CBS / FOX News: Mysterious Metal Debris Crashed Through Warehouse Roof – Plymouth, MA, Dec.1, 2011

A mysterious chunk of heavy debris crashed through the roof of a business in Plymouth on Thursday and made it all the way down to the second floor of the building.

The debris fell through the warehouse area of Michael’s Wholesale Furniture Store on Mary B. Lane which is not far from the Plymouth Municipal Airport; however the Federal Aviation Authority told FOX 25 that the debris was not from a plane.

Capt. John Rogers of the Plymouth Police Department confirms the debris is an industrial part, but says he could not begin to say where it may have come from. “We have no idea what it is. At this point, we can only speculate. No clue, this would have had to come through with some significant force or velocity to get through the warehouse roof and cause damage.”

Michael’s is in an industrial park and there is a construction site located across the street. No one in the store was injured.”

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Update December 4, 2011

“A Texas man may have solved the mystery of a metal object that crashed through the ceiling of a Plymouth warehouse on Thursday.

Danny Dossman, of Belton, Texas says about 6 months ago, the exact same thing happened at his family funeral home.

Dossman has the pictures to prove it.

He saw our story online and called our newsroom.

“As soon as I saw the piece of metal, it looked so similar to the piece of metal that we had found, I knew it had to be related,” he told WBZ-TV’s Jim Armstrong.” continue reading at


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