Mysterious Colors Flash over New Jersey and Bridgewater, NJ – Nov 23, 2011

‘Mysteries in Bridgewater, NJ and New Jersey: What caused strange glowing lights in the sky?’

“It may have looked like an out-of-this-world blast, but authorities say a mysterious glow that lit up the early-morning sky in Bridgewater today was no cause for alarm.

Some county and Bridgewater officials believe that transformer fires caused by heavy rain may have played a part in the freakish light show, although they had no definitive answers about the source of the lights.

Shortly after midnight, several Bridgewater residents reported seeing a pulsating glow in the distance that changed colors, similar to the aurora borealis. They said the lights appeared to come from the northern part of the township.

Early this morning, after the bright flashes of light began appearing in the Bridgewater sky, concerned residents and startled motorists called a live radio talk show on New Jersey 101.5-FM to report what they had seen… full article at

“Bright flashes of light in the midnight sky over parts of New Jersey mystified residents overnight, coming at the same time as scattered power outages.”

Looks the same phenomenon as the lights (exploding transformers?) over Fort Worth Texas – May 11, 2011

And over Portugal – April 15-18, 2011


Similar sightings have occurred in Japan and in China.

Strange blue light over Japan – April 7, 2011

And strange blue light over  Qinling Mountains, China on October, 2010

It is possible that there is a link between these events and is it possible it has something to do with “Vimana” technology?

See our article on “Vimana” technology: Alien Forces intent on destroying Vimāna Technology? 

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8 responses to “Mysterious Colors Flash over New Jersey and Bridgewater, NJ – Nov 23, 2011

  1. A huge mass of electrically-charged particles thrown out by a gigantic eruption on the Sun is due to strike the Earth tonight. the famous G5 solar storm. 24-11-2011
    this lights are the effect around the globe, turn off your pc & tv sat or maybe they be fried😛

    Read more:
    relax… and remember dont fly tonight !!


  2. The way I understand this phenomenon, Radon gas is released, from the earths crust under pressure, intern causing the glow.

    I read about this years ago, if I remember correctly, they had reproduced the same effects, in the lab.

    Sometimes happens, before or during earthquakes.

    Lets just call it, the EARTHS, AURA.


    • Radon gas- is a colorless, tasteless, inert element formed by the aging or disintegration of radium. thus it is radioactive.

      are you trying to tell me that all these occurrences have come about by huge releases of radioactive gases into the atmosphere? could you please provide a link to this experiment, i would very much like to see it for myself before completely dismissing you ideas. But i do find it hard to believe that inert (non functional, of which most wont illuminate) gas is responsible.

      i do find it interesting that the authorities didn’t put this last one down to a power transformer failure like they did in Texas. I think the one in china was the most interesting as there is still a huge military presence in that area and no news off the village or the people in it, it should be noted that their village lay in the shadow of an ancient pyramid now covered in dense forests, much the same as what the Chinese are trying to do to the rest of their pyramids.

      there are many secret operations our governments undertake without our knowing and i think this is one of them, testing new weapons? EMP tech? space based weapons? who knows



  3. LUKE

    Putting it simple, have you heard the word, HAARP? Look it up.
    You as a citizen, have a right to know, your paying the taxes.
    Your government has you by the balls.
    Lighten up,


    • yes i know of HAARP and its effects on weather, ELF’s and possible effects to the magnetic protection around our planet. so before you condescend me, maybe you should look at posts of mine regarding the issues relating to HAARP and its usage.

      this occurrence i don’t believe to be HAARP as it does not fit the description of the standard “what we know” scenarios. these are not magnetic light shows, nor are they a borealis type effect in the upper atmosphere. they are ground based and intensely bright in varying colors (most of them), a transformer explosion is laughable, because of fail safes (circuit breakers) put in place to make sure they don’t go off like this for as long as these ones have been observed.

      now i don’t know if you’re another one of our “its HAARP, its all HAARP!” people, but i can tell you know that these recordings are not atmospheric disturbances, nor magnetic interference.



  4. Weird stuff…


  5. RRestlessRaven

    Are those Orbs in the foreground about 1.30 of the first (top) video…? Maybe..? I could be high too…? Anybody…? Hello…?
    Though it does resemble the intensity of the light at Sakurajima volcano in Japan…. And why are people not talking about that whole strange/UFO party hang out/in-your-face/cant-deny-it, situation in Japan more? Too much to take in maybe.


  6. Hi I wanted to let you guys know that the lights that were flashing on nov. 23 around 12:30 pm was no transformer I basically saw it really close this light had red and green lights and in te middle a big white yellow light that flashed. This was no transformer I work in the electrical field and there was no such thing a a transformer blowing out. This was something different cause I saw it along with 2 other people. I just want to let you guys know that this was something from another world.. I hope you guys or somebody can speak the truth and do an investigation. Thanks… from bridgewater nj 08807.