Bright Meteor and two large eruptions Sakurajima Volcano – Nov 25, 2011

Bright Meteor and two large eruptions Sakurajima Volcano – Nov 25, 2011

In this series of shots from Sakurajima Volcano in Japan — we see a bright meteor, and two large eruptions of lava — occurring the late PM of the 25th (JST).

Sakurajima, also romanized as Sakurashima or Sakura-jima, is an active composite volcano (stratovolcano) and a former island (now connected to the mainland) of the same name in Kagoshima Prefecture in Kyūshū, Japan.

1914 eruption was the most powerful in twentieth-century Japan. Lava flows filled the narrow strait between the island and the mainland, turning it into a peninsula.

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Source and author: dutchsinse (youtube)

4 responses to “Bright Meteor and two large eruptions Sakurajima Volcano – Nov 25, 2011

  1. RRestlessRaven

    Reminds me of the comets hitting the sun… Only, the comets are not comets, and the meteors are not meteors. What is really going on YO ? ? ?


  2. They are not meteors.. the volcano has high levels of Lithium & this being ejected very high out of the core in the form of a compound which is often invisible then as it hits the moist atmosphere it explodes which will appear as a meteor.
    This also happened when Mount Pinatubo erupted in 1991.


  3. RRestlessRaven

    That explanation is absurd. Have you watched any of the videos?


  4. Yeah I have watched them all & the video is speeded up & if you read the many comments on the videos in youtube then you will realise the reasons that there is nothing abnormal out there its just over imaginative visions by these youtubers!
    There are cars & trucks driving by, there is a quarry thats operation during the times hence the bright lights, maybe if you researched more about that area then you would be debunking also instead of beleiving what you see!