Google Earth Shows Strange Things in the Gobi Desert in China – November 2011

“If you like puzzling over the meaning of the Nazca lines in southern Peru, crop circles in central England or poring over maps of Area 51, then you’ll like this. Digital mapping fans today noticed some wild and wacky forms of indeterminate function in China’s barren wastes in the Gobi desert.

The bizarre shapes vary widely. Two of them are grids that look a little like street floor plans without buildings and are around 2 kilometres long by just over a kilometre wide. Conspiracy theorists pounced immediately. Were these some sort of alien markings or the remains of a lost civilisation?

Slightly more likely is that it is being used to give China’s upcoming spacecraft some kind of frame of reference. China’s crewed Shenzhou 7 mission, launched in September 2008, released a small satellite that orbited the crew capsule a few kilometres away: Japanese researchers believe it was testing a quantum key distribution system between the spacecraft and satellite. Could a ground-to-space system need some kind of elaborate ground sight?

Probably not. My money’s on it being a target practice range for the People’s Liberation Army.

Why? One of the other formations gives the game away: looking tantalisingly like Stonehenge from a great height, zooming in reveals three aircraft sitting at it’s heart. Clearly, it is some kind of military target for airstrike or gunnery practice. Another 4 x 4 piece grid some 200 metres across has some pieces clearly blown to smithereens, again supporting the target practice theory, and a dummy runway in garish bluish-white is probably not for style-conscious aliens but air-to-ground strafing practice.

However, there is always the chance the Google maps have been hacked and that these “structures” are mere overlays, inserted through digital skulduggery and intended to keep conspiracy theorists happy for weeks. The 21st century version of crop circles, in other words.”  newscientist

Why  is China building these gigantic structures in the middle of the dessert? Read full article and updates including more pictures at

Coordinates: (Google Earth)


44 42’40.81″N 93 31’46.18″E



Source and author:  *  newscientist * video source: Sheilaaliens * cnn (youtube)

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  1. I love how the tv presenter is come on play along is good to know now there Are more and more people now in the media who is lets not forget run by the elite so its good thing are opening up now awake


  2. Well I can tell you something about most of this area. It is used for target practice and also the bright coloured blue lines you see that look rather like runways are brine pits for the extraction of Lithium. My son and I have been looking at all this for some considerable time. On the very far left of the area you will see a digitally added circular spot, zoom right into this and you will see aircraft and truck. These are all computer ‘sprites’, not really there at all, just added digitally to the Google Earth system… The maze type lines are for target practice and the bottom far right is another HAARP type array.

    It is all very interesting, in fact one of the most fascinating areas on Google Earth I have found. However don’t believe the hype… Do the research.


  3. SDKruse-Wright

    I believe our world leaders are practicing and preparing for a possible future “intrusion” of some sort, be it inner-galactic, large space rocks, armed forces – intrusions of any sort, with lasers operated from our joint space station – a joint effort by the key leaders of the world, should they become necessary, to defend ourselves from an outside intrusion, as former President Ronald Reagan mentioned during his term in office. I believe these are for target practice and partially explain some of the strange beams and flashes of light and aerial phenomena being seen all around the world. Perhaps “Something Wicked this way comes!”


  4. check out 43 11 11 11N 91 00 00 00E
    and 44 04 44 44N 93 55 55 55E


  5. Ive been saying this for months now, china has the means and the man power to take the top spot in the world superpowers and they would have no competition, America knows this and is fortifying its pacific and Asian theaters of war, i know this as their base in Australia has just received a garrison of 2500 marines with full gear, jets etc. Barack Obama also commented on this move stating it was merely “fortifying its neighbors”, i ask what for? if not for a possible threat. The Chinese have developed new stealth fighter planes that can out maneuver the F22 raptor, a new carrier fleet, anti carrier missiles that can hit offshore targets before they get into range for retaliation, refitted or refitting their entire army, increasing army volunteers by relaxing restrictions on applicants, developing new RPG-7 rounds – rather than making a new launcher they have made a new missile that can level a 3 story building, a new 12.7mm sniper rifle to compete with the barreta 50cal, a new helicopter to go toe to toe with the Comanche and Apache American helicopters, the list goes on….

    be warned, don’t be complacent and believe the leaders who say they are not a threat, they are shitting their pants right now because they are now seeing what its like to be facing the gun barrel rather than holding the trigger.

    i have some links to most of these but ill have to find them in my files and post later



  6. LMAO dude you belive all that. you know China just launched it very first aircraft carrier in 2010?Did you know our new F-25s can outmanuver any other plane ever invented. You that scared of china?