Incredible UFOs Burn Over Adygeysk, Russia? November 2011

Two comets like UFOs blazed a trail over the skies of Adygeysk, Russia, November 2011

The objects cannot be explained as fireworks, meteorites, or remote-controlled aircraft

Objects obviously under intelligent control, only question is, what are they?


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11 responses to “Incredible UFOs Burn Over Adygeysk, Russia? November 2011

  1. WTF?
    And why are people lined up along the beach here?
    How long did this go on that people could gather to watch?
    Strikes me as some sort of entertainment event, concidering the people, but I have No idea what the objects would be.
    ~ VARA.


  2. looks a lot like kites flying in formation…
    Some kite geeks love to fly in very precise formation and do complicated figures.
    Maybe they added a nifty litle trick to pimp their kites?


  3. Yet another bullshit claim here as its simply remote controlled fireworks, they did this in London also here is video….


  4. well ther you go it is man made not nothing out of this world what is really getting up my skin now is people are posting rubbish now nothing amazing just like i said about elenin was a load of crap and all the other comets its getting boring now as everything on this site is like something at a theme park zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


  5. theres all sorts of explanations for sightings today (radio control fireworks/planes), which i love off course, but there still are many unanswered sightings abound.


  6. The video isn’t from Russia. It is a classic example of ripped off video of an actual event being labelled with a UFO title.

    The footage is from the UK during an evening display at an airshow. The Sunderland Airshow in the north east of England. This year they held
    a pre-airshow evening display to promote the airshow for the following day.

    What you see in the video are aircraft. The two aircraft are from the UK based SWIP Team. The aircraft are SA1100 Silence Twisters

    Footage from a different perspective to the video. Taken from the promenade.

    From the cockpit


  7. Well then, the folks in the U.K. are definately far beyond the U.S. in this type of technology! You would never see such a magnificent display at an airshow here. Or at least I sure never have, and I have gone to many airshows!


    • its a high cost and risky, pyrotechnics can go wrong, example with that display that went off in a 1 minute but was supposed to take 30mins to finish. id guess that its just the cost issue though, or maybe they just don’t really think people would be interested in it…. who knows