The Enemy Within – A Global Conspiracy

The Enemy Within – A Global Conspiracy (Documentary)

Since our nation’s inception in 1776 – cold, cunning conspirators have sought to undermine our political sovereignty for their own personal profit.

Behind a facade of corporate and congressional respectability, a cabal of ruthless men use extortion and murder to steal our nation’s wealth and turn the United States into a fascist war-machine that inexorably threatens the entire world. But now at last, the American people are rising to unmask.

Source and author: UFOTVstudios  (youtube)

4 responses to “The Enemy Within – A Global Conspiracy

  1. For many years the U.S. government food the “American Dream” by the sweat of thousands of people from third world …., killing indiscriminately, and promoting poverty and misery in the Third World. The U.S. never cared about anyone, that’s the truth. The U.S. were the only playing two atomic bombs on civilians in World War II …. and nobody says anything! I do not know if the American people to blame for having this kind of petty and hypocritical government, time will tell the truth.


  2. We aren’t happy with our government either at this time.
    We do not want war or killing of humans or animals.
    We want most of our elected “leaders” out of office immediately.
    Watch what we do when it’s time to vote in November 2012.
    We the people will speak so loud, the world will hear.
    We are sick and tired of puppets in office to serve only those who keep them in office not humanity at large.
    We are awake in the US now. Watch us make the change we want, ourselves. We The People…


  3. AHthe speech that sealed JFKs fate.


  4. another reference to false flag alien invasion to come.
    Love that Holly wood has significantly Upped its production of alien invasion movies in just the last few years compared to the last few decades alone.