Killer Chemtrails and Poison Rains to thin Population

It is important to distinguish between contrails and chemtrails. Contrails are streaks of condensed water vapor created in the air by jet airplanes at high altitudes. Contrails can exist in two forms: water droplet and ice crystal. Contrails typically become visible about a wingspans distance behind an aircraft flying at high altitude. The trail dissipates quite quickly, usually within a minute or so.

Chemtrails, on the other hand, are visible directly behind an aircraft, with little or no gap between the aircraft and the start of the trail. Chemtrails are said to vary from contrails in their length of persistence. Chemtrails do not dissipate quickly; they tend to form into mushy clouds which can block sunlight. Some people are reporting what they describe to be unusual activity in the sky, including jets leaving trails at low altitudes, spray lines creating X’s, S’s and parallel lines, lines that slowly spread to create a canopy of haze, and reports of unusual smells, tastes, and even illness related to the trails.

Chemical Odor Troubles Mall Shoppers in Tucson – November 28, 2011

Odor Sickens Students in Colorado – November 21, 2011

More Hospitalized as ‘Mystery Odor’ continues to Sicken Many in the U.S.

Also, a reddish-brown gel, dropped from low-flying aircraft, has been observed by people in the past and was even documented on Unsolved Mysteries. Samples of this substance have been alledgedly analyzed by Margareta-Erminia Cassani and found to be teaming with biological organisms. Other tests have shown that chemtrails contain more than 3 times the legal level of the toxic substance, barium. Chemtrails may also be one of the primary contributory factors in the collapse of honey bee colonies worldwide. Albert Einstein clearly knew the importance of the honey bee when he said: “If the bee disappears from the surface of the earth, man would have no more than four years to live.”

There are currently three main hypothesis for the purpose of chemical spraying in the skies: weather modification, population control, and testing of biological agents on the general population.

The following video contains more information about these “chemtrails”.

Even if we assume that these trails have nothing to do with eugenics or weather modification, we cannot ignore the fact that our skies are being heavily polluted with aviation fuel emissions that contribute towards a host of different health problems

Their impact on the environment, and the history of aerial spraying that has taken place in many countries.

Chemtrail spraying seems to be heaviest and most constant over North America, Solid proof that Weather Modification projects are being conducted all over the United States , Canada and most countries of  western Europe. Some countries in Asia are being sprayed (Japan and Korea), but the greatest exception to any chemtrail activity whatsover is China. The Chinese are being spared completely because China is being groomed by the NWO to replace the United States as the leading nation of the world, both economically and militarily.

In 2008, a KSLA news investigation found that a substance that fell to earth from a high altitude chemtrail contained high levels of Barium (6.8 ppm) and Lead (8.2 ppm) as well as trace amounts of other chemicals including arsenic, chromium, cadmium, selenium and silver. Of these, all but one are metals, some are toxic while several are rarely or never found in nature

The health effects of bombarding the skies with sulphur dioxide alone are enough to raise serious questions about whether such programs should even be allowed to proceed… Read full in depth report Geoengineering: Our Environment Under Attack

The following health effects are linked with exposure to sulphur.

– Neurological effects and behavioral changes
– Disturbance of blood circulation
– Heart damage
– Effects on eyes and eyesight
– Reproductive failure
– Damage to immune systems
– Stomach and gastrointestinal disorder
– Damage to liver and kidney functions
– Hearing defects
– Disturbance of the hormonal metabolism
– Dermatological effects
– Suffocation and lung embolism

Just yesterday, a ‘Chemical’ snow blanket hits Residents of Dilovasi, an industrial suburb just outside of Istanbul, Turkey.
A mysterious substance that, on numerous occasions, has been found covering cars, trees, clotheslines, and vegetable gardens throughout the city.

Milliyet, a Turkish newspaper, reports that government officials are currently trying to identify the source of this sticky goo, which has reportedly made a number of people ill and ruined local crops… full articles Here and Here

In 1997, in an episode of U.S. television Unsolved Mysteries: Residents of Oakville in Washington state became ill from a mysterious white substance..

Other secret operations to thin population

A remarkable statement was made by Laura Eisenhower, the great-granddaughter of former United States president Dwight Eisenhower.

Laura Eisenhower was speaking on the sidelines of a UFO, science and consciousness conference in Johannesburg.

She said natural faults in the earth were being manipulated to produce catastrophes like tsunamis and earthquakes using Haarp technology or bio-weapons. Eisenhower said this was part of a secret agenda by a number of governments to decrease the earth’s human population in favour of colonies on mars and the moon… full article Alien tech used to thin population

After 16 years of denial, the White House Science Czar John P Holdren now admits that they have been “testing” the manipulation of Earth’s atmosphere with Barium salts, Aluminum Dioxide and other toxic compounds.


Bottom line:  Time to wake up to the fact that we are all being sprayed.  There is a world-wide secret program to manipulate the atmosphere. They admit it’s happening, but they won’t tell us why.

Source and author: infowars * timeslive * treehugger * naturalnews *                                                                                                            * endoftheamericandream * educate-yourself

24 responses to “Killer Chemtrails and Poison Rains to thin Population

  1. Stella H Howell

    Friends, Chemtrails have deadly poisons including parasites. Shortly (if not already) your bodies will be riddled with various new species deliberately ‘manufactured’. I mention this to create awareness NOT to create a scare, but for you to now understand how you can also CURE yourselves.
    Kindly bear with me. I will create a website or update /org with the solutions. Don’t worry, I do not sell anything & it will not be too late. I expect to launch this at the end of December.
    Peace. Do not be afraid.
    God alone i.e. YAHWAH ALONE can save us!.
    If you disagree,I pray that you are enlightened.


    • Disaggree with what – that Yahwah Alone can save us? The chemical bombardment of our skies are just the tip of the iceberg compared to the chemical bombardment in our water, food and air supply. Yahwah doesn’t wish to save our bodies. They are only looking to save the relatively few souls who show promise of accepting who They really are and I’m not referring to space aliens, who are “fallen angels” having rebelled, broke away from a past “classroom” with some participatory service to the Level Above Human, what religious call the Kingdom of God that is almost totally an illusion to date. Yahwah never instructed us to pray for others anyway. The Older Members of the Level Above Human taught their past students to pray to the ONE Jesus prayed to whom He called the Father 2000 years ago but this time around (as their second comign already happened, which I have a great deal of sciptural and circumstantial proof of) was called Ti as the one who was Jesus was this time around in the new vehicle he took was called Do. They were the heaven’s gate so called by the media “suicide cult” – the greatest and most misunderstood and most above human and futuristically advanced in body, mind and soul than any group prior, but most are too afraid to look at the data that proves it, as the invisible discarnates that are around all of us would hate for us to see them for who they really are and see what they have rejected.

      Anyway, I’d guess that most of the reason fosr these chemtrails is to see if they can use technology to change the global warming patterns or to stimulate rain as desired or create cloud cover that radar can not detect. It’s not a eugenics program. If I were to believe that then I’d have to believe that all the manipulations that we are subject to, many of which are thought to be normal and fun, are a eugenics program. Even the space aliens benefit from healthy humans and know it or not these are behind some of the search for technology to solve problems that stand in the way of their agenda for survival.


  2. A very fine and always welcome story… Chemtrails are THE proof that your Governments HATE you and wish for you and your family to get sick and develop numerous illnesses/diseases/cancers and ultimately die, BUT not before you go to your Doctor and give your slave-wages to them and the filthy pharmaceutical corporations to try to remedy your illness by supporting the same scumbags Satanists who spray you and yours every day… its a vicious circle… they spray you with toxic chemicals and you go and buy (from the same freaks) more toxic chemicals to try to get your health back… and you CANNOT get airtime on the issue of chemtrails if you try, its a blacklisted subject across the media… they are even now putting images of chemtrails in TV shows, music video clips, movies etc etc simply to condition people into accepting it as “normal”… Chemtrails support the secret Govt agenda to damage organic farming by killing crops, interefering with natures balance and by proxy provides support to evil Illuminati corporations like Monsanto who are into genetic engineering of foods which are anything but natural and healthy. Governments spraying noxious and poisonous chemicals over populations and farming areas is not normal or justified behaviour… it is crimes against humanity…

    For those interested check the ‘chemtrail’ Illuminati card… also of interest Chemtrails have a by-advantage for the HAARP facility, the aluminium and barium in the chemtrail toxic mix provides apparent support for HAARP projection and effect, whether it be in environmental destruction, earthquakes etc, holographic projection or mind control programs…

    Hopefully others wise to chemtrails will have their say here as I have…


  3. So if ‘they’ are killing us with these chemtrails it must effect ‘them selfs’ also or not?


  4. this is pure truth. for more, go here: strangedaysstrangeskies, and pray for ron paul,,, activist post, ronald weinlands free books, infowars and willthomas. let’s join together to expose what they have hidden from us and figured that we are too asleep and stupid to figure out. love, ann


  5. keeping track.


  6. Dont forget all the Nano particles which are around us…in the Diesel for Cars…in the Colours of Clothes, in the Ink of your Printer, in Shoesprays and many more…maybe the Nanotech and the Chemtrails are like a 2 component thing….together it will start to work very bad agaist us…(maybe the morgellons illness)?????
    PS:i think also that there is a connection between the beedying and nanotech-products…..
    PS2: I read some month ago an article how to bring the morgelloms out of the body….it has something to do with the PH-scale…when i remember right the woman had used some washpowder as a bath and they leave her body….but i cannot guarantee for that…maybe you can find the article yourself and post the link here.


  7. This has been going on since the early 1980s at the very least. I have photos of spraying over Phoenix in 1983–it was so odd..a big X in the sky right behind me sitting for a photo on a barron rock in a barron desert. We make jokes about how X marks the spot…LOOK UP –see the Xs near you.


  8. RRestlessRaven

    I found the chemtrailer ideas pretty annoying initially. I just had no idea about it and figured “what can I do about it.” Now, as someone who just learned that I am dealing with the Morgellons disease (poisoning), it has become all too real. Also, it seems like they have really stepped it up lately.
    I realize that getting people to accept the fact that humans are spraying this shit was/is hard enough.. I feel like the evidence points to a majority of the “planes” being these Orbs.. Yes, I am saying it- HOLOGRAPHIC PLANES… there are more videos coming in all the time and one different continents.Heres an example.
    Just when you thought it couldnt get much stranger…


  9. Folks …. I just can’t buy into this idea that some secret soceity is trying to knock off all the people who actualy do the work. Unless I’m mistaken about who the powers-that-be really are. I’m assuming the PTB’s or secret society folks are the ultra rich-ultra power (ruling elite).

    With that said, the society that has grown and manipulated into the
    capitolistic economic conundrum that is presently in force, IS the very product that has enabled the elite to become the elite. Now I ask why in the world would the PTB’s want to kill off the population…(remember now, killing off the very people who do all the work- cause you gotta believe those elite’s don’t get their hands dirty).
    I wonder what they will do when its all done and there isn’t any workers left to keep the capitolist economy going.

    Don’t get me wrong I like capitolist and the rights that adhere to – at least as much as TPB. But I just can’t buy into the idea that we’re being sprayed to death. It would be disasterous to the world economy- the very economy that put the elites in the position thier in.

    I would be more likely to believe that whatever is inetentionaly sprayed is probably some scientist best idea\solution to some atmospheric anomaly (example: ozone depletion) to fix a problem, completely unaware of the toxic side effects or the side effects are a less evil compared to the problem if nothing is done. Governments are always doing things in the back ground to protect us and the ECONOMIC STRUCTURE. Sometimes not always the best way. If this is the case, which I think is far more believable… They should stop the process and re-think the problem and develop a solution that has NO toxic side effects.

    Just a thought.
    Soaring Eagle


    • Dude, Governments are NOT out to protect us!!!… they are out to use us to generate vast amounts of wealth via taxes to increase their power and knowledge which only partially benefits the masses… your line… ‘they should develop a solution that has no toxic side effects’… independant testing throughout the late eighties and early nineties showed chemtrail spray was actually not too different to ‘agent orange’ which was used in Vietnam… do the research, its a fact… the whole point of chemtrails is to kill as many birds with one stone… and understand the pharmaceutical corporations who are a major player in the make-up of the Illuminati organization benefits massively from all the sick people going to their GP’s to get medication to remedy all the illnesses and health issues that arise from chemical spraying which is designed to lower our immune systems… again I say get out there, research, theirs tones of real documentation that supports the idea that Governents are actually intent on harming the masses…


  10. Im just saying this, but i have never observed this phenomenon in Australia or in New Zealand, I see contrails everyday but these chem trails look to be much thicker than your common contrail, but in the south here contrails do tend to stick around for a long time due to the colder temperatures. It seems to me that it is a practice only preformed in the US and some other countries, now that being said, i say ‘I have not seen it’ not that it doesn’t occur here. It seems to me that it may be less on the side of biological agents and more towards unrefined/unregulated exhaust chemicals/emissions from poorly maintained engines or engines that do not meet standards. Having said this i do still believe that chemicals are dropped in this nature upon communities to gather data on effects to a small populace or area of vegetation, or both.

    Sigh, just another way the top boys crap on the world so they have a comfy 80 years and the rest of us strive for survival on a dying planet.



  11. my gosh, sawyer, what are you smoking? what a bunch of rambling crap. I don’t trust the govt. either, but this “first Jesus” and “second Jesus” and space vehicles, and the second coming already happening(did I sleep through it?), and the “level above human” stuff. You mix an occasional truth in with a bunch of gobblety gook. And pamela ann…..”ronald wielands free books”? That guy is as self-deluded as they come. He thinks he’s one of the two witnesses spoken of in the book of Revelations(his wife conveniently happens to be the other one). He’s been wrong in so many predictions I’ve lost count. I believe he’s also being investigated for tax evasion( i know, a govt. plot to silence him). The guy is a nut-case. If he’s one of you “check-it-outs”, i won’t bother to check any of the others. I can accept that someone is spraying bad stuff on us, but why does it always lead to Illuminati-demon-otherjesuses-aliens crap? A strange cloud in the sky and some of you go multi-dimensional-delusional. No wonder people laugh at sites like this(no offense to you bloggers who use your common sense).


  12. The elite breathe the same air that we do. Poison chemtrails is only a smoke screen. Chemtrails contain barium, which absorbs radiation. Our suns brown dwarf twin is headed our way and emitting a great deal of radiation. The PTB would rather you think they are trying to poison you than discover the real reason for the chemtrails,


    • Well there’s a lot of stuff I could say, but I have to disagree on the whole… Ive heard from an insider friend that ‘the elite’ as you call them… I’ll call them ass-crawling devils… they get 6monthly and yearly shots which keep their immune systems strong, you’d be surprised what healing technology these freaks have access to, remember one of theirs recently got shot point blank in the head and is still walking and talking, that should tell ya something about us and THEM!… back to chemtrails, looking at Obama’s schedule for the early part of this year when we were doing an investigation for an independant research paper on chemtrails, we found not to our surprise that wherever that great smiling dissappointment went, two days before and until he had departed that area, guess what, no chemtrail spraying… same with summits, G20, Bilderberg gatherings, United Nations special summits – no chemtrail spraying… recently the Commonwealth heads of state gathered in Western Australia, Queeny, reptilian freak Julia Gizzard, scumbag British PM “I hate the working class’ Mr Cameron etc etc – you guessed it no chemtrail spraying…

      Paris, the bottom line is it is not wise to play with nature when the human and reptilian minds cannot see the bigger picture… its a very dangerous and destructive pattern that leads nowhere good.

      And to go further with your ‘Governents dont poison the people’ inference, then why do they actively put a neurotoxin and exitogen called ‘aspartame’ which is scientifically and independently recognized as the very top chemical drug which details more health complaints from people than anything else, ofcourse the FDA nowadays says its safe like good illuminati corps would and ignores all the complaints and outcries about it, when prior to 1981 the FDA had aspartame listed as their top evil chemical never to be used or passed as safe in foods… that great humanitarian Donald Rumsfeld changed all that when he was on the board of one of those scumbag illuminati corporations… latest evidence on aspartame finds it may be contributing to massive explosions of MS in nations exposed to foods which have aspartame in them… brain-tumors, migraines, vision-problems, panic-attacks, heart problems… there are like 97 health issues which are caused or worsened by aspartame… even Jesse Ventura had a top scientist on one of his shows which discussed the poisoning of the populations and that scientists main thing was aspartame which he clearly stated as a red-level poison… so yeah, your Governents are not out to poison you???!!! C’mon. Wake up.


      • Short and sweet Optic-X people are always tying to create annihilation scenarios it starts to get rather tiresome and quite frankly it’s all quite sad that so many would will this stuff…Peace All…🙂


  13. oh, i forgot. “Heavens Gate” followers being advanced or ahead of us. Are you joking, Sawyer. You could just look at their leader with his bug out eyes and see that his brain was fried. Is that what i will look like if i become “advanced”? Then i will just stay here at my “lower” level. Don’t get me wrong, i feel for those poor deluded souls who bought into his crap and took their lives. I came up with my own Two Universal Laws (i’m not competing with Einstein) a while back. Number one: people are stupid. Number two: people are easily led. Just watch the news, or read a history book. And those poor heavens gate people were prime examples of both. C’mon Sawyer, give me a break. I appreciate that you appear to be able to mix a little bit of every religious-alien-philisophical belief system in the world into one large confused cauldron and then spit it back out, but i hesitate to believe you really buy in to all that junk. I could be wrong. But thanks for posting.


    • You know, I hear ya. But when you go to the movies and see a story, then step outside and the story is upon you, you can of course stay in the movie, in your own protective shell, the shell all humans are born into. That shapes seeing what was in the movie as it really just might be! But of course if we are in love with the movie, why look at what’s happening – stay in the movie.

      I’m not normally cryptic, though not elevating it .

      So you don’t have any questions about the “loonies”. I was with them for 19 years fully committed, having been in fact overly willing to give my life, drink the coolaid, because I was brainwashed to think that giving one’s life, being the martyr, dieing for the cause, the highest cause. It was presented to me as a child, not unlike millions. The Ten Commandments. The Greatest Story Ever Told. Spartacus, and penty more. At 13 I told my mom I wanted to be a priest when I grew up. We weren’t really a religious catholic family, just holidays and sundays. Then when I was given a 50 question test to be “confirmed” and I couldn’t remember word for word the answers, mother superior was yelling at me and my mother standing by in aggreement with her as I cried…(sob story of catholic abuse designed to appeal to your heart, so you’ll buy my heaven’s gate story). So I stole and rebelled in the usual ways and somehow survived that, hooking up with a jewish girl and hitchhiking the US and Canada and a small part of mexico then shaking up againist both our parents will, doing the work a day joe day laborer but saving enough to try to homestead in the British Columbia mountians a long shot from a surburban NYC’ite. But that was not to be, while living with no facilities through the BC winter in a cabin with plenty of heat but way out in the bush with no facilities, it was like I was at home with that lifestyle – survival 101 – going hunting every day, but this city boy must have smelled for miles as I never even saw a moose or deer, while hunting parties on horseback stopped at my cabin for a cup of joe on their way into the total wilderness at the foot of Wells Grey Provincal Park. One day, while in town getting supplies, with my draft dodger friends and their canadian wives trying to get me stoned again, as I’d quit when my jewish girlfriend smoked one hit of ordinary bud and was hallucinating noah’s arc,that built so fear outside her room in her parents house, where I spent day and night, and the fear built -unknown – something I’d never experienced and on one hit – wierd to no avail…I mean I’d tripped many a time and freaked out running for the downers to calm my body down from a bad cut with speed, in that cocktail…yet no fear really, that is except one time re: the chicago seven riots, but that’s another story. So the fear and it’s right outside her bedroom door and I feared opening it, maybe 10 minutes passing and I thought, this is crazy …I’ve got to open that door…and as I got up, the door flies open and her younger sister by 4 years runs into the room crying her eyes out of control. Some guy, she said tried to pull her into his car.

      Those mounties took me to jail and eventually to the border of Washington state. The truck I’d bought in BC blew it’s transmission linkage. I’d always figureed out how to wire it back together but this time it was inside the transmission.

      Stranded in Yakima, Washington, I asked this guy if he knew anyone that could help us. He was what someone would call a jesus freak, so we stayed with him and his family and group and wow did we debate scriptures. You see growing up, despite that experience with mother whatshername I still gravitated to what was said of Jesus. I would join with my friends who were in the navy and stationed in Jamestown Rhode Island for their parties and I’d be reading the words attributed to jesus and saying to my navy friend Jack…what does this mean and what do you think that means. I wasn’t even a stoner then either nor a drinker – could never hold much.

      And during all those acid trips my two wacco friends, one who ate acid like candy literally who once held a knife to my throat with his evil eye and a wicked addicts laugh, and the other a jew who said he dreamed I was with Jesus, like one of the apostles, which at the time I sort of gloated about…after all…I was programmed to think that was the ultimate… But we’d drop mescaline and go barefoot to this aboretum where lots of hippies hung out and played frisbee, brought their dogs, played music. It was like a mini woodstock every weekend…and we’d walk on the pointed hot stones with our bare feet and bear the pain. One day we were exploring, or perhaps following some girls, and came upon three large symbols made from twigs and such on the ground. The cross, the jewish star and the peace sign. I saw that and in dramatic doped fashion fell to my knees and felt like I either fell asleep or was daydreaming but the image was that I looked up and saw the clouds part and walla – Captain Kangaroo, my favorite show growing up was there, (and he may have turned out to be doing some hanky panky with his child guests).

      Yes, this would make for a better story but can I leave it at that. No the heaven’s opened and I saw “the light” and there was a chorus of…”i saw the light, I saw the light…blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah…I saw the light (that was hard to type over and over and over).

      So I came out of it and turned around and my two friends who by the way all carried bibles but I can’t recall ever reading them together or alone. We certainly wern’t part of any church or had a religious family, but they were gone yet their two bibles were left on the ground open with pages blowing in the proverbial wind or is it proverbial ground or proverbial bibles?

      And that did it…I thought that God took them and didn’t take me, so I looked up to God somewhere in the sky and yelled “take me”.

      I guess sHe took me serious as after getting to Oregon broke and hooking up with a local dealer and traveling down to Beserkly to catch a dead concert where a girl was being group f’ed in the middle of the filmore west, and the friend of mine who was studying law while dealing all manner of sustance messin with the gun toatin big players and dancing with the sufi’s and mediating on sri chi moy and debating with the hare krishnas and many other jesus freaks, talkign about the contradictions of the bible and all and on and on and on, with story upon story….joining with Bo and Peep in that international big media scene that I was smake in the middle of the Walter CRonkites report that they had discovered who these mysterious two Bo and Peep who 27 had left all behind including children to join, were so no one needs worry.

      I told all my hippy friends in Newport oregon, some of which were in my band that I felt like “i sat in front of the equivilent of Jesus”. It wasn’t til years later that I figured out that the haze that was all over the room where I saw t hem speak, on serveral occaions was not smoke – it was something….well supernatural, but after beign on the road again having be scattered by the FBI hunt for Bo and Peep to see if they were respnsible for the cattle mutilations – the UFO cult that is, the UFO Two that is who later changed their names to the song Ti and Do.

      I was putting my sleeping bag down on the beach just south of corpus christi texas and I’d been straight for many months. (I did return to some pot smoking and once ate 22 fresh picked (i picked t hem) psyllisybin mushrooms and got sick as a dog and then high as a kite) – so yes “what was I smokin” though I wasn’t when I wrote to you but who knows if that was what it took to not freak out by these kinds of things that I could tell dozens more stories about). However back to corpus….a giant z was carved into the sky above me, but the z had 90 angles and it was drawn before my eyes by a very large bright light traveling about the speed of a meteor with the start of the z parrallell to the earth at my vantage point. How it did those 90 turns and no noise and this was december of 1975, and I wondered, “if there was someone inside that thing”.

      I didn’t join with Ti and Do because of UFO’s. I did want to be enlighened but the Bhagvad Gita didn’t float my boat, the bible didnt’, the meditations were boring, I liked sex, drugs and rock and roll and yet I wasn’t strung out or down on my luck or looking to change really…

      So all I can say is that the movie became reality in ways you don’t want to see more of so I’ll leave it like that. Have fun.


  14. just another quick tid bit from me, take a look at how the American media silences the voices of the 99%
    this is an image of this months TIME magazine issues from around the globe, notice the difference between the American version and the rest of the worlds issues?



    • Too true… its all so controlled… ;( …and all so ugly. Im very sad at what is becoming of humanity under the “guidance” of our “enlightened” leaders…


  15. sawyer, i sincerely appreciate your sharing, though i had trouble following some of it. much of what you experienced seemed to be tied into drugs or brain-washing et al, so don’t try to get too much accurate interpretation out of it. Don’t read me wrong. i definitely move to the beat of a different drummer myself. And i understand and buy into many explanations of conspiracies against us “average” folk, the not one percent. I’ve just decided to go with the simplest explantion, which is often the right one. There is a God, who has His own enemies, who desire to destroy what He loves. These are the ones working with our PTB to craft their own vision of what i like to call “hell on earth”. I believe in ufo’s, though not from other galaxies, paranormal events, and much of what is spoken of on this site. I just get frustrated when every little thing, however normal or natural, suddenly requires a convoluted explanation. There is enough stuff going on to worry about without getting distracted by without turning every little fart into a big bang. You mentioned the bible. I have found that book to be a lot more down to earth and related to reality than most people are willing to except. It does speak much about what is going on, and what is to come. Yes, there are plenty of idiots who use it for their own glory and self-aggrandizement, wildly misinterpreting it to itch their own ears and those of their followers. There is an ill wind blowing, and it is going to get so much worse. There is “the lie” that is on it’s way and way too many sad souls are going to buy into it. And in spite of it’s other worldly appearance, the big boys down here will be deeply involved in it. So i apologize if my criticism seemed aimed at you. It wasn’t meant to be. Just my way of saying let’s keep our wits about us so we can see the lie for what it is and not get distracted by lots of other lies nowhere near as important. Thank you again for sharing your story, or part of it.


  16. RRestlessRaven

    Nobody else is on the Orb tip? Hmmm, If you click on the “man made rain over No. California” link and pause it whenn the news crew is shooting the plane flying over… It is clearly a hologram. You can try and reduce it to this or that, but on a clear day, “normal” planes dont have a miiror image of themsevles. Im sad no one else is with me on this. There are plenty of other vids on ol You Tube…


  17. The truth is very important …

    ChemTrails and ChemClouds Debunked: (video)