UFO activity in the orbit of the Sun – Nov 12, 2011

myunhauzen74: First, I have received a threatening letter, about my research, relative to the sun, but it will not stop me!

Second, why NASA hides the materials on November 11 and has removed a lot of photos for November 12


In our previous article The clearest Alien Spacecraft near the Sun you ever have seen! we wrote about the amazing discoveries of UFOs, EMVs and other unexplained phenomena near the Sun, recorded by BeePeeOilDisaster.

According to BeePee: I received threatening letters and NASA has once again censored a UFO type object from their STEREO website archived pictures after I made and posted a video bringing attention to it! This is the third time that NASA has been exposed by me censoring these very important discoveries and the video was removed from Youtube.

According to Nassim Harramein: ‘Earth sized UFOs  using our Sun as a Stargate’ Nassim Haramein’s analysis including video’s at ufo.blogger

Source and author:  *  BeePeeOilDisaster

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  1. excellent research you do BeePee these photos are indeed very large UFO,s orbiting the sun,they are amazing that most probably using the suns energy as a source for there space craft-keep up your research and dont worry about peple threatning ive viewed many of your videos-and they are excellent


  2. Nasa does have sattelites close to the sun!


  3. Hi just an fyi the annunakki are those beings that hide by the sun.. pretty resiliant bunch of cabal n un-Illuminated bunch of ass holes!
    Dont worry about them as God, Christ, the hiarchy of Angels n galactic Beings of light are here to GUIDE US OUTTA THIS MESS! One just needs to ask! To hell with Nazi aeronautics space agency= NASA! Rejoice! Be at peace n dont Fear it FEEDS THEM! IN LOVE N LIGHT


  4. BTW, any given day you can look at the SOHO 195 Ahead and Behind pictures and find these anomalies. I have many days worth of them that I have downloaded and looked at. I think that they occur way too often to be any type of spacecraft. It seems to me to just be a deficiency in either the telescope, or the software translating the information into visible images. I highly doubt they are spacecraft of any kind. I am also interested in hearing how Mr. BeePee was threatened by NASA. He does not talk about it except in passing (which is always suspicious), and IMHO it doesn’t seem to be NASA’s job to threaten anyone. I would think it would be more like the FBI, NSA, Military, or even CIA to threaten someone.

    There are too many people on this site and abroad who claim to have concrete proof, or “smoking-gun” evidence, or have received threats for the work they are doing. That makes me call “Bullshit” to all of these people’s claims. The best thing you can do is let this information out to the public. When you are threatened, let as many people as possible know about it. Blog about it, post it in any forum you can, or even have it printed in national newspapers. Then, if something tragic were to happen to you, more people would be following your story and would talk about it. This would make the people issuing the threats much less likely to take action since a light is being shed on their questionable activities and threats. If something tragic were to occur because of the information you release, you would essentially become a martyr instead of a forgotten statistic.


  5. They are defiantely not satelites as most of these are huge & I doubt that we have any satelites behind the Sun as thats way too far out.
    I agree that many are pixellations due to flare ups & reflections but some are obviously symetrical which makes us wonder.
    We also have to remember that there is an enormous amount of Solar activity happening & there will be a lot of small flashes of plasma being released often which these might be.


  6. Dear Sir,

    For reasons unknown my inner consciousness shines through the sun…


    around that time, we were traveling… and we normally eliminate all those spooky creatures on the walls, even in hotel rooms….

    Please stay away from the sun (or us)…. or meet us in person, and your halo might show up on the SOHO lasco C2 radar…. those flares beside the sun are just people nearby…. And there is no reason to fear…. they all are still alive…. and those little lights on lasco c3 & c2 are just alien (non-human) life-forms, maybe people in the astral…. at present, we are stuck in the himalayas…

    But can anyone guide us, as to what those little dinos (household lizards) are…. we did terminate them all…. and there was much peace at our home, and on the lasco c3 radar…. and those earth-sized objects near the sun, were just spiders…. we normally don’t eliminate them, but their were too many in the recent past…

    And even we were following up the NASA activities, and those space-walkers or shuttle missions are just cover-up operations to teleport spooky klingon lizardships, Orion spiders, and skunkworks delta wing stealth moth to the homes of other people….. what they are, even I am not sure….. and their appearance left us scared…..

    Once we were stuck in a real bad thunderstorm in the Himalayas…. and there appeared a stray dog…. we eliminated it, and the weather turned sunny within few minutes…. along with the thunders…. now we do get scared, when we see a dog ever….. what they are, now even I am not sure….. Maybe the aliens (non-human) eltities should not be entertained ever, even in sight…. or thoughts….

    Maybe people should stay away from us in the astral, or be our friends for real….

    Don’t forget to watch your own stars appear near the sun



  7. And do you mind, if now I/we return to work…. those plasma flares are just the signs of my active life…. sun-spots are just friends….

    Don’t follow us please….. never ever in the astral, watching those signs…..

    I have been inactive living in social isolation for few years now…..

    The faces of the people, I see down here appear on the surface of the sun…. as reported by NASA SOHO Satellite….


    and more pictures splashed there on my facebook profile, and buried in the photo albums there….


    and just get used to be living with the sun as a living man down here….

    and if you wish to experiment, I am willing to volunteer…. even these charts here flicker, even as I eat…..

    SOHO CELIAS/MTOF Proton Monitor …. now I am going to eat some food after, I paste it here, and there is going to be a spike….


    why it is so, even I am not aware…. maybe we all are divine and just stars up there….. wherein shines our inner consciousness at all times….

    But one thing is sure…. that strangers & even star-gazers should stay away from the sacred heaven……



    • Not sure what kind of spacegrass you are smokin’ Doc, but I would sure like to have some….


      • Dear sir,

        It would seem just so weird…. but then this happened to be the truth for us….

        We got into serious problem in the year 2006-2009…. and I set out to find answers, as even medicine & nursing didn’t help….. and there were swarms of insects at our lawn lights….. and other astronauts…. maybe they were the signs of the people in the astral following the sun…..

        since we were also observing these images….. we burnt them in the propane torch….. and were shocked to see the lasco c3 images got cleared of those troubling UFOs….

        Then we took extreme pest control measures to get rid of aliens (non-human species) around our home & work-place….. and with every little step we took…. there was much peace at our place and on those soho images….

        even we found it so weird…. we are peaceful people, and normally don’t terminate little beings…. however, we had to…. maybe the world was following the sun…. and they were all crawling on our walls….. but they were strangers, and had come knocking with bad vibes…..

        And Dear sir, please don’t be surprised…. that the images on the weather satellite images & on the surface of the sun are somewhat similar, when you preview them after size reduction…..

        What it was, I am not aware, I do smoke the regular cigrettes though…. and don’t drink….. and work as a electronic technician….

        But my life here in sync. with those solar charts, and the faces of people I meet do show up there is kind of scary…..

        Now I have bought some new mirrors…. and placed them around…. but now you do see a face there…..


        I meditated and those images did appear there…. Maybe we all have it within, and unaware…..

        we are not much into spiritual work either…. the idea of inviting the peaceful spooks of the past, souls small & great…. didn’t ever resonate within…. so we left it, and are happy with our little soul…. and live by the grace of our ancestral spirits, whatever that means…..

        But what is up there, those lights…. and when there are clouds around, little creatures also show up around…. some kind & few others to hurt….. you pop some of them, who comes to sneak in bite…. and the cloud up there disappears…..

        Maybe we live in the Himalayas, and now shall move to some other big cities….. full of people, and not these little people…..

        But I am sure, of one thing that people are at differences…. for survival….. and didn’t even spare the sun….. most people do leave bad comments for the sun, but some of us are grateful to the sun & the moon that lights up our day & night….. but what is up there, must be known only to the masters…..

        But our own life down here has mysteriously turned peaceful…. maybe the spooks that showed up near the sun, were troubling everyone else as well…..

        I know that I sound like a lunatic….. But I am just another electronic two-way radio mechanic….. But I felt like contacting people, that they should not try chasing the sun, and even we don’t wish to hurt those little beings anymore…..

        Why it is so, now even we don’t care….. I regret, If we have hurt anyone’s astral planes…. we don’t have the knowledge or infrastructure to identify them all…. But when those beings were around, we felt trapped for a while…. with those scary visions, strange whistling & clicking noises, altered personality of self & others at home….. right out of a scary horror movie….

        Maybe you and the others can do it….. But life down here is almost an illusion…. only the memories, and the experience is ours….


  8. But the troubling part is the sync with those charts & the source of these images….. are they all for real ?….. or may be there is a trick embedded in the similar PC machines & the same software being used worldwide to spy on & profile each user…..

    The journey began, when I was just following the others on the Apocalypse in 2012 or whatever it means….. and was fondly collecting all these weird images….. and they appeared to reflect, what I had been watching/seeing recently….. as thumbnail images in the windows explorer….. the shadowy image of the wallpaper on our PC was there on the surface of the sun….. so we are just attempting to unravel the mystery….

    Or it just got us worried, and the co-incidences were too many….. the sun didn’t appear to be 18 light minutes away, as the images were changing with my thoughts with few minutes instead of the 36 minutes plus the processing time on the web & their servers…..

    But I had my share of fun playing with their servers….

    Maybe the SOHO & the other Satellite is built into the PC…… and the Microsoft software…..

    Just sharing my observations, in the hope that it makes some lives better & the understanding of the unknown gets deciphered….. I regret if I have hurt anyone sentiments….. But these were just experimental observations…..


  9. Wow man , when i have my shoulder injure ive been doing alot of research i mean verry much, Like 9 hours a day about ”HAARP-Mindcontrol, Project blue beam,About obama trying to be god and bush lieing and shit u know , Me self im from holland ive withnessed and earthquake in holland that we normaly dont know of, First time i felt one. 22 hours ago from now we had Poison in our drinkwatersystem but didnt go true the system goodluck hahah Hope you send me an email. Gl


  10. Dear Sir,

    I do smoke, so I painted an image of myself again on the sun, smoking regular cigarette…. some holy smoke it was….


    However, every one must now wake up and get rid of all hidden spooks…. the things that come to live with you, and crawl out at night…. at home & at work-place…. I want you all to be free from them…. your own soul is best for everyone…. and now you know the truth, do you still want to be watched by the others…. most of them are strangers from the past & present….

    I had even sought some psychic help…. and they too landed on these spooky little planes…. some witchcraft they were…. the flying saucers were just little spiders….. and so were the angels….. why they like to bless (sounds more like Be Less)….. and why would anyone invite them in distress…. unless one wishes them to be fed…..

    It might be offending to some….. but maybe faith in the goodness of the spooks was just a bait to lure people into their nets…. when the people themselves will invite these dirty little rascals into their lives & home…. I do care for you all as individuals, and little sparks of divine humans here…. and as stars up there…… so I reveal…. rest you shall learn automatically, as you first free yourself from them…. and try to invite them in one by one….. and those little creatures shall try to sneak in…… and now you all shall be able to see the gods, people pray to…..

    And I am neither preaching or trying to be messiah….. Maybe we all have it within….. and that sounds nice…. :o)….. Maybe some of you are better at these works….. and everyone themselves are their own saviors….. It is your choice, what you wish to be….. and the knowledge to save self & others at home…..

    But please don’t be offended with my comments, I am just sharing my observations…..

    But it is definitely bad, that these people from the space agencies know a lot about the heaven (they have been there, That is sure)…. and hiding many things from us….. they do indulge in all kind of spiritual & technical wizard games to these days for mind control…… even media is obsessed with those from the past…. and for the living souls, they don’t seem to care…..

    And now be aware, that for every other star that shines up there…. exists a little man down here…..

    You may contact us on the facebook for any communications in the future…..

    And our latest observation was about some kind of coded Shortwave Signal around ten MHz (I am not sure of the frequency though)…. easily detected by a regular oscilloscope…. didn’t even require a radio receiver….. easily picked up a small (8 in dia.) two turn loop antenna….. must be a very strong RF signal for some brain altering activity….. Then we made a little cap from enameled copper wire to cover the head, and are feeling better….. shall keep you all updated….

    Thanks & best wishes….


  11. And all of you also must be aware…. that the space agencies are more resourceful & experienced than any of us…. and everyone following these reports, or their press releases must watch out for appearance of any new little guests or creatures….

    they are monitoring everyone, that follows them… and they also indulge in using professional psychics in an attempt to track everyone…. these techno-spiritual psychics also appear as little pest beings near you…. as they watch you, hanging upside-down on walls….. invading your privacy, and troubling other people at home & work…. they are on their payroll and part of the Star-Wars….. where they watch everyone through their inner consciousness shining on their individual stars….. But their attempt to play the GOD has now gone too far….. all without the victim’s knowledge & consent….. you, I & all others, who find time to comment on their false reports are just being baited…..

    These days I help people to come out of darkness, and face the magical reality, we all live in…. faith also seems to be just a trick to abandon the masses at the spook’s disposal…. they are just their to trap you through your life…. and beyond…. I could not lie to you…. the little secret, which they hold….. and in just lines to the others, could be told…… We all are here on a short journey, make the most of it…. I appreciated my own freedom, and wish the others also to be free….. with their own little existence & soul….. the alien presence usually causes negative results….

    If the sun & the moon are blocked by strange local clouds in your area…. the little aliens have landed somewhere near you….. If the hawks are there nearby, some flies are buzzing around….. stay away from the Babas, Swami, Tantriks & other brands of sick people, who promise to take you to some decayed star…. to inject a new alien into you….. most spooks now live in the animal realm…. so how can they be any better than any of you ?….

    Even I am shocked, to see a society obsessed with the spooks & times of the past….. as most people raise them and fire them at the nearest soul in sight……

    I regret to scribble so much here, but I wanted the truth to survive somewhere….. and that too in public domain….. coz, they too have left my personal life visible to all in the public domain….

    Scarry ehhh ?…..

    Shall invite you all in for some beers, on a regular jumbo when the war gets over….. we are just trying to save our own earthy existence….. Maybe the line you see on lasco C3, might disappear…. when I do make an exit….. But I am a SURVIVOR…. so let us not worry about that…..

    We all do live in a unreal world…. based on what we are taught, and what is told to us by the media…..

    Incidentally I do like parrots….. they are kind of sweet, and never come too close to trouble….. The famous Dr.Saddam Hussein & Even the Dr.Hitler usually showed up these green planes…. now, why would someone try to kill them ?…..

    Dr.Osama Bin Laden was a SpiderNaut (Flying Saucer) and was also responsible for troubling even us…. Maybe the rulers themselves want the disease to spread….. and these days they talk much about the new cyber-astral-terrorists….. they have the tendency to show up at million places at the same time…. and why would they do it…..

    Most of you would not even believe, what I have scribbled in total sanity above….. and none would even dare to publish the truth….. Maybe the truth is, what they all wish to cover up….

    Now I don’t watch their broadcasts anymore…. after one of our ex-employees now settled in japan reported no such loss there…. when the media was talking about loss of almost One Hundred & Fifty Thousand people somewhere near Fukushima…..

    We the people also exist in parallel dimensions…. and someone did tell us that people do irradiate these little beings with nuclear material….. maybe, some kind of ethnic cleansing is in progress…. Maybe these days, they just report the loss of these pets…..

    I am not even sure, if they even generate electricity at nuclear power plants….. unless they reveal…. I shall always be in doubt…. I have worked on few on the control panel…. and was surprised to see the power coming in from many different grids….. and the many cooling towers there….. are they there to cool some generators….. or just to provide, air-conditioning comfort to the creatures….. I am not sure on this one, though….