on its path to the Red Planet, but never did.

Russia’s Federal Space Agency chief Vladimir Popovkin said neither of the two engine burns worked, probably due to the failure of the craft’s orientation system. He said space engineers have three days to reset the spacecraft’s computer program to make it work before its batteries die.”

“If the controllers fail to bring the Phobos-Ground back to life, the tons of highly toxic fuel it carries would turn it into the most dangerous manmade object ever to fall from orbit, Oberg warned.

“About seven tons of nitrogen teroxide and hydrazine, which could freeze before ultimately entering, will make it the most toxic falling satellite ever,” he said.

“Russian scientists are struggling to get the country’s first interplanetary mission in 15 years back on track. Should they fail, the probe that was due to head to the Martian moon Phobos may well turn into the “most toxic falling satellite ever.”

“If the13-ton spacecraft can’t be revived, uncontrolled fall projected to occur in December.” msnbc.msn

The spacecraft was manufactured by the Moscow-based NPO Lavochkin, which has specialized in interplanetary vehicles since the dawn of the space era.

The company also designed the two probes sent to Phobos in 1988 and both failed. The first probe was lost a few months after the launch due to an operator’s mistake, and contact was lost with the second probe (Mars Phobos 2) when it was orbiting Mars.

Russian Mars Phobos 2 probe was downed by Aliens

In 1989 the Mars Phobos 2 probe was lost..the Russians eventually admitted it was lost due to alien hostility, backed-up by photographic evidence..there’s something about Mars the aliens don’t want us to know about.

One of the last images relayed to earth in detail by the Phobos II camera before data transmission was lost was an enormous elliptical shadow on the surface of Mars — cigar-shaped, and an estimated 25-27 kilometers (approximately 16 miles) in length. The size of this object ruled out the possibility that it was a reflection of the Phobos spacecraft itself. Because of its of its position, its symmetrical shape, its size and its movement, no features on the surface of Mars in the area in front of the probe, nor the satellite moons of Phobos and Deimos, nor the Phobos II spacecraft itself could account for this shadow pattern occurring in the very last frames of data successfully transmitted to earth.

Investigators who studied the details of this shadow that appeared just prior to Phobos II’s disappearance that it was the shadow of a craft that was not on the surface of Mars but that was hovering or levitating above the planet.

Mars Phobos 2 probe was downed by Aliens – VIDEO

August of 1993 another event of major proportions took place that sent a tremendous rumble through the US space program.

The US Mars Observer probe, sent to map in detail the surface of the red planet, was lost just as it prepared to make its Mars orbital insertion. Signals were sent to pressurize the fuel tanks in the propulsion system, in preparation for rocket firings that would slow the spacecraft down and allow it to be captured by the planet’s gravity field, but the Observer’s antenna, which was to receive and acknowledge Jet Propulsion Laboratory’s signal, never responded. Scientists concluded, a short time after the loss of the probe, that the spacecraft must have exploded when the fuel tanks were being pressurized. Is it possible that the American mission, losing communication with its Mars Observer, met with a fate similar to that of the Soviet Phobos II?..the vanishing Mars probes – ufodigest

Taking the termination of the Russian Phobos II probe, the lost/termination of the US. Mars Observer probe, and the lost/termination of the 2011 unmanned Phobos-Grunt craft into account, we might ask: Is it possible that there is a more powerful intelligence in space, (with a base on Mars, the two satellite moons Phobos and Deimos, all controlled by a mother ship Object 2001QG298, watching and observing our planetary endeavors) responsible for all these failures, in an attempt to protect and to keep the secret of their Mars base and satellite moons, just waiting for the human race’s next events in accepting and understanding the operations of parallel evolution?

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  1. Reliable and well-vetted whistleblowers on report that a city of 670,000 population (Earthlings, Annunaki, etc.) exists on Mars and that two of these individuals have actually gone there on assignment, one for a brief meeting (left and was back the same day) and another for several months. There are multiple stargates (“jumprooms” is the term) that are used for instant transportation to/from there. The guy who was there for some months said he “played a lot of ping-pong” while he was there, apparently on assignment to maintain some exotic technology. There are a lot of archeological ruins all over Mars. It apparently once had conditions much like Earth but the oceans and atmosphere was lost in a major cataclysm. This city has been there for a long time, 10000+ years.

    It is incredible that NASA and the Russians waste so much money with the charade of a “scientific” space exploration program. NASA has had a secret program for a long time and had man on the moon in 1963! The NASA Shittle, obsolete technology from day one, was a waste of money. If they’d just come out and admit to what they have REALLY been doing no charade is necessary.

    A Trip Please Believe it or Not. (At Ripley’s Believe it or Not NOT) 🙂


  2. You’ve hit the nail on the head. Give me an antigravitic craft and I’ll rip off to Mars myself to find out the truth!!! Give us all antigravitic craft NOW damn it!!


  3. Rachel Maddow is really cool, and she tells it like it is, unlike most of the main stream news commentators!