El Hierro Volcano Releases Toxic Gases, Hundreds of Fish Dead

Yesterday, November 16, 2011, there have been eight earthquakes measuring over 1.5 on the Richter scale on El Hierro, one of them measured 3.2 and was felt by the islands population

El Hierro’s underwater volcano in the Canary Islands has begun erupting near the shore. The eruptions may be spectacular, but officials have also noticed that the volcano is spewing toxic gases into the air around the island. Emergency services are continuing to monitor toxic gas levels.

Toxic gas levels killing hundreds of fish and after a worker studying the volcano, he became ill.

Several of the island’s beaches were closed and causing an entire village to be evacuated.

Update: The evacuated La Restinga residents are being allowed to return to their homes and the Los Roquillos tunnel is re-opened during daytime hours.


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2 responses to “El Hierro Volcano Releases Toxic Gases, Hundreds of Fish Dead

  1. brill thats good isn,t it ? something else to fuckin worry about


  2. Earth has always been a busy place. Very unlikely El Hierro will become a super valcano. La Palma has generally been considered a greater threat because of a landslide generated tsunsami that could reach the east coast of the americas. If it were to happen with no warning (the eruption and collapse) almost everyone in the path would have 4 to 6 hours warning to move to higher ground. Worth being aware and prepared…no cause to fear