CBS / FOX News: Mysterious Metal Debris Crashed Through Warehouse Roof – Plymouth, MA, Dec.1, 2011

A mysterious chunk of heavy debris crashed through the roof of a business in Plymouth on Thursday and made it all the way down to the second floor of the building.

The debris fell through the warehouse area of Michael’s Wholesale Furniture Store on Mary B. Lane which is not far from the Plymouth Municipal Airport; however the Federal Aviation Authority told FOX 25 that the debris was not from a plane.

Capt. John Rogers of the Plymouth Police Department confirms the debris is an industrial part, but says he could not begin to say where it may have come from. “We have no idea what it is. At this point, we can only speculate. No clue, this would have had to come through with some significant force or velocity to get through the warehouse roof and cause damage.”

Michael’s is in an industrial park and there is a construction site located across the street. No one in the store was injured.”

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Update December 4, 2011

“A Texas man may have solved the mystery of a metal object that crashed through the ceiling of a Plymouth warehouse on Thursday.

Danny Dossman, of Belton, Texas says about 6 months ago, the exact same thing happened at his family funeral home.

Dossman has the pictures to prove it.

He saw our story online and called our newsroom.

“As soon as I saw the piece of metal, it looked so similar to the piece of metal that we had found, I knew it had to be related,” he told WBZ-TV’s Jim Armstrong.” continue reading at


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  1. Lots of space debris from satellites that have been destroyed by space weapons tests end up back on earth. Over 9,000 pieces large enough to be tracked orbiting out there and a really big one will be coming down in the next month or two: Russia’s Mars probe, Phobos-Grunt


  2. Who knows what happend above us


  3. Did anyone notice they shot video of the airplane chem-trailing, it might be from that, lord only knows what is in the shit their spraying us with.


  4. I do not, and for numerous reasons, find the explanation regarding the nature of the Plymouth Massachusetts “mystery object”, and means of arrival, having apparently fallen out of the sky, as shared by astronomer, Kelly Beatty, in his interview with TV reporter Jim Armstrong, correct or completely satisfying, having stated the following:

    “Astronomer Kelly Beatty from the Clay Center Observatory in Brookline, Mass. says the likelihood is that the object did not come from outer space as nothing used in spacecraft or satellites would be made of solid metal. Instead, he suggests looking at whether there was any blasting work at a nearby construction site which might have sent the object flying into the air.”

    To start, do not find the explanation regarding the objects arrival method, Mr. Beatty excluding the possibility that the object fell from space, as having been the product of a local explosion as somewhat unlikely. As a map of the area, centered on the impact zone, marked out in 1, 2, and 4 kilometer circles, does not suggest the presence of any industrial sources that may have produced such violent explosion necessary to propel a dense metallic object the necessary distance and velocity. That had such violent explosion occurred would have more than like have produced other fall out objects besides this lone object, along with an audible sound that should have been heard by many, and especially for such small community.

    The fact that no report of such sound was associated with this event, in addition to no other objects having been found striking or littering the area, infers that this object was without accompaniment. As such, more than likely, not the product of a violent explosion. Less that explosion, be of the sort that is designed to be confined and relatively controlled such as to project or launch an object some distance and at high velocity, as in the form of a crude gun, much like that used by pumpkin chucker’s, and again, not very likely considering the urban nature of the community. Concluding that this metallic item is not only a piece of reentering space debris, but may be the resulting by product of a Chinese anti satellite kinetic weapons test, on the presumption that the piece did not fall from an aircraft.

    My next point of disagreement with Mr. Beatty being his rejection of the object having fallen from space as the object does not appear to having any indications of charring from reentry. My comment on that being that the object does show some indication to having been exposed to a limited period of very high temperatures, with some signs of partial melting in the form of rounded, soft corners. Melt phenomena seen on some iron/nickel meteor. These metallic bodies having little carbonaceous of refractory compounds in their composition to leave behind burn patterns as one might expect to see with non refractory materials from typical asteroid mineral compound groups such as siderophiles, chalcophiles, and lithophiles. The brown oxidation on the sides of the object perhaps the only resulting product of reentry.

    That the object falling in Plymouth may be the remains from a Chinese anti satellite test conducted in 2007. The metallic debris being some of the shot or fragmentation material transported by an anti satellite weapon. This metallic material with very dense and high melting temperature, composed of few refractory compounds if any beyond parts per million being the preferred kinetic material in kinetic weapons systems. Such philosophy having spurred the use of depleted uranium (DU) in the 20mm projectiles of the US Navy Phalanx CIWS. This material, looking like industrial scrap metal, and from a testing perspective adequate and more cost effect than using a highly prescribe substance, making for a good bebe or pellet substitute. The size of this particular pellet being of near idea size in terms of the size of orbiting satellites. An object of this size and estimated mass, being able to penetrate a satellite bus or external arrays without having to reach velocities on the order of Earth gravitational escape. In short, it may be very possible that the Chinese collected a bunch of this low cost, scrap metal, having had the individual sizes cut to similar dimensions and loaded into an ejecting canister, which was latter detonated in the path of another orbiting satellite. The Chinese, I’m guessing, being of the mind that this debris would more than likely fall into the ocean, undetected, with the statistical probability of a piece landing in a populated area, only to be discovered at a later date as being exceptionally small. Except in this example, happened to be the situation, with this pellet like object falling in Plymouth MA. What I would like to know is whether the Chinese used a piece of metal that was fabricated overseas, to provide plausible deniability, or if this metal can be analytically determined to have been produced in China. A brief report with images being viewable at the following link:


  5. I just wanted to comment on the fox new video of the man that claims he knows what happened. There is no way in my mind that this is from a machine that is on our earth. The reason for that is that their was a hole punched through the clouds, call me crazy but that takes serious force.