Weather Modification and Deadly Contrails in the Sky?

A controversial theory is gaining popularity— a theory that has some saying jet plane contrails are the government using the sky as their own personal chemistry experiment; an experiment that some fear is dangerous.”author nbc11news Posted: 8:14 PM Nov 21, 2011 Reporter: Matt Vanderveer – source  Sheilaaliens

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Santa Barbara County Weather Modification in the News – November 25, 2011

“Santa Barbara County (Calif.) has plans to begin cloud seeding over the next five years in an effort to replenish local watersheds.

Santa Barbara County Water Agency manager Matt Naftaly told the San Luis Obispo Tribune that they will use planes to disperse silver iodide vapor into the atmosphere during winter storms to promote the formation of raindrops.

Naftaly says cloud seeding can increase rainfall by as much as 20 percent. The goal is to increase rainfall in local watersheds, but portions of San Luis Obispo County could also be affected.

The cloud seeding program costs about $300,000 a year and is paid for by the Santa Barbara County Water Agency and the various water districts that would benefit from it.”

County of SB Official Website: 

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2 responses to “Weather Modification and Deadly Contrails in the Sky?

  1. I think there is an attack against all elements from the dark forces which had overcome the earth now:
    Air: Chemtrails, Pollution from Industries and Cars and Ships and so on
    Water: Plastic, Corexit, Oil, Radiation and other garbage
    Earth: Genmanipulated Seamon and a lot other noughty Stuff
    Fire: Cern and Radiatiom
    Spirit: HAARP and Handys and TV and so on
    Also the food we eat is not good anymore…..
    We have no respect anymore about all the Lifeforms we interact with.
    The only thing in the Media is about money money money and war war war ….really this world is running out of control and nobody with power will stop it and nearly nobody cares about it… we need no Nibiru or CMEs from the Sun….we really destroy ourselves ourselve due to our weakness and the trust in all the false prophets….so it is now easy for the dark forces to corrupt us all…to bad that we did not learn from history….not easy to stay cool and enjoy life with all this knowledge….this is a real bitter pill to swallow for me…but it is more bitter to give up….so i made my desicion and will fight on against all this evil stuff till my body die and also afterwards as a spirit even if it is against all odds and i will laugh every day the devils in its faces..because a day without a smile is a very bad day for me and a good one for the devils which are walking now on our beautiful earth.


  2. Praise to ‘Nobody’. 🙂 I fully agree friend