Volcano / Earthquake Watch Dec 1-4 , 2011

Targeting Coronal Hole(CH486) in the Southern Hemisphere. After analysis I have isolated 24-28° (+- 2°) S Latitude with solar symmetry to earth. Best fit regions for a possible 6.6 Magnitude Earthquake are:

Antofagasta Chile, Atacama Chile, Salta Argentina, Santiago del Estero Argentina, South OF Fiji Region, Easter Islands Region or the Kermadec Islands Region.

Second watch is targeting the rear flank of the Coronal Hole(CH486) and isolated to 36-40° (+- 1°) S Latitude. Best mapped areas at risk for this event are:

North Island New Zealand Region, Bio-Bio Chile, Mendoza Argentina. Possible magnitude 6.2-6.3. Time frame for this event suggests Dec 3-4.

OLR Anomalies this week are:
Mid-Atlantic Ridge, Northern Mid-Atlantic Ridge, Northern Territory Australia, Hawaii, Straight Of Gibraltar and the Carlsberg Ridge.

Ionospheric anomalies this week are:
Samoa Region, Solomon Islands and South West Indonesia.

Possible 5.5 Magnitude Earthquake for the South Sandwich Islands Region is also a possibility during this watch due to several newly formed coronal holes extending from the pole region.

Source and author:  (youtube)

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