More Hospitalized as ‘Mystery Odor’ Continues to Sicken Many in the U.S. – Nov. 2011

Several local news clips from all around the U.S. over the past month regarding a mystery odor/chemical smell making people sick.

Many have gone to the hospital over this. 50 here, 14 there, 7 another time and the list goes on. This is not even including all of the same type of incidents that happened.

Each of these events have taken place between the beginning of October and the 5th of November, 2011

Extended version of this video:

Today, November 20, 2011

More Hospitalized as ‘Mystery Odor’ Continues to Sicken Many in the U.S

For detailed info on each event, I invite you to research on your own by noting the station’s call letters/etc. and searching for that along with the appropriate key words.

HAZMAT incident map:

Update: November 23, 2011

BBC Video: ‘What is Fracking and why is it controversial?’ (2-minute video)

“The process of drilling down and creating tiny explosions to shatter and crack hard shale rocks to release the gas inside. Water, sand and chemicals are injected into the rock at high pressure which allows the gas to flow out to the head of the well. The process is carried out vertically or, more commonly, by drilling horizontally to the rock layer. The process can create new pathways to release gas or can be used to extend existing channels.”
Read more:

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14 responses to “More Hospitalized as ‘Mystery Odor’ Continues to Sicken Many in the U.S. – Nov. 2011

  1. It is not going to be an asteroid or a rouge planet that will end the human race, but a plague released upon man by its own hand. This is the way it has always been, every time our race hits a critical mass, some new form of virus or infection rears its head, Polio, Bubonic plague, tuberculosis, SARS, bird flu, swine flu. we can only hold off the inevitable for so long, soon some virus will rear its head and our top scientists will not be able to stop it, the worst thing is that today, our governments manufacture these viruses like they manufacture weapons for war, all it would take is a sli of a vial.

    to see how this sort of thing could become a reality, hire out the movie, ‘the crazies’. it paints a perfect picture of how this sort of thing could and probably has happened with cover ups and clear ups.



  2. It can be anything….sewer gas buildup, volcanic gases venting, or some toxic chemicals being dumped. What did they say it smelt like?


    • my dad alone could drop a city block haha, but seriously, i think this is the beginning of this occurrence, its is odd for it to occur across such a wide area affecting so many, and yet they have no clue as to the cause or even what it is, the idea of volcanic gases i think may be able to be ruled out if these areas are usually inactive, and sewer gas build up would more likely affect a smaller area. I think the most plausible is toxic chemical dumping’s, but it could also be a “test phase” for some type of biological agent.



  3. Luke you certainly speak the truth on the subject. Something is going on and I hate that we are being used as guinea pigs. We pay taxes everyday, families strive to survive with what we have and you get this shiaat thrown at you from …..


  4. All this mysterious spraying folks are seeing everyday all over the world could be the culprit as well but they blame oh maybe its a pipe, sewage, yada yada bullsht. Why don’t the media cover this subject titled: What are those planes we see crisscrossing across the sky everyday and leaving trails of who know what. Wait, will they get the truth? Folks have been saying over the net, the birds and all kinds of animals are dying off mysterioulsy and who’s next – humans? Well answer is yes, very soon!


  5. Chemtrails. ” They” are killing us spraying down Aluminum and Barium on to us, on animals, into our water supply, in our air and into our soil-by rain then contaminating our food. “They” want to also add Librium to city water supplies. Why are “They” doing this? To control us, keep us calm, out of the streets, non-voilent, pliable followers. Look up! All those white lines that cross the sky that do not evapoate: those are Chemtrails. These are not Contrails or have anything to do with temp or moisture content. These are called Chemtrails and this spraying is happening all over the world. In Northern Arizona, we have lines across miles and miles blue sky. Vast expanses of land and people can be sprayed at the same time. I believe, this is the reason behind mass animal deaths. 22 whales recently beached themselves rather than stay in the ocean, highly uncommon for this to happen with different whale breeds. Entire flocks of birds falling dead out of the sky…you decide. I believe, we are being poisened for the possible reason of thinning the herd… being that 9 billion humans inhabit earth currently. Population control. We are being exterminated by chemicals raining down upon us, radiation floating in from Japan, Monsanto and their GMO foods. I believe, this is what is happening to the bees. Without bees, our food sources will dry up. Survival of the fitest.


    • you are correct on all accounts, I live in New Mexico the third most sprayed state. In Arizona people in Mojeve county are now coming down with heavy metal poisoning, much on you tube now. It is quite amazing how the so called scientist cant seem to figure out what happend to the Beez. but the smart people seem to know it. Obvioasly the electro Magnetics coming out of HAARP in conjunction with Chemtrails must be messing with the Beez ability to find their way back to the Box. Every one in America will have Alzheimers in ten or fifteen years , there is no escaping this fact. Aluminum is the main ingredant followed by Barrium. Arizona is just back fromn the west coast and therefore is the obvious place to spray to influence the weather. Right after the Fuk US reactor blew in Japan, they used the HAARP weather modification to block the radiation from settling in New Mexico strong winds blew for days. At the same time I used the Unisys weather satalight to confirm radiation levals here in New Mexico. with in three days of the reactor blowing up a strong storm was locked in place over southern California and reain many inches of nuke rain into the food belt in southern Cali. all of this can be substanciated, and there are sites where you can see for your self radar images with HAARP beams eminating from 2 towers just south west of Bakersfields. Those 2 towers and their respective beams effectively held the storm in place for 3 days. Bakersfield was spared the fallout because a scaler square was placed over the city the whole time the storm was in the area. all of this can besubstanciated by checking out Dutch Sinse on you tube . just type in Dutch sinse, the dates in question. Then go yourself to Unisys weather or inteli cast and watch for HAARP rings up and down the eastern seaboard, especialy on the new Madrid fault line.
      Dutch warned of those Killer tornados last year that killed hundreds because you casn now look for yourself and tell just where tha bad storms are going to hit, like clock work. Let Dutch show you how. he will show you Scaler Square’s and HAARP rings. you will see for yourself this is not natural. The rings on the east coast are usualy small many in one area but out west here they are as big as half the state. I am so good at spotiing them that I can actualy spot them on a local TV news weater station when the show the radar map of the whole country for just a moment at the begining of the weather. Have Fun.


  6. is it possible that the smell could have been from fukushima and its just taken months to reach the states and build up enough that its now at a level where the odour can be picked up by pplz, just putting it out there :) TED


    • the threat of fukushima is not in the odour, but the radiation released, but the radiation would have no odour to it, so i don’t think this could really have basis in reality. not too rule it out completely though, all ideas accepted



  7. just a quick add in….
    this is Just to show how democracy fails in an attempt to write the wrongs done by the rich to the poor:

    The latest bid to find a long-term solution to the US debt crisis looks doomed to fail as politicians remain at odds over cutting social programs and raising taxes on the rich.
    A bipartisan “supercommittee” is racing against a Wednesday deadline to reach agreement.
    Failure would trigger mandatory cuts from January 2013 but that timeframe means the US Congress can wriggle out of the supposed ultimatum.
    CNN, citing both Democratic and Republican aides, reported that the 12 members of the supercommittee had already accepted the failure of talks and were planning a press conference on Monday to formally announce the impasse.
    Congressional stalemate over how to tackle America’s $US15 trillion ($A15.08 trillion) budget deficit is adding to global economic concerns dominated by the financial woes that are threatening to unravel Europe’s cherished monetary union.
    “It is a very serious situation, unprecedented in many ways,” said IMF chief Christine Lagarde, warning of a worst-case scenario of social unrest if continued stalled growth and high unemployment keep markets depressed.
    Speaking to CBS’s 60 Minutes, the former French finance minister, who replaced Dominique Strauss-Kahn at the helm of the International Monetary Fund in July, was scathing about the “political bickering” in the United States.
    “I would hope that on a bipartisan basis, both Democrats and Republicans can come to terms, in their supercommittee, about the deficit objectives and the deficit-cutting measures, and the debt… that is so much needed in the markets,” she said.
    The current gridlock in the congressional supercommittee follows partisan infighting back in July and August over raising the debt ceiling that threatened to plunge the United States into financial chaos.
    Congress finally reached an 11th-hour deal, but not before blue chip stocks on Wall Street plunged more than 2000 points and Standard & Poor’s cut America’s sterling triple-A credit rating.
    The logjam over the economy is already shaping the campaign for the November 2012 elections in which President Barack Obama is seeking to defy the dire economic climate and secure a second term.
    The supercommittee’s task was lent even more immediacy on Wednesday when US government debt passed the $15 trillion mark, roughly equal to 99 per cent of the size of the total US economy, a level economists consider perilous.
    Failure to enact a blueprint by mid-January would trigger deficit reduction measures that would cut into the social safety net and military spending.
    But the trigger would not come into force until January 2013 and politicians on Sunday were already looking ahead to forging a new bill that would avoid such measures, which are politically unpalatable to both sides.
    “I am committed to ensuring that the American people get the deficit reduction that they were promised,” said Texas congressman Jeb Hensarling, the Republican co-chair of the panel.
    “Under the law, Congress will have 13 months to do that in a smarter, more prudent fashion. And I plan to be part of the process.”
    Talks have stalled over the balance of cuts to social programs and tax increases for the wealthy, while the brittle US economy groans under stubbornly high unemployment of more than nine per cent.
    The committee has until Wednesday to lay out a plan for $1.2 trillion in deficit reduction over 10 years, after which the full Congress would have until December 23 to approve the proposal in a fast-tracked legislative process.
    Hensarling’s Democratic co-chair, Senator Patty Murray, said she was still hopeful the supercommittee could reach a deal and beat the deadline, which comes on the eve of Thursday’s Thanksgiving holiday.
    “I believe strongly that we still have the capability to come together to solve this problem,” she told CNN’s State of the Union program.

    how much longer will this go on? how much longer will the poor suffer while the rich become richer?




    earth quake in india, we have been getting so many quakes lately….




  10. If it were from fukushima, the people who live in fukushima would also sense and smell the odor, but so far none has reported.


  11. Salutations
    I don’t know much about “FRACKING” but what has been presented here so far has raised high suspicion -they maybe a correlation to fracking and the smells. For one thing fracking is new and the smells are new to the area, so go figure!

    Super Congress was formed in violation of the original constitution (not the corporate constitution in placed right now) because the political Oligarchs felt that the elected congress (not super congress) were incapable of making responsible and matured decisions that would be deemed favourable to resolving the climbing sovereign debt that is beyond historical proportion.
    For this very reason that the super congress now seem not to fulfil someone’s justification that they should be formed -they ought to be (on immediately failing to deliver….) immediately disbanded.
    By its own corrupt nature, ultimately the stock market aka wall street (not the hard working folks; 99%) must be appeased else the economy incurs a nasty and violent tummy ache. Therefore and action or deed I say inaction that exasperates this objective is a theatrical failure -Just like the lose lose situation with the raising of the debt ceiling (to avoid defaulting on repayments on the debt and save the AAA credit rating so to avoid higher borrowing rates) and the removal of AAA rating. How many of you felt that these events unfolded were a mere coincidence?
    The spider’s web agenda of failings by these rich, highly intelligent men and women you call politicians are beyond the conclusion of these rambles from a laptop. The Agenda is more sinister and highly crafted than you could imagine. Yet I shall ramble no further. But I will ask with humility that you start here! and then here everything else will not be so surprising at all!

    Take care of yourselves and each other!


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