UFOs Causing Problems at the Large Hadron Collider

UFOs or ‘Unidentified Falling? Objects‘  have apparently been causing problems in the form of mysterious rapid beam dumps at the Large Hadron Collidor (LHC). It is not yet known definitely what is causing these UFOs and even exactly what they are. One as yet unproven hypothesis is that they are dust particles falling into the beam path and triggering a beam dump. Studies have shown they occur primarily at the injection points shortly after injection, often but not always creating problems before the LHC beams have become stable.

There had been over 5000 below threshold UFO events by June 2011, yet surprisingly, at that time their frequency was not increasing with further intensity advances. Possible sources of these hypothetical dust particles include distributed ion pumps, electrical discharges, movable devices and articles frozen or condensated at cold elements. Simulations suggest that these hypothetical dust particles are also positively ionized and repelled from the beam… Read full article HERE


Was Einstein wrong? Faster than Light – Neutrinos

The first result relied on matching the time profile of fairly long proton bunches at CERN to the arrival times of neutrinos in the Gran Sasso lab, hundreds of kilometres away. One of my main worries about the original result was that if the shape of this profile varied by a small amount between CERN and Gran Sasso, the result might change a lot, and they had not considered this systematic uncertainty.

Now, instead of firing long blobs of neutrinos, CERN have been firing short pulses, just three billionths of second long. So now to measure the time, the OPERA physicists do not need to know the shape of the pulse, they just need to know which pulse the neutrino came from.

They have done the study, and with just twenty neutrinos seen, they come up with the same answer – the neutrinos appear to be travelling a bit faster than the speed of light.

This means the result has survived a first test. There are other tests which need doing, and to be honest this is such a remarkable result, with such profound implications if it is correct, that we need at least one completely independent experiment to check it.

New tests finds that Neutrinos still faster than Light.

A new experiment appears to provide further evidence that Einstein may have been wrong when he said nothing could go faster than the speed of light, a theory that underpins modern thinking on how the universe works.

The new experiment at the Gran Sasso laboratory, using a neutrino beam from CERN in Switzerland, 720 km (450 miles) away, was held to check findings in September by a team of scientists which were greeted with some skepticism… Read full article HERE

Source and author: science20 * rawstory *  (youtube)

5 responses to “UFOs Causing Problems at the Large Hadron Collider

  1. WoW…hypothetical dust particles interfering with virtual photons and probability waves…and light is no longer the fastest kid on the block!…who’d a thunk it…poor Albert…and to think I spent the day worrying what to do with left over turkey…kind of feel like a grain of sand on a really big beach…


  2. Mr. space-cakes

    edward what the hell are you talking about. the light from the stars that you see in the night sky is probably light from thousands of years ago. even the light from the sun gets about 8 minutes to really reach our planet every sunrise, and every second. go back to 7th grade science man


    • While you are correct in pointing out (to Edward) observed inconsistencies with in this frame of reference…the truth of it likely does not reside in a 7th grade text…
      I quote from the great Max Planck…
      “There is no matter as such… All matter originates and exists only by virtue of a force which brings the particles of an atom to vibration and holds this most minute solar system together….We must assume behind this force the existence of a conscious and intelligent mind. This mind is the Matrix of all matter”…
      …there dear ones you have it… the crux of the matter(hmmm)… no matter as such… and what, as such, there is, held together by mind, …are you not then of the same construct interacting with all,…thing and no-thing…
      Time…the delay between cause and effect, rather a convienience don’t you think?…imagine the mess with out it…everything happeinig all at once!
      …I will leave you to ponder this, if you so desire…


  3. Having personally encountered our “Visitors” in 1967, I am confident that they will succeed in stopping this INSANE LHC beofre it destroys ALL THERE IS because obviously, Mankind isnt.